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Awesome Time With My Friend's Girl

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Made me so hot, I still wish it had turned out differently.


There was this girl, I'll call her Jane, and she obviously had this thing for me. She was a serious flirt and dick tease, and the girlfriend of a friend of mine. At a work party one night, she got drunk and started dancing on me in the corner, rubbing her boobs on my cock and telling me she wanted me. I was like 18 or 19; she was 18. I told her no play as long as she dated my buddy. Fast forward a few weeks...

I'm watching a movie at her house with my best friend (not her man) at the time, in her little bro's room on his bunk beds. We were on the bottom, my friend alone in the top. She was lying in front of me and I was right up against her. She asked me to 'rub her belly' so I complied. What a soft tummy, slightly firm. It was my first experience, of the sort, with a woman. I rubbed in circles for at least 20 minutes, and finally got up to her boobs. They were in her bra, but I rubbed and grabbed anyway. Intermission!

She left and came back wearing something else 'cause she was 'hot'; a T-shirt and panties. It was ON! I was all over those boobs, then worked my way down to her panties. I got to the hair line, and she stopped me. Fast forward about a week...

Okay, I wanted to bang her really bad by now. She had teased me twice since, and I couldn't take it. She had a school paper to do, and she wasn't very smart. So, I agreed to help her with her English assignment. I was reading her some 'cliff notes', and she put a pillow on my lap and then her head, lying perpendicular to me. She had on a top with no bra; a loose top, so I did the tummy rub again and played with her tits.

I was still reading, I didn't want her mom to wonder what was going on if it was silent at midnight. She had biker shorts on, and she slowly lowered them a little to give me access to her pussy. Her hair was neatly trimmed, and I started to rub her slit and work her clit a little. My first time this intense with a girl, and I was masturbating her! I was so rock hard, and her head was right over my cock. I quit reading, taken by the moment, and she asked if I was alright with it. I said, 'Hell, yah!' and guided my middle finger into her hot wet tunnel.

I worked it really well, but she was really shallow, I couldn't get my whole finger in. Then, she grabbed my pointer finger and added it to my middle. She kept slamming her head down into my dick; she knew it was hard cuz she'd given me this look after she did. She came really hard, and I was praying she would help me out, but no luck. She said she just cheated on her boyfriend with me, and she cried about it 'cause he cheated too. I was like, DAMN!! I wanted to do something else, but no luck.

I still think about her when I finger another girl for the first time. We never got together, and as a result, she went with a loser and became a stripper. Oh well, I still had a load of fun!



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