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Aunt Kate

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Every guy should be as lucky as I was.


I was raised with my dad, being as my mom passed away when I was four. When I was at college, dad had to travel on business for a month or so at a time, so for company I would stay with his Aunt Kate who was about 52 and a bit on the plump side. I also called her Aunt Kate. When I went over there I would always check out the dirty clothes hamper. I loved looking at her 40DD bras and her large white panties. I loved to sniff the crotch. If I was alone in the house I would jerk off with her panty crotch to my nose.

One week while I was staying with Aunt Kate I was getting ready for bed. I heard Aunt Kate going into the bathroom and thought 'Oh shit, I need to pee.' I waited for her to come out and when she did I ran in. As I was peeing I noticed a pair of her panties on top of the hamper. I felt them and they were still warm. She must have just taken them off. When I finished, I picked up the panties to smell the crotch and noticed they were wet in the crotch and there was a milky fluid there. My little dick sprang to attention. I drew in the aroma and almost went out of my mind. I started to jerk off very rapidly while I sniffed the crotch of the panties. Just as I was just starting to get that feeling, the door opened and there stood Aunt Kate in her robe. 'My, my, what do we have here?' she said. My hard on immediately disappeared and I stood there with her panties to my nose and a limp dick in my hand.

I started to stammer and dropped the panties and tried to pull my pants up while saying I'm sorry. Aunt Kate stopped me and said 'Well, you lost that hard cock real fast, come into my room.'

I went into Aunt Kate's room and she looked at me and said 'First of all I'm not mad and I'm a little flattered. Promise me you are not to ever tell anyone anything that happens in this house' 'I promise, I promise.' I blurted out. 'OK' she said, 'Now I want to ask you some questions, and I want truthful answers. Do you understand.' 'Yes, Aunt Kate.'

'How often do you jerk off?' I mumbled 'About once a day' She then asked 'Do you shoot much?', 'Yes' I said. She asked how long have I been playing with her panties and sniffing them. I told her about four months. She then asked if I liked the smell and I told her I really did. 'Paul, would you like to see me naked?' 'Oh yes Aunt Kate' With that Aunt Kate dropped her robe and stood there naked. My eyes bulged out of their sockets. Aunt Kate was plump and her big pendulous breasts hung to her belly button. Her pussy had very sparse gray hair and her lips hung down from her pussy. My dick shot to attention again. 'I see you like me naked, want to touch my titties?' I reached out and touched them like they were glass and afraid they would break.

She took my hand and massaged them. She then had me rub her nipples and felt them get hard. 'Aunt Kate likes to have her nipples sucked. want to try?' Well, she didn't have to ask me twice. I grabbed a huge tit with both hands and proceeded to suck her nipple. After a few minutes Aunt Kate had me remove my clothes and I stood there with my hard on sticking out. She then said 'I know you like the smell of my panties, I interrupted your stroking before, Aunt Kate wants to see you finish'. I grabbed my dick and proceeded to whack off. She stopped me and said let me show you a better way.

She reached into her dresser and came out with a bottle of lube. She squirted some on her palm and proceeded to masturbate me. I came very quickly and I squirted a good load of jizz on her breasts. 'Did you like that', Aunt Kate asked. 'Oh Aunt Kate I loved it, that was the best cum I ever had. 'You shoot a good load' I replied that it was. Aunt Kate said remember you are not to tell anyone we did this, Promise?' I said I never would. Good she said, because it's time for Aunt Kate to get her jollies and I want you to do it for me. Just do as I tell you. Get down on your knees. She sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt between her legs.

I want you to stick your fingers in my cunt. She then said to rub above her cunt where I would find her clit. I did and she loved it. I couldn't stop and I rubbed and fingered her as her juices spilled out. I was amazed at her big hanging pussy lips and marvelled at their softness. Aunt Kate was squirming around and making strange noises. She told me to rub her clit hard at the top of her cunt, which I did gladly. She then told me fuck her with my fingers. As I did this she came with violent contractions, wetting my hand, and her juice oozed out and down her thighs. Of course by this time my dick was hard as a rock again. Aunt Kate noticed and said for me to get up on the bed with her. She said we are going to have a mutual session. 'We are going to get each other off.'

With that she put some lube on her cunt and some on her hand. 'I want you to rub my pussy and give a lot of attention to the clit.' As I reached over and started rubbing her slick twat she reached over with the hand with the lube and started to stroke my dick. We both played for a while until I came again shooting big globs of cum on my stomach. Aunt Kate pushed my hand away and started to rub her button real fast and as she was doing this she licked up the cum on my stomach. She came so hard she shook the bed.

As we lay back and relaxed I told her I loved the mutual. Could we do it again tomorrow? She said we were going to have a lot of fun for the next few days until my dad came home.

Well, I loved it and through the years we did a lot when I stayed over. I still think of her and sometimes when I masturbate I say 'Aunt Kate, this one's for you'!



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