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Away on Business

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Sometimes a bad situation can be turned into something good!


Last weekend my company sent me to audit a training course. The city the course was being held in is a five-hour drive away, so nobody really knew anything about the different neighbourhoods there. As I drove up to my hotel I knew that it was going to be an 'interesting' weekend.

The hotel wasn't in a slum exactly, but the street it was on had more than it's fair share of 'ladies of the evening' in attendance! The hotel was actually part of an international hotel chain. The room was clean enough and just the neighbourhood had gone to hell. After the first class session I got dinner and stayed in my room watching TV. I should add that I don't like being dressed and if I'm not out in public I'm usually nude.

The second (and last) evening, it started raining lightly, early on. As I pulled into the hotel parking lot I saw that besides my car, there were only two other cars there and both of them were at the far end. I ate dinner in my room nude. When the rain started I opened my room door and stood there feeling the cool breeze caressing my body. I knew that there was no chance of any other cars entering the hotel lot before I saw them, so I thought there was no way I'd get caught.

I liked the feeling so much that I just stood there for at least ten minutes. I looked out and watched one of the prostitutes idly ambling down the side street my room faced. As she got closer I realized that she was not that bad looking. She was younger than I first thought. I'd say about nineteen or twenty and had a nice shapely figure. She was wearing some kind of stretchy Capri pants and a baggy t-shirt that clung to her soaking wet body. Her breasts were medium-sized and stood up proudly, with her nipples poking through the wet fabric. I felt a tingle begin in my cock as I watched her.

She showed no sign of noticing me until she drew near. She looked up as she approached, and did a double take when she saw me. When she was directly across from me, about thirty feet away, she stopped and asked, 'What in the hell are you doing?'

It made me think a bit and I replied, 'I don't really know!'

'Don't you know it's cold out here?' She asked.

'It feels good to me!' I answered.

To this she said, 'You're not wet!'

'Do you want to come in and dry off?' I asked.

'How much money you got?' She responded.

I just raised my hands in a shrug. That wasn't what I had meant, and in any event, I didn't have enough cash to spare for her talents. To my amazement, she laughed and said, 'You're cute!' My cock, which had begun to notice her, began to slowly rise. She noticed it swelling, and said, 'You think I'm sexy, too... huh?'

My first reaction was to hide it, but when I did she said, 'Hey!' Then she raised her t-shirt above her breasts. My cock was fully erect now and I began to fondle it. She responded by fondling her breasts and pulling her nipples. I was totally turned on now, so I gripped my cock fully, stroking slowly. With my other hand I started to play with my own nipples, making them harden and tingle.

She snaked one hand into her pants and I could see her rubbing her pussy under the thin fabric. Even across the distance I could hear her faint moans. We seemed of identical thoughts as she increased her tempo and I started stroking faster to match her. It was almost like we were in a race to see who could cum first.

I felt my legs grow weak and I reached up to grip the doorframe for support. She seemed to like that view, as her pace increased and her moaning became louder. Through her panting, she asked me to tell her when I was going to cum. I just nodded and moaned in pleasure. Very rarely have I ever felt such a strong urge to cum. I was panting, and felt like boiling lava was going to erupt out of my cock as I said 'Oh my God, I'm cumming... I'm cumming now... now...now!'

As my cum shot out, I saw her furiously rubbing her pussy and pinching one nipple hard. She groaned out louder than ever, as tremors passed through her. As the waves of pleasure left me I saw her sagging and leaning against a signpost, just like I was leaning against the doorframe.

She slowly stood straight, looked at me and said, 'I am never going to forget you.'

Then she turned and walked away.



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