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Aunt's Panties

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I was inspired to share my story by the guy who wrote about masturbating with his mother-in-law's lingere. This happened many summers ago when I was 14.


The story from the guy about masturbating with his mother-in-law's panties brought to mind an experience I had when I was 14. My family was visiting my aunt & uncle that summer and we were staying at their house for two weeks. They had a very nice home with a large pool and backyard, and it was a great place to spend part of my summer vacation. I had no brothers or sisters but did have two cousins: Tom, who was 13, and his sister, Sue, 10.

The very first day we arrived we were greeted out in the driveway (it was an 8-hour drive to their house-boring!) by the entire family. We exchanged pleasantries, hugs, etc. Since it was a stifling hot afternoon my aunt, uncle, and cousins had been out by the pool all afternoon and they were all in their bathing suits. Being a horny 14- year-old, I got a thrill out of my aunt giving me a long, tight hug while she was in her bathing suit. She was a pretty average looking middle-age mom (about 45 at the time, heavyset with nice big, full breasts and a bouffant style hair-do), but she was wearing a rather tight one-piece pink suit that showed plenty of cleavage. When I felt her breasts pressed up against my chest when she hugged me hello my penis stirred to life and I got a semi-erection within seconds.

We proceed inside and got settled in our rooms (me staying with my cousin Tom), and I scooted into the bathroom to get changed into my suit. As I was undressing, I noticed a pile of clothes in the corner and on top were a pair of panties and bra. I couldn't resist and went to inspect them. I found out they were not my aunt's but actually my cousin Sue's. The bra was more like a vest (she didn't really have any breasts to speak of yet), but her panties were silky pale blue. I couldn't help myself. I was standing there stark naked and I began to massage my now fully-erect penis with the panties. The feeling was indescribable, and I began imagining all kinds of perverted things about my little cousin. My trance was broken when I heard Tom shout down the hall, wondering, 'What the hell are you doing in there?' and I quickly put the panties back and put my suit on. By the time I reached Tom's room, my erection had subsided and we proceeded to spend the rest of the day and evening swimming and barbecuing.

The next day my mom and dad went out with my uncle on some errands, and I stayed home to hang at the pool with my cousins and aunt. After breakfast I went upstairs and grabbed my suit from my bag in Tom's room and walked into the bathroom. The door was closed but slightly ajar, and I didn't think anyone was in there (I knew my cousins were downstairs and thought my aunt was cleaning up in the kitchen from breakfast). As I swung open the door and took a step into the bathroom, I saw my aunt on the far side (it was a very big bathroom) by the tub, just stepping out of her shorts. Her shirt was off and I was witnessing the first woman I had ever seen in her underwear. She didn't make any move to hide herself, and I just gawked at her for several seconds since I was frozen by a combination of awe and fear. She was very nonchalant and then said that she was getting her swimsuit on and would only be a minute and asked if I minded waiting til she was done.

I mumbled a quick, 'I'm sorry,' and began to back out of the room when she said, 'Bobby, don't worry. I should have locked the door. Besides, we're family and I'm sure you've seen plenty of girls in their underwear before.' Her comment gave me a few more seconds of heaven, and I quickly looked her up and down, soaking in her large breasts that were constrained only by her plain white underwire bra (the kind women used to wear in the 70s that made their breasts look like torpedoes). I also saw she was wearing a standard girdle with a pretty lace-type embroidered pattern on the front panel. I mumbled something like, 'Yeah, OK,' and left the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I stayed planted just outside the doorway, my mind racing and my erection pressing against my jeans. In no time at all Aunt Marie opened the door and emerged in her pink one-piece, smiling at me and telling me again not to worry about 'barging in on her' and that it wasn't my fault. I DID notice that I could see her nipples poking against her suit (which I had not seen the day before, despite stealing looks whenever I could) and to this day I wonder if me seeing her in her undies actually excited her. I'll never know, but I certainly can fantasize about it.

I entered the bathroom, suit in hand, and made sure I locked the door behind me. I quickly stripped off my t-shirt and jeans and, as I was yanking off my underpants, had a thought. I walked over to the corner where just the day before a pile of dirty clothes had lain. No clothes there today, but there WAS a clothes hamper (It wasn't there the day before; I assume it was in the laundry room). I lifted open the top and eureka! - there they were: Aunt Marie's clothes in a heap on the bottom. I pulled the entire bundle out and found what I was looking for: her bra and panties.

I took them over by the john and sat down. I inspected them thoroughly, and as I fingered her panties I noticed how smooth they were (they were nylon). I brought them to my erection and began to stroke myself as I had the day before with my cousin's underpants. I was incredibly horny at that point (it had been almost three days since I had masturbated last, and I usually did it at least once a day since I was 12 1/2). I leaned back on the toilet and closed my eyes and as I stroked myself with her panties I pictured her standing in the room, first in her underwear as I had seen her minutes before, then completely naked. I imagined she had a very hairy vagina and big pink nipples (images I borrowed from my one view of a naked woman in a friend's Playboy earlier in the summer). I fantasized I was screwing her while she leaned over the sink, and in less than two minutes I was ready to come. I frantically stroked my cock, and just before I came I stood up on my tiptoes over the sink and ejaculated. It was a strong, powerful orgasm and three days of pent up semen spilled all over the sink-and her panties. I was close to a panic as I cleaned up, scared to death she would notice the wet stains on her girdle when she did the wash.

We spent the day swimming, and later that night (after my mom, dad, and uncle got home) Aunt Marie was doing chores around the house and I heard her go the laundry room. I was literally in a cold sweat all night until she brought the laundry basket full of clean clothes upstairs, and I figured out I was finally safe and wouldn't be caught and embarrassed. Over our remaining time there I masturbated with my cousin's panties twice in the bathroom (even got a glimpse of her in just a t-shirt and panties one night before her shower) but made sure that when I came I didn't get any semen on them. This was the beginning of my lifelong affinity for panties, and I have since masturbated with pairs 'borrowed' from friends' wives and daughters and from sisters-in-law and nieces. I'm a perv but I love it!



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