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True story of a voyage of discovery


I grew up in a small town and lived a very sheltered life. The elderly couple who lived across the street from us had two grandchildren Mike the eldest was the same age as me and Des the younger brother was a year younger who lived in the city about 80 miles away and who visited now and again. We hung around together a bit kicking football going swimming and stuff. When I was 14 they came for the whole summer and during this visit things happened that opened my eyes.

One afternoon we were in their grandparents house fooling around in the basement. The basement room was a big room with some couches and a row of shelves along one wall and we were left alone down there.

Mike suggested that we should play a game of tip strip and Des agreed. I had never heard of this game before but they said they played it regularly with their friends at home. I asked how it was played and Mike said that one of us would be blindfolded and had to try a get one of them and whichever part of their body was touched that piece of clothing had to come off until one was down to only their underpants. Whoever reached underpants first was then the blindfolded chaser.

It sounded strange but it kind of excited me at the same time so I agreed to play. Mike volunteered to be blindfolded first so once he had his eyes covered Des and I moved around the room as quietly as possible, climbing over the couches and up the shelves to avoid be caught.

Eventually I got caught by Mike touching me on the back so off came my tee shirt. He caught Des next when he touched his leg so off came his jeans. This was in the late seventies before boxers became popular so Des was wearing a nice pair of red briefs. The game carried on until Des was left in just his briefs and I was down to just my jeans. Mike and I got dressed and the game restarted.

Des then put on the blindfold and the game carried on. Mike lost his tee shirt and I lost my jeans and was left in my blue briefs. Then it was my turn.

It took me a bit of time to get used to the darkness but eventually I got used to it and chased the lads down. I got Des down to his underpants and Mike was left in his briefs which were a bright green colour and a tee shirt.

We heard the car driving up so we got dressed and I went home for dinner. Lying in bed that night I kept picturing Mike and Des in their underpants and felt my dick swelling. I had discovered the joys of wanking a few months earlier, jerked off and went to sleep.

The next day the lads called for me and we went for a swim. It was funny but even after the game the day before when we were changing in the changing room we wrapped towels around ourselves before taking off our underpants and putting on our swimming togs.

After the swim we went back to theirs and went down to the basement. Des asked if we were up for another game of tip strip and we agreed. Mike went first again and soon I was down to my underpants. I took the blindfold and after a while Mike was down to his underwear and his tee shirt and Des was down to his jeans. I took off the blindfold. It was warm in the room so we decided to take a break form the game. We sat around on the couches in varying states of undress. I was looking at Mike stretched out on the couch. He had a nice trail of light brown hair running from his belly button down to the waistband of his jocks and a nice bulge in the front of his tight yellow briefs. Des said he was hot so he took off his jeans and lay out on the couch. He too had a nice trail of hair leading down into his red jocks and a good size bulge in the front. I has some black hair on my chest and a thick bush of pubes some of which were sticking out over the waistband of my blue briefs. 'God you're hairy' Mike said. 'I bet you have a lot of hair down there' he said laughing. 'Wouldn't you like to know' I replied. Then the two of them jumped on me. Des sat on my chest pinning my arms down and Mike pulled off my briefs. 'See Des, I was right. He does have a hairy crotch.' 'Get off I shouted' struggling to get Des off me. They got off me and ran around throwing my underpants from one to the other while I tried to get them back.As I ran around the room, I dont know if it was the running or being naked in front of the 2 lads but I could feel my dick getting a bit hard and Des noticed. 'Look Mike he's getting a stiffy.' I was blushing and covered my crotch with my hands and sat down on the couch begging them to give me back my jocks. Des held them out in front of me and I grabbed them and put them on to cover my hardening dick. I dived over at Mike and pulled down his jocks before he could get away. He too was getting a boner. 'See I'm not the only one with a stiffy' I said. Mike dick was about the same length as mine, around 5 inches, but he was circumcised. I had never seen a circumcised dick before.

Mike and I then jumped on Des and stripped him naked as well. He too was circumcised was a little smaller than Mike and I.

Mike grabbed Des's dick and started stroking it. Up to know I had only ever jacked off by myself. 'What the hell?' I said but Des smiled and said they often jerked off together and with some of their friends at home after a game of tip strip.

This got me even harder and Des reached over and took my dick in his hand and slowly jerked it pulling back my foreskin and running his thumb around the head which felt really good. I them took Mike in my hand and we built up speed on each others throbbing dicks. I felt the build up of cum and tensed up and shot my load all over Des's hand and chest. That sent the two of them over the edge and Mike's cum shot out on my hand and over his stomach. Des came onto his stomach. We lay back on the couch, our dicks softening and the smell of cum thick in the air. 'Wow, that was incredible' I said. 'I never did that with anyone else before.' Mike picked up his briefs and wiped the cum off Des and me and then put them on saying the idea of wearing jocks with some of each of our cum on them was a turn on for him.

We usually skipped the game after that and just undressed each other, fondling each others crotches through our underwear, switching underwear with one and other and then the mutual jerk off.

It was a great summer and over the next few summers one or other or both of them spend a lot of the summer holidays with their grandparents and we spent a lot of time in the basement.

Seeing lads in briefs always turned me on and its sad that so many lads now wear boxers.

Over the next few years I had other wanking buddies in school and college but that I'll always remember that summer when I first discovered the joys on mutual wanking.

We are all married with families now and don't see much of each other any more but I will always be grateful to them for making the school holidays fun. Sometimes when I'm alone and feeling horny I check out this site for stories that I can relate to from when I was younger.

Hope you liked this tale of teenage discovery and that you will leave a comment. I'd love to get some views on a nice package bulging in the front of a tight pair of briefs and not hidden away in loose boxers.

Re-living this memory has me feeling horny so I must go and do what comes naturally!!!!!



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