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Avid Nude Sleeper

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too bad there isn't a way for readers & submitters to 'CONTACT' each other yet. Maybe if enough people asked 4 that, the webmaster would come up with a way! [Webmaster's note: see http://www.solotouch.com/about/e_site.htm]


I log onto solo almost every day and read all the posts from both guys & girls. I showed the site to my girlfriend and she now too is an avid reader. Sometimes, while laying in bed (before going to sleep) or just vegging in front of tv, we will start to chat about certain posts and always find ourselves.....masturbating, either just ourselves or each other.
She always seems to enjoy the posts of 'sleeping nude' as I do.
Well - let me just say, here & now....I have slept nude for the last # of years (oh, like 12 at least). Am now 28, so was 16 when I started. Ok - thats when I started to do it all the time, had done it a few times b4 that......but those are different stories!
Anyway - I don't know why I did it (sleep nude), but I guess it was the thrill of it, maybe it was the way - the sheets felt against my skin. I don't really know! I did hear a medical doctor once say that it was healthy to let your skin breath once in a while.
So - being that I loved to do it. I was never offended if my other girlfriend's did it to or not. The first one I had- hardly ever did, except for after a night of sex (then she did.
My second one - did it more often, but when she didn't get totally nude, she'd sleep in a t-shirt or just her panties. BUT - oh my god, when I met my current g/f (well...fiance), on one of our first few dates - I recall she brought up the topic (very opening) of how her & her family were nudists & that for sure she loved to sleep nude, as did her sisters & brother. 'holy crap' I thought - I found my match. Well - I then told her - that I 2 loved to sleep nude. From that night on.....she & I have slept nude & we play a little game on each other, if one of is awake when the other one falls asleep...that person will tickle, stimulate the other one (masturbate)....same thing in the morning, 1st one awake plays with the other one! Oh man - FOR all the other nude sleepers out there........ if you want something very exciting and a good turn on, TRY going to sleep with NO covers (this is awesome for in the summer). The cool night air/breeze coming in & all...... so nice, when my fiance & I do it...we usually start dozing off (but not totally til we r exploring each others genitals. I know there are lots of people out there just like us (who like to sleep nude), we'd love to read some of your tales. Post them soon, ok!



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