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Austin and Me

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I have contributed before, but this is my first time telling about my first experience with someone else


About five years ago, when I was about eleven, a new family moved in across the street, they had two boys, one was four and the other one was nine. I became friends with them despite the age difference because there were not many kids in the neighborhood. After a while, I became very close with 'Austin' the older of the two brothers. They always had the newest toys, and the coolest stuff, so I spent a lot of my time at their house.

One time I remember I was in the backyard with Austin and we were climbing over his back fence to get a ball we had kicked over the day before. After we got the ball, Austin said he had to go to the bathroom, and I to had to go so I said we should go inside. He stopped me and said we could go behind the garage and close the fence and pee right there. For some reason, every boy seems to think its okay to just pee outside, so we did. We opened the fence and went behind the garage, where nothing was there but some old wood and bricks from the house. We both pulled down our pants and let nature flow. It was then I saw Austin move near me and begin to look at my penis.

'Hey, your dick is bigger than mine.' I looked at his penis, and noticed that he had an erect penis about four inches big. 'Well, I'm a little older than you.' 'Yeah, hey do you ever play with it.' 'Not really, do you?' This is when Austin began to tell me that sometimes he and his brother would play with each others dicks. I was shocked to hear this, because I never knew brothers would do this.

Then before I was about to pull up my pants, Austin grabbed my dick.

'Your dick is very warm, can I play with it.' 'Sure I guess.' Austin began to jerk my cock, and it was the first time I had someone else touch me there. He began to get faster and I began to enjoy it more.

'It feels good doesn't it.' 'Yes, it does. Your good at this.'

After a few minutes, I had a dry orgasm that was very intense. I pulled up my pants, and then Austin pulled up his and told me we should play basketball. Just like that it ended. After a while we began to do other things, and he jacked me off more. But I remember that because it was my first mutual masturbation.



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