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Away at School

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The best masturbation experience of my life so far


This story is absolutely true and occured in Feburary of this year. I am going to replace the names of the two people involved. My name will be Jack and hers will be Kay.

It all started on Feburary 14, 2008, or Valentine's Day. My college roommate went away early for the weekend. I was doing laundry when I recieved a call at about 8. It was my old girlfriend Kay. She just called to say hi. A couple hours of talking and I finished my laundry. I got back to my room and put my clothes away. The air conditioner was on the fritz, so I got down into my boxers. For some reason, I decide to tell Kay that. After that, the topic of sex came up. I was never comfortable talking about sex, but at this moment I was. As we continued to talk about it, I started to get hard. My cock kept popping out of the opening of my boxers. I told Kay this. Kay was like, 'Jack, you bad boy'. I could tell she liked it.

I told her my cock kept coming out to say hello to her, but is sad that it can't meet her right now. Then Kay said she wishes she could meet it as well. After some more sex talk, I decided to take it a little further. I told her it was unfair for me to have to be in my boxers, and that she should get down into her underwear. After some negotiation, she decided to strip down to her bra and panties. After she told me she was in that state, my cock got hard again. I told her so and she asked how far did I want this to go. I told her, as far as you want it to go. So, we talked more sex talk for a while and I told her that it was really hot in my room, so I took my boxers off. I then tried to convince her to remove her underwear. After some convincing and negotiation, we agreed that she would go nude if she could lie underneath a blanket. I told her that I would lie in my bed as well.

I turned off my light and got into bed. We had some more sex talk that got pretty intense and I told her that I always wanted to try phone sex. But first, I asked if she ever masturbated and she said a few times a week. I told her I did it just about everyday. I told her how turned on I was and she said she was as well. From that point on, it started to get really good. We went back and forth asking each other what the other was doing and we would both say a body part, starting from the head, until we both reached where we knew it would reach. I was the first one to say, I am slowly rubbing my cock. What are you doing? And Kay replied, I am rubbing myself. I asked, how are you doing it? She said, with two fingers rubbing in a circular motion. OMG! I was so fucking turned on, I just kept on saying things like, what are you imagining as you rub yourself? She said, you Jack, on top of me, moving back and forth. I asked how it felt and she said, Oh, very good. Then she asked me what I was thinking about, and I said, I am imagining you on top of me, your hands on my chest, and my hands on your hips lifting you up and down on my cock, and it feels so good.

It went on like that for a little while, until I came up with an idea. I asked her if she wanted to cum at the same time, and she was like, just tell me when. I asked her how fast she was rubbing herself and she said kind of slowly. I said the same for me. I asked her if she would like me to stroke faster, and she said only if you want me to rub faster. I was like, Hell yeah. We both were rubbing faster. I could definitely tell she was by the way she was moaning. I told her I was ready to cum and she said so was she. I told her go ahead and the next thing I know, I hear a lot of moaning over the phone and I immediately cum. I had a handful of tissues that usually is good enough for catching all of my cum, but this time was so intense, most of my cum oozed through the tissue, into my hand, down my arm, and onto my stomach. I didn't tell her so, but instead I asked, How did it feel? She was like great. How was it for you? I told her it was so intense that my mouth is completely dry. She can tell I am telling the truth by the running water, but really I am just washing off the cum that got on me, then I reached into the fridge and got something to drink. I can tell she is still out of breath, but I could hear her breathe out the words Thank you and good night. Then she hung up.

That is my story. Sorry it is so long and partially boring. You had to be there. I'm sure most of the stories here are 'had to be there' kinds of stories. But it is from that night that I have had a thing for watching women masturbate or mutual masturbation. I love to read other people's stories, so keep them coming. The sure do keep me cumming. Later



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