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Autofellatio Tips

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Autofellatio Tips
Hiya, here is one more submission for your lovely page. It's probably not just me who finds reading about other peoeple doin' it for themselves an excellent thing to do as you do it together "with" them.
Anyway, here is my "secret" to getting your own tongue closer to your dick -
In most of the pics of this I've seen, if you pay attention the guys have an important role for their left (or non-dominant) hand. Put it, and most of your forearm, under your left thigh, grip towards the knee with the arm underneath. This allows you to pull yourself that bit closer (if it starts to cause pain, let up, you don't want to give yourself a strain).
So use your left arm on the leg to pull your face down closer, and the right hand around the cock to pull it up towards. Most people, short people with long tongues seem to be gifted here, should be able to at least lick along the foreskin, and probably a bit on the head itself, or even more.
Then just lick, move your cock around with the right hand, and rub your choad around on your outstretched tongue. It won't be enough to make you come by itself (tho you can come in your mouth pretty easily if you want to), but it's just loads of fun to keep the mood going and just generally build the whole thing up and give pleasure to yourself.
Anyway I discovered this when I was about 13. Unfortunately since then I've grown taller and my dick hasn't quite caught up, so it's not as easy now. It's still lots of fun anyhow, I'd be very pleased if I heard people were trying it and getting off on it. -Sam.
Also, just to be a "Mary Poppins". Well I wish I could think of a way to make this rhyme, but one of your contributors takes a chrome ring from a hardware store somewhere and uses it on his cock. I've read advice in several FAQs, never to use a cock-ring of anything except leather, fabric etc, that could be cut off (without the Jaws of Life!) if it got stuck. Since, y'know, ones dick tends to get and stay bigger with a restraint like this on. It would totally bite to get stuck in one.
The other thing I read, is about "retrograde ejaculation", which might happen using a ring, or also that technique where you stop your come right at the last second with pressure on the urethra, so you can orgasm, but not come, so keep on jerking off. In my slender experience this doesn't work like in an ideal world. You get a sortof "blue-balls" feeling that's a while away from "Multiple male orgasms" exactly. Anyway, retrograde ejj^H^Heg^H^H jizzing (fingers got tired) can cause damage as the semen is forced under pressure of your monkey-muscles, back into your tubes, possibly into the testicles etc where it might cause some damage. So I would say don't do it, and always use a cock-ring you can cut off in an emergency. Between that and the light-bulb up your ass you don't want to end up on the wall at the emergency room christmas party THIS year again, do you?
See ya, Sam xxx.



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