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Aunt Mary

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Aunt Mary and nephew and masturbation
This is a true story, the fun my aunt had with me.
My aunt 38 years old, 5'6" tall, with long sexy legs Her breast are 32b.Aunt Mary has long brown hair that she wears tied back in a pony tale. Aunt Mary was a very sexy woman. Her husband traveled a lot.
My Mom used to drop me off at Aunt Mary‚??s to help her around house. This was my summer job. Her pay was good, and it meant I could get a car with the money. I could not lose this job. My Mom was very strict, and when I was left with Aunt Mary, I was told to mind, as Aunt Mary had permission to spank me like my mother did.
I was about 15 the time the "fun" began. Aunt Mary lived in the country. I would work with her in her large garden. When Aunt Mary worked she would wear short shorts with a halter top.. Aunt Mary had the figure to wear this type of clothes. It was very hot during the summer, over 100 degrees, and very humid.
After the work in the garden, Aunt Mary would get the first use of the hot water. Today Aunt Mary forgot to fully latch her bathroom door. I sat quiet outside the door and watched her undressing through the small crack in the door. As I watched her undress, I undressed myself. I was totally naked in her hallway. I had a massive huge erection watching her. My heart was racing from the excitement. I grabbed my dick as hard as I could, watching her. I loved seeing her naked body, the curves she had, her furry bush. I stayed very quiet, stroking my dick as she brushed her hair, shaved her legs, it was a nice show she was putting on for me. Many times Aunt Mary would glance in the mirror toward the door, lite a cigarette, and I could see a small smile. I think now she knew I was watching her.
When Aunt Mary was finished, it was my turn to take a bath. I walked into the bathroom, and closed the door. Aunt Mary had left her panties and bra hanging over the shower rod. I quickly removed them from the shower rod, and smelled where her bush was, it had a smell I will never forget. I took off my shirt, then my shorts. I was looking in the mirror, where my face was in Aunt Mary‚??s panties. Aunt Mary knocked on the door.
"George do not make a mess in the bathroom." Aunt Mary said.
As Aunt Mary kept talking to me, I took her panties and wrapped them around my throbbing cock, and began pumping it. I kept teasing Aunt Mary through the door as I pumped my dick in her panties. My heart was pounding, excitement, me naked, masturbating my cock in her panties, with only a bathroom door with no lock separated us. I was teasing and daring her to open the door while I stood there nude masturbating. This was fun.
"I have a few calls to make." Aunt Mary said.
I stepped into her tub, and began running the water. I was having the time of my life in her shower. Seeing her woman things, her lotions, her shampoos, her soaps, the smells were incredible.
I was just about done with my shower when I heard Aunt Mary come in the unlocked bathroom.
"George, I have forgot my cigarettes," she said. "Look at this water on my floor, what have you been doing George?" Aunt Mary yelled.
The next thing I knew Aunt Mary was now shouting at me. Aunt Mary was very very angry.
Aunt Mary pulls back the shower curtain fully. My heart now stopped. "Your mother said I should keep an eye on you. You have been a bad bad boy" Aunt Mary said.
Next Aunt Mary took her hand, and started spanking my ass cheeks hard. Harder and harder Aunt Mary was spanking me. The angry look on her face was unreal. I was scared now. I was standing nude in front of this angry beautiful bitching woman. I looked down and my dick was growing, harder, longer as Aunt Mary kept spanking me.
I said to myself, please no erection now. Aunt Mary then stopped, reached in and turned off the water, "Face me George while I talk to you."Aunt Mary said I tried to cover my huge erection with my hands, but Aunt Mary slapped my hands away.
"You will only do what I tell you to little man."Aunt Mary said. Aunt Mary chewed me out for about 5 minutes, telling me what a bad boy I was. You mother instructed me I should make sure you do not make a mess of my house. My dick was throbbing at full attention to her shouting.
"The first thing we need to do is clean up the mess you have made. Out of the shower George, clean up all this water." Aunt Mary shouted.
Aunt Mary, can I get dressed? I asked. With that Aunt Mary took her hand and spanked my ass about 20 times, my dick throbbing, bouncing as she did this. I was then forced to clean her bathroom floor naked. Aunt Mary sat on the vanity, and lit a cigarette. My god was Aunt Mary sexy as she smoked that cigarette.
"George, clean everywhere, I want no water on my floor." Aunt Mary said. I was forced on my knees on the floor below her, naked to her eyes. Aunt Mary was dressed in tight shorts, and a tight blouse. Aunt Mary had three cigarettes, while I cleaned her floor. I cleaned every corner. Aunt Mary was pissed.
"George, now you will learn to take a shower without making a mess in my home. You need to learn a lesson. Aunt Mary shouted. "Get your ass in the tub George." Aunt Mary shouted.
Aunt Mary had not to this point mentioned my huge erection. "George, you will take this shower the way I tell you to, only do what I tell you can, understand George?" Aunt Mary scolded.
"Yes Aunt Mary." I replied.
"Turn on the water slowly George, very little water pressure." Aunt Mary said. I reached back, and tried to pull the shower curtain closed. "Leave it open George. Now get under the water, and be careful George."Aunt Mary yelled, I had my head under the shower, and slowly turned around, making sure not to splash any water on the floor.
"That's better George" Aunt Mary said. "George, take my shampoo, and lather up, use the Prell." Aunt Mary said. I had never used Prell before, I opened the bottle, and the aroma was nice, it was thick. I lathered up my hair. This Prell was nice, the smell, the soap suds. I was about to rinse. "Clean all your hair George, all of it."Aunt Mary said.
