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Aunt's Panties

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Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed living it!!!


When I was in my teens I had a real panty fetish. Mom's, neighbors, any panties I could hold, sniff, wear, I would. When I was 17, I was helping my aunt move to an apartment (Divorce). As I moved her bedroom things I had to look in her panty drawer. Needless to say I was in heaven, she had all kinds of sexy, silky panties, bras and garters. Later that evening when all was moved in we were on the couch resting and my aunt fell asleep. I saw my chance and went straight to her bedroom. I was fondling, sniffing, and licking all sorts of panties, while rubbing my cock. There was this silky pink pair that were almost a thong that I really liked, must have been worn a lot...great aroma. I was face buried in them when my aunt cleared her throat. I was busted and thought my world had ended. She was great though. She gentle removed the panties from my hand, put them back and with a smile said thanks for the help, I could go now. As I started to leave, I turned to say I was sorry, and she stopped me and said it's ok and no one will ever know.

Well she kept her word and never told anyone, but from that day on anytime we have a family gathering, she makes sure I see that she is wearing those pink panties and even sometimes she will rub up against my cock in passing. This has gone on for years, teasing me even in front of my wife.

Payday came about six months ago. She had called and told me she was coming into town and wanted to see everybody. I told her come on she could stay at my house. I knew no other family would be in town, and my wife was going on a business trip. When she arrived, there was the big hug at the door with a little crotch grind from her. This time I did some grind of my own which surprised her some. That is when she found out that it was just she and I for the weekend. As we sat on the couch that evening, my aunt started drifting off to sleep, as it had been a long day. Again I took the chance and went to the guest room and went through her luggage to see her new panties. As I did I heard the familiar clearing of the throat and looked to see her at the door. 'Things haven't changed much has it?' With that I said just looking for a pretty pink pair, with a smile on my face.

She said I was looking in the wrong place and then she lifted her skirt. I ask if I could see them better and she said, 'I think you have seen enough!' But before she could lower her skirt, I reached out and cupped her pussy, and whispered in her ear that I haven't even started. Her knees almost buckled and I got behind her and lowered her skirt. Moving her to a full-length mirror I continued to rub her through the panties that I have seen so many times. I told her how many times I had jacked off to her teasing me and I just wanted to return the pleasure. Her wetness thru the panties told how she liked it. That was when she admitted that she too had cum many times over our years of cat and mouse. She had even rubbed herself in the panties right after I left the first time.

With that she reached behind her and grabbed my cock. Within seconds she had my cock out and was stroking me as we continued to watch each other in the mirror. We both came about the same time filling the room with the awesome fragrance of sex. I now own those panties and the weekend progressed. Now I wonder how our family gatherings will be?



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