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I remember 'the talk'. Oh, it wasn't about periods or staying clean 'down there' or anything like that. Oh no. From my mom, this was 'Never EVER let anyone see up your skirt or down your top. You hear me? NEVER.' And I got that talk every day in a variety of forms from caring and nice to almost screaming. Jeez.. what got up HER ass?

Then, oh I guess I was 14 or so I realised that boys wanted to look up my skirt. One day I was getting teased about it and suddenly said 'OK, take a look' and I spread my knees as wide as I could. I almost fainted. Suddenly all that was between my pussy and the eyes of the two boys who were teasing me was one layer of rapidly moistening cotton. I FUCKING LOVED IT. The feeling of just flashing myself like that.

Well, it didn't stop there. By 16 I was even going without panties sometimes. I love just having my legs open.. even if I am fully clothed. I don't know why but for me it is highly erotic and quite enough to make me uncomfortably wet.

As for masturbation, I discovered that around the same time. For a few weeks it was just polishing the pearl as the other girls called it, but then I worked out that it is pressure that does it for me. So ultra tight jeans are like a walking orgasm, and to cum in class couldn't be easier. Cross legs, squeeze and I'm there. I can cum so fast if I want to, or make it last so long that when I cum I actually squirt.

I have masturbated in class, in the bathroom at school, in the showers, pretty much everywhere. I am fascinated by crotches and love it when another girl sits in an indelicate position. As for my sexuality, well, I LOVE boys. I masturbated my first boy when I was 14. Thing is, I love the 'wet factor'. Getting wet because I am horny is the best, but sometimes I like to deliberately wet myself. I was amazed when I found out how horny boys find it when a girl pees herself.

Other girls? Well, I admit, I am interested. I haven't done anything with another girl yet, but, as I said, I like the whole 'exposed/wetness' thing. Would I kiss another girl? Sure, it's no big. Would I finger another girl? Hell yeah. Would I go down on another girl? Well, let's put it like this, I KNOW I like the up close and personal scent of another girl, AND I know I like the tastes of girl cum too. How? Well, there are times when a girl doesn't do PE at school and if she is lucky, she may have to sit the lesson out in the changing rooms. All that girl-sweat.... and their panties to explore. Yummy.

Some stories on here are about brothers and sisters. I have a younger brother. I have seen him naked AND hard before now. I know he jerks off, and I have arranged that I saw that too. It made me doubly horny. First watching a boy spunk is really horny for me, second, well, its so forbidden isnt it? I haven't done anything with Allan (yet) but we have talked about sex a lot and I know its heading that way. He has asked me a ton of questions about how girls masturbate and what a pussy is like inside. I figure one day I may just show him.

Right now, my all-time favourite masturbation happens when mom and dad are fucking. Theirs is the next room to mine and although, when they built the house they made sure there were two closets back to back in our rooms, I can hear them. I love it when mom talks dirty to dad, and I love it when they role play too. Sometimes mom pretends to be a schoolgirl for him and sometimes he pretends to be a young boy for her. But the best is when they both verbally abuse each other. She calls him THE worst names and he does the same. All the time I am jilling off like crazy. A couple of times I have even played along imagining he is doing me while mom watches. A few nights ago mom was talking to him about a female friend of theirs as they fucked. She was telling him how she would like to watch him do her. So she was saying stuff like. 'Push it up her. Go on, fuck the dirty bitch. Yes, do it.. do it in her. Make the little cunt pregnant'. That REALLY helped my fantasy. I jilled off imagining my dad screwing my brains out and mom watching. Kinky, dirty and perverted, I know... lovely though!



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