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Machines can be a very big help!

Although this is perhaps as much for the techniques section as the stories section, it's the experience tonight that I want to emphasize!


Tonight I had some extra time and decided to do something I really enjoy. But since it takes so long to prepare, I rarely get everything out and all set up. But it was SO worth it tonight!

Some time back, after studying the Venus 2000, I decided it was time to do some research and develop my own masturbation machine-my very own penis pumper, cock cummer, weenie wanker, piston puller, meat massager,...you get the idea. The idea of having a machine get me off without ANY movement on my part is something I fantasize about constantly. As close to a handjob or blowjob as you can get-but still be SOLO!!!

I purchased a large PVC Pipe Coupling at the hardware store and got several sizes of bike inner tubes. The coupling is a bit over six inches in length, and well over 2 inches in diameter. removing the two threaded end caps makes for a perfectly sized cylinder to work with. I then cut a length of inner tube about 2 inches longer than the PVC Coupling and stretched the inner tube over one end (this was hard work!) and then pushed the loose end through the inside of the coupling and stretched it out over the other end of the coupling. When I was done, the inner tube was suspended nicely inside the cylinder. I also drilled a hole in the side of the coupling to ensure that I could adjust the pressure between the inner tube and the wall of the coupling.

I lubed up my (then) stiffie with some lotion and slipped right into the tube. Oooh was this good! It's always good! Then I reached for my Milwaukee reciprocating saw case and removed the saw...

You're freaking out now aren't you!!! Bear with me.

I removed the saw and removed the blade in the end of the saw. I wrapped the blade in about three thicknesses of duct tape (leaving the attachment end free but ensuring the rest of it was covered with tape). I then duct taped the blade to the slide of my completed Coupling assembly so that the attachment end of the blade protruded. I then attaced the whole lot back to the saw. You can probably now guess what happens from here, but I'll fill you in on tonights special event!

I positioned the saw onto the case it came in and duct taped it down the the case. I then plugged in the saw and briefly tested it by hitting the trigger. It worked, and looked OH SO TEMPTING! I then maneuvered myself into a nice position, sitting on the floor, legs spread wide, and pulled the coupling in line with my perfectly horizontal (and surprisingly stiff) cock and slid my lubed up cock all of the way into the tube. Oh the fully enveloped feeling-with just enough squeeze-told me I was in for something more than wonderful.

I took one last bit of duct tape and used it to hold the trigger on the saw handle in a fairly slow position-probably about three strokes per second (that's slow you ask? YES...it's slow for a sawzall!) Instant heaven. Instant crossed eyes. Instant ball tightening. Immediate and surprisingly uncontrollable moaning! This was going to be fabulous! Well I was able to hold on for five full minutes until I found that I was in a perpetual edging state. Pretty good to have endured over a thousand intense strokes and still not spill.

I decided that I wanted to push things just a bit, so I very carefully tightened the tape holding the trigger. Now it was moving fast enough that I couldn't even estimate the strokes per second...but the pleasure was so mind bending that I couldn't have figured it out anyway. I came in buckets within the minute and left it going for as long as I possibly could after I was spraying seed...which was exactly 15 more seconds! That thing quickly drained me and I couldn't take it anymore. It was like torture! I don't think I ever remember making that much noise before; I scared the dog too.

I'll be hooking it up again tomorrow. I'm completely addicted to the machine now! I can hardly wait to just lie up against the side of the bed and have my machine drain my balls again...but this time I'll prepare myself physically and mentally to cum again AND again! The torture just might be such that I can!

OK. Maybe I won't wait til tomorrow...



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