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Aunt Wanked Me

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When I was twelve I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to spend several weeks in hospital. When I came home I had to make frequent visits back to out-patients to make sure I was getting on OK. On one such visit several months later my diabetes had got out of control and the doctor was trying to work out why. Had I had a cold, had I been eating too many sweets etc. Then she turned to my mother and asked 'Is he developed yet?.' Rather flustered my mother replied 'I'm not sure I've not really looked lately.' The doctor said she ought to check as hormonal changes could affect control. I wasn't sure exactly what was meant but neither of them asked me anything on the subject.

A few days later I was idling my time away in the conservatory. My Aunt Eileen was staying with us for the summer holidays at the time. She was quite a bit younger than my mother (her sister), but still seemed 'old' to me, probably in her mid-twenties. She was good fun and I always enjoyed her visits. Until recently I had slept in the same bed as her when she visited us and we would tell each other stories. She had even bathed me, although that too had stopped a couple of years ago. She had short dark hair, wore glasses and was slightly plump but had big round breasts. Recently I had been fantasising (and masturbating) about her. She and my mother were in the kitchen, which adjoined the conservatory and obviously didn't know I was there. I overheard my mother say 'But I couldn't ask to see his willy. I'd be too embarrassed now.' My aunt seemed to ponder for a few seconds. 'Would you like me to. He's always been very relaxed with me. I've seen him in the bath.' 'But that was when he was younger, and that had to stop!' my mother retorted; she had always been very uptight about sexual matters. They then moved out of the room and I didn't hear anything more. For the next couple of days I was a bit anxious but nothing was said.

The following Sunday Mum and Dad went to visit a neighbour and left me with Aunt Eileen. As she left she called out 'Make sure he has his bath and get's to bed on time.' I was looking forward to bathtime as I had just built a balsa wood model boat and wanted to check it out. So when Eileen called me I came running. She was kneeling on the floor running the water. I pulled off my socks and t-shirt and then hesitated. I had become very shy about my body. 'Come on,' she said 'and the rest. It'll be like when you were little.' I wasn't so sure. 'Come on' she said in a jolly voice. Then she took on a serious tone 'You know what the doctor said. We just need to see that you're alright.' I reluctantly pulled down my shorts and underwear and climbed into the bath.

Eileen stood up, a little nervously. She was wearing a pale blue, round neck cardigan buttoned to the neck. Then to my surprise she started to unbutton it, slowly, as if in a daze. By the time she reached the bottom button I could already see the tops of her breasts. My cock started to respond. She slipped the cardigan off and then her bra and just stood there allowing me to feast my eyes on her heavy breasts with their protruding rosy nipples. My cock was by now at full stretch. She seemed to come round and said 'Well there's nothing wrong with that, is there?'. She knelt back down, lathered the sponge and proceeded to wash me. I was still standing and when she got to my still very stiff penis she just briefly soaped it, and it bounced up and down. She rinsed me off and stood up as if to go. Then she turned and said 'I suppose we can't really leave you like that, can we?.'

She took my prick in her right hand and gently rubbed up and down the shaft as if feeling her way. She massaged the head and I saw her nipples harden. 'Does it often get stiff like this?' she asked. I nodded. 'When you think about girls?'. I nodded again. 'And you' I added, not sure if she would want to be classified as a girl or not. 'Oh Johnny' she breathed. She increased her pace and her tits started to bounce. I could scarcely believe this was happening. She seemed to be getting more and more excited, and put her other hand up to her right breast and squeezed the nipple, she did the same to her left breast and nipple. She was now pumping me for all she was worth. She was breathing really hard now and then I could take no more and squirted a long ribbon of thick cream, and then several shorter ones. Eileen looked surprised almost as if she hadn't realised it was going to happen. She continued pumping for a few seconds longer and then rinsed her sticky hands in the bathwater. 'You can dry yourself off can't you,' she said, picked up her clothes and walked out of the bathroom. I sat in the water with cum floating round me.

A few days later my mother said to me 'Eileen tells me you're well developed' turned round and quickly left the room. Nothing more was ever said about the incident by either Eileen or my mother, and I still don't know whether my mother ever knew that her sister had wanked me off.



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