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Awakening of Foot Fetish on Prom Night

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I am now almost finished my undergrad degree. But this story happened in the early morning following my high-school graduation Prom.

It was late May and a large group of classmates, their prom-dates and I had arrived for a sleepover at a friend's house. The evening had been warm and wet, and we had been caught in the rain during travel. We settled in for the night, everyone still (mostly) dressed in their prom gowns and suits. All of us were pretty tired from a hard evening of partying. Anyway, we were all in the basement, and room was a little scarce, even though it was a large house, just because of the volume of people there that night. I ended up finding a small wooden chair and dragged it to an empty patch of floor next to an armchair that was already occupied. The occupant was a pretty girl who I didn't know personally but whom a friend had invited to the prom.

The girl was wearing a fairly conservative black gown, with cube-heeled suede pumps and nude nylons. Her blond hair was matted since it was still damp from the rain, and it was done up in a neat bun. She was wearing only light-makeup. I made brief conversation with her, and others, but I realized we were all too tired to continue the conversation for too long. By around 1 am, most of us were dozing off or fast asleep.

The girl leaned back in the armchair. She realized she was stil wearing her pumps and tugged them off. Laying down, the armchair fully extended and the footrest came right up by my waist-side, since I was sitting a little in front and to the left of this girl. The hem of her long gown now came up far above her ankles but was still below her knees

Immediately I became aware the odor. It was definitely strong and noticeable, even though at head level, I was at least three feet away from her feet. The scent was what I can only describe as being somewhat vinegary with the underlying smell as something you get from squeezing the water out of a stale sponge. Now that might not sound very flattering, but that smell made me rock hard!

Up till that point in my life, girls' feet only earned a passing interest from me. But this event was a turning point that awakened on my dormant foot fetish. Much of my arousal was derived from the paradox of how such a pretty girl could have such smelly feet?

My drowsiness had been supplanted with surprise, interest and arousal as I now stared at (and unwittingly smelled) a pair of slender, gorgeous feet. The nude hose that clung tightly to the toes was ornamental gift-wrapping. It was beautiful. I don't think the girl was aware of her foot odor as she had fallen asleep quickly. If she had been awake, she probably would have been embarrassed at me noticing.

Now the good part. I am a decent guy, so I wouldn't take advantage of anyone, especially if they're asleep. The urge was to explore her feet was so intense (fantasies were going off like popcorn in my head), but I restrained myself. Instead, I crouched over and massaged my loaded pistol through the pants, feeling it throb as I absorbed every nuance from those still, exposed feet. However, being in my weakened disposition (ie. very tired), I eventually lost the battle for self-control and had a mighty orgasm straight into my undershorts. It was bliss for a minute or so, until I loosened the belt and took a peak. But I was too tired to spend the next half-hour in the bathroom cleaning up so I just let that one pass till morning.

Even writing this arouses me almost as much as it did the morning it happened.



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