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Aunt's Lessons

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My parents were divorced when I was 12. The following year I was sent to my Aunt's house for two months during the summer. My Aunt was 40 years old and had been divorced and living by herself in an old house for about 10 years. She was quite matter-of-fact about life, and did her best to make sure that I felt loved and confident that things would work out even though my family life was in turmoil. She worked until 4:00 each afternoon during the week but would always be home by 4:30, and make me dinner. On weekends she would take me to the beach, we would go fishing, or just stay up late at night watching old movies on television.
When she would come home from work she would ask me to unzip her dress for her. After I had been there for a week she started to say, go ahead and undo my bra for me too. She would then go to her bedroom with the door open and change into more comfortable clothes. A few minutes later she would call my name and have me come in and pick out the underwear I thought she should wear the next day.
I had been masturbating for a couple of years by this time in my life, and when my Aunt would be at work during the days I would take the opportunity to stroke myself and relieve the hormonal tensions every adolescent experiences. Simply unzipping her dress and unclipping her bra were getting me worked up, but the fact that she was having me pick the underwear she would wear the next day gave me a feeling of manliness.
One evening I was taking a bath in her old claw footed bathtub. She walked into the bathroom and said, 'It's time for bed.' She scrubbed my back and toweled me off. I had not been nude before a woman since I was a small child and felt a little embarrassed. She did not blink an eye, dried me off, swatted my rear end and said, 'Get in your pajamas and get in your bed.' By the time I got in bed my penis was rising from the experience. She stepped into my room to turn out the lights and said, 'There are some books on my bookshelf that my old boyfriend gave me if you want to read while I'm at work.'
When she left for work the next day I took a look on her bookshelf and found a dozen erotic and explicit novels. I started to read them and it did not take long before I was pulling my penis with abandon. For the rest of the week when she would leave for work I'd grab a book start reading and masturbate once or twice before she would get back home. For a 13-year-old boy I had it all; what seemed like an endless supply of hot stories, seven to eight hours a day of privacy, and a mature beautiful woman caring for me and treating me like a man.
One evening the following week when my Aunt came home, I unzipped her dress and unclasped her bra. She went to her bedroom to change. Not thinking, a couple of minutes later I just walked into her room. She was standing there only in her panties. I stopped, stared at her perfect breasts, and said excuse me I'll come back in a few minutes. She saw me staring and said, 'It's ok, I do not see why men get so hypnotized about women's breasts, men have breasts too! Open up my dresser and pick out some underwear for me to wear tomorrow.' She put on a shirt and finished changing. This was my first experience seeing a grown woman's breasts.
The following weekend she rented a beach house for us. The house was in a relatively deserted area and had an outdoor open air shower downstairs, and a door to the outside in the full bathroom upstairs. You were supposed to rinse off sand in the outside shower and walk upstairs for a thorough washing in the indoor bath. That Saturday evening I was showering outside when my Aunt came up and said, 'Give me your swim trucks so I can wash them before we leave in the morning.' I shyly pulled off my swimming suit and handed it to her. She then pulled off her one-piece suit and started rinsing herself off. Here was the first time I had seen her or any other grown woman nude. I started feeling things taking place in my private parts and quickly ran upstairs with half an erection and it was growing. Late that night I quietly lay in bed and stroked myself to an orgasm.
The drive home Sunday was hot and uneventful. We were both tired, a bit sunburned and turned in early. That Monday after my Aunt left the house I was well rested and reading her erotic novels once again. Remembering her rinsing in the outdoor shower and reading her books had me hard. I pulled out my penis and started working on it. After a few minutes of working on myself I came, then drifted off to sleep. I woke up a little later; there was sticky semen residue on my hands, my dick, and my abdomen. I got out of bed, took a bath, and fixed a sandwich for lunch. After lunch I watched a little television, but then got back to reading my Aunt's books. Later that afternoon, the thoughts of my Aunt's breasts, her reddish brown pubic patch, and the stories I had been reading got the best of me and I was back naked in bed reading and stroking myself once again. Time got the best of me, because the next thing I knew my Aunt was standing at my bedroom door smiling at me, and said, 'I see you found the books. Go get a bath.'
For two days, nothing was said about me being caught with my dick in hand. She was as loving and caring as ever. She came into my room at lights out, and said let me give you a back rub. She pulled off my pajama top and had me lay on my belly. By the point where she was working on the small of my back I was sprouting a goodly excretion into the mattress. She then said that I have to take your bottoms of to do a good job on you rump. I was now again nude in the presence of my Aunt and absorbed by her stroking and tender care. She asked me to rollover so she could do my front. When I did my five-inch boy toy was flying at full staff. She kept rubbing my chest and said you know it's ok to masturbate. She then reached down and delicately inspected my penis. She slowly stroked the head with her fingertips. She said this looks like you need a little lubrication. She put a little massage oil in her hands and grabbed my penis and balls with both her hands and gave me a couple of strokes. She then went back to massaging my chest and said, masturbate now if you want. I opened my eyes and she said it's ok. While I stared at her, she said, 'I think I've had more experience doing it than you have; you looked a little rough the other day.' With that she guided my hand to my dick and again said, 'It's ok.'
She then sat on the bed next to me and massaged my chest while I stroked away. She would occasionally stop me and offer hints on slowing down my hand movements and asking me what felt best. When I came she calmly tucked my bed and said, 'If you need anymore help let me know.'
Two weeks later I go my first female anatomy lesson first hand, and the chance to see my Aunt pleasure herself. I was never again concerned about being caught in a compromising position, nor was concerned about accidentally catching a female in a state of nudity. I still enjoy picking out underwear for my Aunt to wear the next day.



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