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Awesome Cab Ride

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For as long as I can remember I have been incredibly thrilled by the sight of my own hard cock. Over the past year or so I have been working my courage up to taking it out in different public situations which has brought my thrill level up a notch or ten. I usually like to plan out how to spend an afternoon or so out in public focusing on hitting as many locations as possible where I can uncover my hard cock without anyone noticing. On a recent business trip I however had a real thrill that was completely unplanned.

I was in a warm state when on the cab ride to the hotel I saw a very hot chick bend over on the sidewalk and I caught a glimpse of her thong up her skirt. I instantly got a bit of a hard on and my thoughts drifted to my cock in public situations. Being that I was in a different city I seemed to be in a different head space and had many less inhibitions than ever before. I briefly thought about what to do and where to go as my cock was now rock hard and decided that I would really like to uncover it a bit in the cab. I was sitting directly behind the driver with my carry on bag on the seat beside me so I slowly reached down and through the pocket of my pants directed the head of my cock and an inch or so of the shaft out the top of my pants. This looked really good to me and the driver didn't even flinch.

I sat like this for the next 5 minutes or so and during that time tried to pull my pants down further to expose more of the shaft. I couldn't manage to do this as they were too snug and my rock hard 7' cock was working against the cause. I rode the rest of the way to the hotel like this with plans of changing and catching another cab where I could have much more fun. I couldn't get over how big and swollen the head of my rod was and how stretched open the hole was. I could see a lot of pink down the hole. After changing into some loose fitting shorts with a long fly I grabbed another and asked to go clear across town which was now in rush hour. The cabbie told me that it would take at least an hour but I said I didn't have a problem with this. I sat in the back behind the driver with my cock held up in place by the waist band on my shorts.

After a while I leaned forward and and my cock came loose from the waist band and created a large bulge in the front of my shorts which at first I was quite concerned about. After a while of driving and having the driver look back and chat a bit without noticing I felt safe to let some out. I re-directed my cock through my pocket so the head and a couple inches of the shaft stuck out above the waist band. What a thrill knowing the driver was only a couple feet in front of me and that there were people all around me in passing cars. I rode like this for 15 minutes or so thinking about what a thrill it would be to catch someone looking over but it never happened so I decided to do more.

I pulled my throbbing cock in and undid my fly a bit and let more out than before. This seemed much more daring to me as my cock stuck out and now forward and was much more noticeable. Over the next half hour or so we drove further while I slowly unzipped my fly further and let more out until my fly was completely undone and my whole rod was out and leaking pre cum down the shaft. I continued to chat with the driver who was a kinda greasy 40ish guy who didn't keep his cab clean at all, in fact it was probably the dirtiest cab I had ever ridden in. I was confident now that the driver couldn't see directly behind him at seat level. As time went on I decided 'what the hell' and undid the top button on my shorts and spread them open as much as possible exposing every bit of my shaved cock and balls.

I desperately wanted to slide over to the middle or the passengers side of the seat and give him a perfect view but not knowing the reaction knew I shouldn't. If I knew the reaction would be positive I would have been willing to give him a view from any angle and pose my cock and balls for him as long as there wasn't any contact. As it was we drove a while further with my cock out in plain view without anyone noticing from passing cars. The dirty cab was surprisingly arousing to me and I decided to spread the fly of my shorts down so my balls rested on the velour seats. The thought that so many people have sat there and that it was quite dirty was very exciting. I tried to push my cock down to spread the pre cum that was running down the shaft onto the seat but it was much too hard.

I bent over pretending to adjust my thongs and sure enough my cock pressed against the seat and man it felt great. I stayed bent over like this for a few seconds then sat up and saw a line of pre cum in the seat material and dirt and dust stuck to my rod in the pre cum. Man it looked awesome. At this point the driver looked in his rear view mirror and nodded. I instantly thought maybe he had seen my rod when I bent over some how and was quite concerned. I then thought that if that was the reaction I would get I would definately slide into clear view and give him a five star show. As I wasn't sure and I was now needing to blow after all this excitement I had the driver drop me off early at a nearby strip mall. I walked around a bit with my shirt pulled down over my rod until I found a phone booth in the back parking lot.

I put the phone to my ear and stepped back. I stroked only a few times with pre cum trying to hold out but shot out a big solid ribbon of cum high onto the wall. I kept contracting my cock muscles and pumped out 8 or 9 diminishing jets until a 6' puddle laid on the floor and was running down the walls. I milked the last few drops thinking about next time I'm in another city hopefully getting the courage to hire either a male or female cabbie but ideally someone kinda greasy who would appreciate it and explain my plans. What I would like to do is to pay the a generous fee and drive around for a couple hours as though everything was normal while I slowly uncovered my hard cock and balls.

I would like to sit in the front and back seats and put them in plain view for the driver to see and would give them any views they requested. It wouldn't matter to me if I blew my load or not but would do so if requested and would be willing to leave my cum where ever they wanted. I wouldn't want any contact with the driver but would just like to show off my hard cock to a stranger and see how arousing it would be while listening to any comments they might make. Hopefully they would enjoy the view as much as I do.



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