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Avoid Problems by Discussing Sex Early

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When you aren't compatible sexually an anticipated long term relationship is usually short lived.


Before you become seriously involved with a partner, have a frank discussion about your sexual urges and practices. Unfortunately masturbation is still very private to quite a few. This is sometimes true for males as well as females. It usually stems from a strong childhood family atmosphere and inherent taboos.

Sex education is taught in schools but many times it is insufficient to meet the needs of our present day teenagers. Abstinence is not the answer they need or want to hear to explain male and female sexuality and to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Neither is passing out free condoms, which are never 100% foolproof.

When we reach puberty, masturbation is a natural urge and some do it more often than others. It is healthy and actually a good way to relieve stress and an easy way to relax and have a good nights sleep.

Of course males usually become aware of their sexuality earlier than females as between 10 and 13 years old they begin to have spontaneous erections, up to twenty times a day for no apparent reason. Sperm accumulates in the body and becomes stagnant and it is a proven fact when it is not frequently expelled by wet dreams or by masturbation it may lead to serious prostate problems in later years. For males up to age 25 it is theorized for those who masturbate at least five times a week it reduces the risk of potential prostate Cancer by 25%.

Many times sex and masturbation are not discussed by parents and unfortunately males and females learn it from friends. Boys learn from boys, girls learn from other girls and brothers and sisters many times learn from each other.

Parents, when you haven't discussed sex with your children early enough and catch them masturbating, please don't scowl them but understand their predicament and explain it is normal and acceptable but should be done in private. When my son was about 12, I decided it was time to discuss wet dreams and masturbation with him but I found during a sleep over he had already learned to masturbate. He had showered with his best buddy and his older brother and they showed him how to masturbate.

Teenagers today are far ahead of where their parents were at the same age. What disturbs most parents as well as grandparents is what teenagers are doing today at such an early age. For example, we quite frequently hear stories on the news of masturbation and oral sex as young as 12 years old which occurs on school busses on a dare or just for fun. All too often it eventually progresses later to intercourse and pregnancy which puts a burden on the child, the parents and our tax dollars which is usually eventually spent to support an unwed Mother and child.

A message to teenagers......we have no problem with you enjoying masturbation, whether alone or in some cases together. However learn to limit it and leave the act of intercourse until you are more mature and preferably married.

My advice to young girls ...... when you and your guy are being intimate and he is pushing you to have intercourse he is usually highly aroused and on the verge of a climax. At that point either say 'NO' and goodbye; or if you are willing, I don't think he would object if you took a few seconds to give him a quick hand job and he will be instantly satisfied and pregnancy will be avoided.

When you are older and are becoming serious with a potential mate, openly discuss your sexuality. When you aren't compatible sexually an anticipated long term relationship is usually short lived.

A few questions to ask and discuss are: Do you masturbate, how often, would you like to do it with me and watch or would you consider oral sex? Ask first and you will have a better chance for a happy and exciting future together. When the lust is over there is usually nothing left unless love is strong and lingers on.



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