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Awesome Girlfriend

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I know it long but it is pretty good


This is about my experiences with my last girlfriend. She was the first girl I was every really emotionally intimite with and thought I've had one experience before her, all I got was a bad blowjob. I count my girlfriend to be the first girl I ever did anything with.

For the first six months of this year I had a really gorgeous girlfriend named Nicki. She was 5'5', brown hair with highlights, c-cup boobs and a really nice ass. She is (i think)the prettiest girl at my school. Anyway well about 2 or 3 months into our relationship we started doing a lot of touching. We started goign to the movies or to her house almost every friday and saturday night. When we went to the movies we would always pick a really long movie and sit in the very front of the theater where no one else does and I would always finger her to multiple orgasms. We would start makign out before the movie started and when the previews began we got really into it. when the movie finally started she would always lay across some seats with her head on my lap (facing up). we would start making out like that as I would move my hand down and undo her pants and slid it in. She would usually already be wet by the time this happened. I would get my hand wet with her juices and then rub her clit slow at first but as she lost control of her hips, they went into a frantic. They would move around with my hand and I knew she was about to cum. I would move my hand to right above her clit and rub even faster and this would make her moan really loud (but not too loud, we were in public) and then kiss me passionately and I knew she came.

We got really risky at her house. When I came over, I would always first make small talk with her parents and 3 siblings (who all really liked me)and then head upstairs. We would pop in a movie and sit on her couch. She woudl normally play hard to get and fake liek I was the only one who wanted it. She would say 'perv' then sit on my lap with a leg on each side of me, grab my face and kiss me. This always got my hard instantly. While kissing I would start undoing her pants but in that position I couldnt slid my hand in so she would get off me and lay like she did in the movies. Every time happened the same as it did in the movie except I would give her 2 or 3 orgasms before I had to leave and she had to be more quiet. Yes, we did all this with her mom, dad, brother, and 2 sisters all right down stairs and the siblings would usualy run up stairs to their rooms for something.

I had to wait a long time for her to return the favor. It must have been our fourth month before she did. It was a friday and we decided to go see V for Vendetta as it was a really long movie and it was on its last weekend out and there would be hardly anyone there. We sat at the front like always and everything went like normal. After she had an orgasm, she started talkign bout how she could just flip over and give me a blowjob and that ot me really horny cuz I never have had a good blowjob before, frankly, I had never had a handjob either. After teasing me for a while, I told her that I could wait any longer. She sat up and asked 'What do you mean?' She then look at my crotch and as I was unzipping my pants. I pulled out my 6' dick and started rubbing. I thne reached over and grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my cock. She was a little nervous and want my to move her hand for her which was no prblem for me. I was just happy it was there. We made out as she jacked me off and as it felt really good, I had to let out little groans now and then and when I did, I would lean my head back and she would kiss my neck and started sucking on my neck. I started moving our hands faster and she sucked on my neck harder and this brought me over the edge. I felt my orgasm building up and so whispered in her ear 'I gonna cum' and she tightened her grip and actually moved her hand really fast and looked at my cock right as it shot 5 huge loads of cum. It shot so hard, it shot one over the seat in front of us and one into the seat and I could hear the impact. Alot dripped out and down onto her hand. She smelled it and I was hoping she was gonna lick it off but she ended up just wipping it on the seat next to her. That was the best orgasm I had ever had. We made out for the rest of the movie and then I started freaking out as when she was suckign my neck, she left 3 HUGE hickies and I didnt have a sweat shirt. I ended up getting in trouble for them but not as much as there is to come (lol pun)

The next movie we went happened about the same except as when I pulled out my cock she grabbed it and rubbed it on her own. I shot 3 good loads that time. I almost got in trouble for this trip because when we were done, I noticed, I had a huge wet spot my jeans. Luckly I was wearing a sweatshirt so it covered it.

I thought this was the start of really getting into more stuff (blowjobs and hopefully sex). The next time I was at her house, she was laying against the head rest on her couch and I got on top of her and starting kissing her slowly moving down. I started kissing her neck and then puleld her shirt up to reveal her beautiful c cup tits that I loved to play with (not firt time seeing them). I kissed down her stomach until I got to her jeans. I undid them and started kissing down but she stopped me saying she didnt want me to eat her out. I never knew why. I had a huge hard on so decided ot go back to making out with her and grinding my cock into her panty covered pussy. She moaned lightly and then said 'Why don't you just pull it out and fuck me' I thoguth abut it for a second and then thoguht it would be a bad idea becuase I didnt have a condom and her parents were right downstairs. So we just got into our usual position and went at it. I never got returned the favor because it was to risky. We could cover up her unbuttoned pants better then my raging hard cock. Well we thoguth this time would be like any other, but we were wrong. As we were goign at it, she was gettign really close to cumming so I rubbed faster. This made her moan like crazy, I guess forgetting that her parents were down stairs. We got so into it, we didnt hear anyone coming up the stair until we heard her mom say, 'excuse me'. We both looked at each other like 'oh shit'. I left their house and we weren't aloud to see each other for a logn time. No movies, no going to each other's house, nothing. So we found a way around them. Phone sex. It wasnt the same but it was close. She didnt masturbate before me but that didnt stop her now. She got really horny almost every night so we would masturbate to each other's moans. Gotta say it better than doing it by myself.

Sadly, we broke up a month after that due to drama and such. It was a tough break up for me and not just cause of the sex. I was still in lvoe with her for a good amount of time before I realised she was messing with my head (lol another pun). I have yet to find another girlfriend but Im certianly looking



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