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Awarenes of Sexuality

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I would like to mention that I enjoy your site, after having discovered it, recently. I find that it is great to read about the accounts of most of the accounts of people's sexual experiences presented. It is very provocative reading, and there is much to be learned.


I'm a 25 year-old male, who has had numerous exposures to sexual experiences as a child, which was at age 9. As far as my background is concerned, I am from a family of nudists, and we had friends as part of a nudist community. We would spend summer vacations at nude beaches and hot springs in the mountains. Clearly, I was aware of the anatomical differences between men and women, and had my curiosity satisfied at an early age. I remember that, when I was ages 7 and 8, I would experience frequent erections, even in public at the nude beaches. It never bothered me, since I have always enjoyed being in the nude, as a child, and now as an adult.
Two other things also influenced me. First, I was always interested in biology, and I would go to the library, studying human anatomy and reading about matters involving sexuality. Second, in our household, and through my parents' friends, there was an exposure to various erotica. When I was 8, I actually had an opportunity to see an adult video, where I saw men and women masturbate, as well as perform oral sex and straight sex. This provided confirmation of what I have been reading in various books at the library.
No doubt, I experimented on my own. I actually measured my penis, while it was erect, and it was 8 cm. long. I used a technique, in which I would move the foreskin back and forth over the glans of my penis, resulting in pleasurable sensations. After about 20 minutes, I experienced an intense pleasurable sensation, involving contractions in my genitals. This was accompanied by an ejaculation of 2 to 3 drops of a clear fluid from the head of my penis, and I realized it was not urine. These were, most likely, secretions from the sexual organs, which were still immature, being that this was before puberty by several years.
Nevertheless, having experienced these extremely pleasurable sensations, I would make masturbation a daily practice. I would find great enjoyment in that, and sometimes I would even have some sexual fantasies. It was, when I was 13 years old, that the ejaculate increased in volume and became whiter and creamier, as I experienced orgasm. My fantasies would become more intense. I felt that having had some exposure at such an early age, I was 'ahead of the game'. I have been masturbating on a daily basis, but I have also learned more and new techniques.
Now that I am 25, I feel it is also important to encourage my female partners to experience pleasure and satisfaction, since it is important to have consideration for one's partner and not be selfish. The sex act is meant to be experienced to the fullest by both partners in the relationship. This also involves a lot of foreplay as a prelude to the culmination of an orgasmic experience for both. Certainly, adult videos can be utilized as a 'visual aid', yet it must be kept in mind that some of it is good, but there is a lot of crap out there as well. It is important to keep all things in perspective. Have the intention to give and do good, and certainly the rewards will be received and felt.
I intend to return to this site from time to time and learn from what others present.



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