"Aunt Mary, I have," I replied in fear. Aunt Mary then took her hand and spanked me ten times again. "Down there George, clean that!!!! George, face me when I talk to you!!!" Aunt Mary said.
Aunt Mary was pointing at my throbbing dick. I took some suds from my hair on my head, and slowly lathered my hair around my dick. "George, use more Prell," poor it on that!!!!!"Aunt Mary scolded me. "I want that clean in my house" Aunt Mary said
I took the Prell bottle and slowly poured it over my throbbing dick. It felt nice, cool thick. "More Aunt Mary said, do not drop any of it on the tub."Aunt Mary said. I slowly used my hand to wash my throbbing dick. Prell was thick all over my cock.
"Wash it harder George. grip your fingers around it, grasp it George, grasp that!!!!!" Aunt Mary said.
I circled my cock with my hand, and slowly pushed my cock, in and out like a piston This is what Aunt Mary wanted.. Aunt Mary was going to have me masturbate in front of her!!!!!
"Grip it harder, tighter George, I want THAT thing cleaned, and you only better do what I tell you to, nothing more." George Aunt Mary scolded.
What did she mean, nothing more?
Aunt Mary then moved from the vanity to the edge of the tub. Aunt Mary lit another cigarette, looking me in the eye. Cleaner George, cleaner, harder George, harder, grip THAT tighter George" Aunt Mary said.
My cock was throbbing, I was ready to cum, then Aunt Mary swatted my ass "No mess in my shower George, you better not do what I am thinking George." Aunt Mary scolded.
My balls were ready to explode.
"George, you will be a good boy will not you from now on" Aunt Mary scolded. Here I was masturbating two feet from my beautiful aunt smoking. I was near out of breath from pounding my dick so hard.
"Aunt Mary, I am going to....I am going to" George pleaded.
George, what are you telling me you want to do, Aunt Mary scolded. Aunt Mary, I am clean, I am clean. I am going to shoot my cum. I pleaded.
"George look at me, you will mind me while you are here? understand?" Aunt Mary asked.
"Now keep cleaning that thing George. Harder George, grip it, slide it up and down in your grip, faster." Aunt Mary commanded.
The head of my dick was solid red. I have never beaten my dick this hard for so long.
"Please Aunt Mary, I will be good, please let me shoot my cum, my finish myself." I begged.
"George only do what you are told." Aunt Mary said.
"George, look in the mirror, look at yourself." Aunt Mary laughed. I looked into the mirror, what I saw was unreal, a 15 year old boy, naked, with a huge hardon, that was deep red, and a beautiful aunt smoking her Kent cigarettes. Aunt Mary face now had a devilish smile. My aunt was laughing at me, a silent smirk.
"George, turn off the water, do no rinse off, understand?" Aunt Mary said.
"Yes Aunt Mary".
"Do not take your hand off that George, understand?" Aunt Mary said. "Grip it George, as had as you can, I do not want a mess on my floor." Aunt Mary commanded me. She then took some towels, and bath mats, and had me walk over to the vanity.
"Do what you are told George" Aunt Mary said.
"Yes Aunt Mary."
"Stand here George," Aunt Mary said. Aunt Mary was having me stand in front of her vanity sink bowl. The wall mirror showed my gripping my huge red dick, with my dressed aunt next to me. "George, turn on the hot water from the sink," Aunt Mary said. I did as she said. Steam was soon coming from the hot water. "George, I want you to try to have your cock touch the water," Aunt Mary smirked.
"Aunt Mary, that water is too hot for my cock," please Aunt Mary. For some reason I was doing what Aunt Mary said, I was going to scald my dick. Aunt Mary had now moved behind me. I could smell her perfume. The room filled with the aroma of Prell.
Now Aunt Mary was talking in my ear. I could feel her lips touch my ear. I could feel her breathe in my ear.
"George, you can finish yourself with that hot water, is that what you want?" Aunt Mary laughed.
"Yes Aunt Mary, I want to finish myself, please."
Aunt Mary was pushing my nude body over the counter. My dick could feel the intense heat of the hot water. Aunt Mary kept her tongue in my ear. "George, you will do it for me, George, rinse your cock off in that scalding water for me" Aunt Mary said.
I was ready to do anything, because my cock hurt so much. With a final push, I went for the scalding water. Aunt Mary at the last moment, reached around, and grabbed my hand that was masturbating up and down my dick. "Finish your self, finish yourself now George." Aunt Mary laughed at me telling me.
As I looked down, Aunt Mary's hand was on top of mine. Aunt Mary‚??s hand was riding up and down my throbbing cock.
"Shoot your cum in the sink George, SHOOT!!!" Aunt Mary laughed.
I then shot my cum into her sink. Deep loads of cum were spurting as Aunt Mary held her hand over my cock. My cock was throbbing in this beautiful woman‚??s hand. Aunt Mary felt every spurt that left my cock. Aunt Mary was in total power of me now. Aunt Mary was milking me deeply.
"Good boy George, keep pumping, deep pumping George, fill my sink with that gooey stuff George."Aunt Mary laughed.
I was cumming as I have never before. I was weak from masturbating. My knees wanted to buckle. I could feel Aunt Mary's hand on my cock. Aunt Mary was milking my dick. Aunt Mary was holding me up, by my throbbing dick. I was in her control.
"George, you will be a good boy from now on?" Aunt Mary asked. "Listen to your Aunt Mary?" Aunt Mary asked? "Yes Aunt Mary," I replied.
Aunt Mary kept her hand gripped tightly on my still massive throbbing cock. Aunt Mary then looked us in the mirror, and started spanking my ass again. "Empty yourself George for me George, empty all of it now." Aunt Mary laughed "Yes Aunt Mary," I replied.
I still love the memorys of this :-)



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