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Away From Home

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Away From Home
I couple of years back I was away from home for a few weeks on a special project for work. I had often fantasized about holding another guys cock and wanking each other off, so I did a bit of research and found a guys only venue. I nervously went in and after paying the entry fee, undressed, showered, and put a towel around my waist and went into the lounge.
There were a few guys around of varying ages and shapes, a couple of nice looking ones there too. I ventured further into the place and found the spa pool. It was empty so I decided to hop in and relax. After a couple of minutes a young guy arrived, took one look and climbed in opposite me. He was blond haired, with a good body, avearge height and kind of cute looking - just what I was looking for. I noticed his average size cut cock as he stepped into the water. We smiled at each other but said nothing, and just sat there for a few minutes relaxing in the hot water. I was wondering how I could take this further when I felt his foot rub against mine. I looked at him and he smiled again. Just then another older guy arrived to join us. I didn't like the look of him and I didn't want him getting in the way so I decided to get out. I looked at my 'friend' and gestured that I was going to the sauna. I heard him climb out after me as I dried off and entered the hot room. It was empty and I sat down quickly, my heart pounding, hoping my guy was going to enter. He arrived quickly after and sat next to me. His hand touched my chest and started rubbing me gently, caressing my nipples and running his hand down towards my towel. My cock was growing rapidly and I felt his hand run over the bulge. I nearly lost it there and then but fought to regain control. I started to touch him the same way and we sat there together enjoying the feel of each other in the heat.
He suggested we go somewhere more private. I replied that this was my first time and that I was rather nervous. He said 'that's okay, I wont do anything you don't want to'. He led me up some stairs and into a small booth with a padded bench on it. I remember it was quite dark and there was loud music playing somewhere. We dropped our towels and stared at each others hardening cocks. He reached down and grabbed mine - I returned the favour. It felt awesome. We lay down and began exploring each other. He knew what he was doing and I tried to do the same to him in reply. It was obviously having the desired effect on him as his cock was standing at full attention as was mine. We started pumping each others stiff cocks.
Suddenly I wanted to take his in my mouth - I didn't ask - I just had to do it. He moaned loudly as I took his six inches in my mouth and started licking and sucking it. "Are you sure you have never done this before?" he asked. "No - but I have had it done to me and I know what I like" I replied.
He stopped me and said it was his turn. He took my cock in his mouth and worked his tongue expertly up and down it's length before concentrating on my bulging head. We alternated on each other for a good half hour or so - stopping just as we felt the other was going to explode. At this point we both lay on our backs together taking each others cocks in our hands and began masturbating slowly, gently building up the rythym. We were truely in sync with each other and I could feel the pressure building in what was about to happen. He tensed and we both sped up the wanking, holding each other tight as we both unleashed torents of cum all over each other in an orgasm which seemed to last for ages.
Finally spent, we lay there for a while just holding each other and talking about what had happened. We eventually towelled ourselves off and I returned to the shower, before dressing and going back to my motel. I didn't feel guilt in cheating on someone special. It was something that I knew I had to do and it was everything I had hoped it would be. No holds barred semi-sex without any emotional attachment with someone who I will never see again.



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