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Awesome New Technique With a Foreskin

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Find an uncircumcised friend and try this.


It's 'Ryan' from a couple of stories posted here by my roommate.

Now my story:

I masturbate a lot, and I do roam around the house naked a lot. My roommates do too. Never been modest. Masturbate average twice daily. I was flying solo (masturbating) the other day by myself in my room. I was on Solo Touch and noticed an interesting story about an uncircumcised guy doing this technique using his foreskin to jerk off another guy. Aside from a few British friends of mine, most of the guys I've been around are circumcised. When it comes to masturbation, I'm always willing to attempt new things, especially something like this technique.

A few weeks later, my roommate Biff brought a friend with him when he came home. His name is Kevin and I played football with him back in school. Kevin said something like, 'What's up, Porn Star.' Kevin is about six foot and muscular. I remembered he was the only guy on the team not circumcised. It wasn't a big deal, really, and he is hung like a mule. He had taken part in plenty after practice masturbation sessions.

We soon sat down to a Texas Holdem game. I was the first out, so I started dealing. Of course, the talk turned onto sex and masturbation. Kevin asked if we really had as many mutual sessions as Biff talked about. Actually, more I told him Biff's at work a lot when my other roommate Sam and I go at it!

I decided to just get to it, 'Kevin: I've been wanting to ask-have you ever done a kind of thing where you pull your foreskin over another guy's head and masturbate him?'

I liked his answer: 'Yea. A few times. You cut guys like it I guess.' I was already getting a boner. Admittedly, it didn't take much.

'I'll do you if you do me. Other than a quick shower jack this morning, I haven't done anything else today,' I just blurted out to him.

'Let me beat this loser, no pun intended,' Kevin said. Biff, who didn't have any inhibitions like he used to, went all in. The poker game was quickly over.

In no time, we were all standing in the living room bare-assed. Kevin laughed at my woody. He wasn't at all hard yet. Biff was, he was already stroking.

'That thing is huge. And I know huge, I'm about a quarter African-American.' Kevin said to me, laughing. He started pulling his foreskin up and down. He was getting hard slowly. I was aching, so I started stroking slowly with some lube.

'It really is nine inches, isn't it,' Kevin asked me.

I answered: 'The size is a mixed blessing, guys envy you, but some girls are afraid of it. I've never been able to convince any girl to let me do anything adventurous'

'How many girls have you really slept with?' Kevin asked.

'What is this, 20 questions?' I replied. 'No, really....I haven't screwed as many as you probably heard. It's under 20. But in high school, and now in college, there are so many willing girls. Besides, you never lacked for a lay.' 'I remember when we lost the bet to the defensive line, and had to dye our pubes blonde. I remember you having blonde pubic hair the rest of the season. That was funny to see.' I said to Kevin (I had dyed mine, too.)

'Ryan, is it true you did some of the cheerleader's mothers?' Kevin asked me. 'I always wanted to know.'

'I slept with one cheerleader's mother-it actually wasn't that great. Her daughter was the best I've ever had, though.'

By now, Kevin was fully hard, probably between 7 and 8 inches and much thicker than me. Biff was the first to get it. Kevin stepped straight in front of him. Their dicks were touching, head to head. Kevin pulled his foreskin all the way over his head and over Biff's. Then he started sliding it back and forth. Biff must of liked it. His breathing turned to moans quickly. Kevin just kept sliding it back and forth. Just the sight of it had me almost there. I stopped stroking and waited my turn. Biff said: 'Ready....I'm cumming...' as he shot off. Kevin kept up and Biff's jizz was shooting out all over both of their peckers. All Biff would say was 'That was awesome!'

It was my turn as Kevin stood in front of me, sliding his well lubed foreskin over my head. He squeezed down on it as he began sliding it back and forth. He would almost remove it totally from my dick, then would quickly slide it back down my shaft. It must of felt good to him too, since he was moaning pretty loud. It really did feel awesome. After less than three or four minutes, I was there. I exploded. Cum dripped down our dicks and onto the towel on the floor. Kevin came too, shooting more than me.

Now all I could say was: 'That was awesome..' We didn't have time to go at it any more that night, but Kevin has become a regular circle jerk buddy. The first time he did Sam, I thought Sam was going to pass out. As they all say, Happy Jacking.



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