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Auntie Rene

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I have been an avid masturbator for as long as I can remember; I have been wanking since I was young and have a lot of masturbation tales, which I may share on here. This one is about my auntie.

I always got on well with my aunt Rene, she's my mum's sister and was always pretty cool to me and treated me like a grown up so I had a special little fondness for her. I guess I was a little attracted to her despite the fact that she wasn't really physically attractive or anything...oh and she's a lesbian. A full on, always has been always will be, lesbian. This fact added to the attraction. 

Anyway, a few years ago my aunt was going to visit a friend for a week or so and as she lived alone and had nobody she trusted locally to her, asked me if I'd stay at her place to look after her cat. I was more than up for it (I was grateful for the alone time, I was wanking at least four times a day and I knew my aunt had porn too!) so I was to make my way to her place (a four hour train ride away) on the Friday night, she would be there to run me through things and she'd go away on the Saturday morning.

I headed there on the Friday, pretty excited to get there and eager to get her away the following morning so I could embark on my week long wank session, I was also more than keen to see her porn stash (I had accidently found a porn video of hers about two years previously and have never had the chance to view it), I got there and she ran me through things, by then it was pretty late and she offered me a beer and to watch TV for a bit before we went to bed. I happily accepted and we chatted until the small hours. It got late and she went off to bed.

Her place was tiny, she had one bedroom and I was sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room until she left for her week away. The one TV & video player in her place (along with all the videos) was in the living room, so after she went to bed I couldn't wait, I had to look for her porn! I had to see what my aunt masturbated to! I was so excited! I, quietly and nervously (in case I was caught by her), searched through about 60 videos and found nothing. I was disappointed but was certain that they'd be in her bedroom and resolved to look for them once she'd gone. In the meantime, I had brought a tape from my house and put it on to stroke myself to. I left the volume off and was enjoying my session when I heard her get up to go to the bathroom, I quickly stopped the tape and put my dick away and pretended to be asleep. I then actually fell asleep.

The following morning I awoke to find my aunt had not left, I was annoyed because I had a raging hard-on and desperately wanted to cum. Turned out she wasn't leaving until the afternoon, I did my best to not seem frustrated. I said I was going to pop into town and get a few bits and we said our goodbyes as she'd probably not be back by the time I got there. I went into town, spent a few hours there and went back to my aunts place, all horny and excited. I could not wait to find those tapes and whatever else she had! I got back...she was still there! 

Turned out she had a call from her friend, who had had to cancel for some reason (I forget why). So my aunt would not be going after-all. I was frustrated, to say the least. So, because my return ticket wasn't until the next Friday, I'd be staying with her all week, which I'd normally love, but not in such close quarters!

That evening went similar to the first night, she went to bed and I set about wanking to my videotape. This time I was getting close to cumming when I heard a little knock on the living room door and rushed to put my dick away and accidently pushed pause instead of stop on the vcr.

My aunt, in her nightdress, poked her head around the door, said my name, I pretended to be asleep and she crept in saying my name a few more times. I remained still. She assumed I was asleep and reached for a box I hadn't noticed, and then she stopped. She had seen the TV. A very blurry paused screen had caught her eye. It was almost unmistakably a pussy. She looked at me (I had one eye cracked open) and picked up the remote and pushed play. I was thinking ...fuck, I'm busted here (and also under my cover had my hard six inch cock in my hand!), but she obviously liked what she saw as I saw her knees buckle slightly as her hand moved south towards her pussy. My god I thought, she's wanking right in front of me! I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, as she glanced back at me every now and then to make sure I didn't catch her, by dick was harder than it had ever been, but I daren't move!

It was only really at this point that I noticed how my aunt could be attractive, in her early 40's she was all of five feet tall, was a tad plump but had a lovely pair of, slightly saggy, 38 DD tits (which I'd seen a fair few times when she sunbathed). I watched her arse wriggle about as she found her spot and began grinding against it. I could make out her arse through a combination of the TV light and her slightly see-through nightgown, she had no underwear on. My aunt, was standing a few feet away from me, practically nude and had her fingers buried in her pussy, wanking to my porno! I was slowly starting to move my hand to this, I now desperately wanted us to wank together.

I couldn't take it any more; I had watched her/the TV for what felt like hours but judging by the scene on the TV was no longer than a minute or two, I decided to be bold. Rene I said. She jumped and turned at me looking startled...no, don't stop. I carried on, look, I can leave the room if you want to watch my tape, but I was just doing the same thing as you. I pulled my cover back to reveal my hard cock standing to attention. After some tension, some strange glances at my cock and a few funny words said about the weirdness of the situation, she decided that we should watch it together, which I was more than happy about!

I couldn't wait, she sat in one chair, I sat in another (both facing the TV but within touching distance of one another), I was naked and she just opened her nightdress, she didn't seem too fussed about me seeing her body, until she saw how much harder I was wanking when I'd look at her, but she sat and fingered her pussy to a few quite loud orgasms whilst I stroked my, by now, throbbing dick to several lovely cumshots. The smell in the room that night was amazing, I could smell her pussy juices so strongly that I could almost taste the juice. I watched her for a little bit when she got out her big vibrator a few times, I liked watching her sliding it in and out of her dripping wet bald cunt whilst I stroked myself senseless. She would tell me off if she caught me looking at her.

The following night we did it again and she showed me what she had in her box in the living room, a few porn magazines, we spent some time sitting naked and playing with ourselves whilst looking at the pictures. We spent every night that week watching films and masturbating together, we didn't once touch each other and didn't often look at one another, we talked whilst wanking and described what we were doing and what we enjoyed etc.

After that week we only ever did it once again, a few years later, and that was on a family holiday when she caught me mid-stroke and I coerced her into joining in watching the porn I was watching. She is not with us anymore but that week with my auntie Rene was among the best of my life. 



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