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Auto Suck

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When I first went to high school we had a assembly program from a acrobatic group of young boys and girls in very tight white body suits which showed every contour of their bodies. There were two boys about my age that helped with the exercises and helped form some of the acts which involved several kids in formations. It was obvious that both of the older boys had erections and into the show one developed a wet spot at the end of his penis which meant he had ejaculated and with the wet white body suit we could see every outline of his privates.

My seat partner Jon called my attention to it and we whispered about how close the boy's face was to the cum in some of the positions and he asked me if I had ever tasted my cum admitting he had. After school we met at his house and masturbated several times tasting our own and each other's cum. Then we dared each other to lick it off the tip of the other's penis which lead to both of us having the other penis in our mouth which lead to us sucking each other over and over again. We became regular JO and suck buddies.

Unfortuately Jon moved out of town and I was left to just masturbate until one night after bath I was laying in bed naked playing with my penis and being a skinny kid weighing less than a 100 pounds I thought of what the acrobatic group had done and tried of the exercises involving bends and found that when I doubled over laying on my back I could almost touch the foreskin pulled out to it's best length and began trying and soon I was licking my precum off my stretched out foreskin.

I was very supple and with some practice I was soon pushing the foreskin back and could lick the tip of my penis. Needless to say I had cum all over my face several times and got a mouthfull but each time I tried I got a little more of the head to lick and I practiced and soon could lick most of the head and after I had made myself cum a couple of times I lost my erection but was still horney and pulled on my penis and discovered I had all of the head in my mouth but almost immediately I got another erection and felt the head pull out of my mouth as erect my penis was shorter than I could stretch it without an erection.

Then one night I practiced until I had cum a few times I gently kept sucking and soon I felt the head be surrounded by lips and I was licking the head and sucking and soon had almost half of my limp penis in my mouth and was enjoying the sucking and licking more than making it cum. The more I practiced the better I could do it and would often make myslelf cum, rest a while and before I got an erection could get a lot of my penis in my mouth and enjoy licking and sucking on it slowly feeling it begin to grow and get a stiff erection and cum again in my mouth.

This continued until I graduated from high school and joined the Navy where I could only do it on liberty when I had a chance. Finally married the 'Girl of my dreams.' and was pleasantly supprised that she liked to suck me and I would return the favor by licking her. Oh, yes 69 was a great thing. Too bad, with age I can't do it anymore.



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