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Aunt Jean

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In the 1970s/80s I was growing up in a very small and very conservative town in Western Quebec...


Aunt Jean is only three years older than I am. We're like brother/sister now, but growing up she tended to take the 'aunt-nephew' thing a bit too seriously. Living across the street from my grand-parents, Jean baby-sat me regularly, and even when she wasn't baby-sitting she liked to treat me like 'her' child.

When I was very young, she (and sometimes her friends) would play 'house'. Of course I was the baby. Aside from feeding, she would bath, dress and even punish me. When I was around 11(and she 14)the 'house' play stopped, but she would still issue punishment (usually a spanking) whenever she saw fit. My one (and only) complaint to my parents was met with harshness and punishment for not respecting my 'aunt'. I slowly grew to hate Aunt Jean, and went out of my way to avoid her.

Fast forward a bit.....

The summer I turned 13 (and she 16) she went away to camp for the whole month of July. I enjoyed the freedom but sort-of missed her. She was a changed person when she returned. Not only was she nice and friendly to me, her body had filled out quite nicely.

Masturbation was never discussed in our family or anywhere. Though I was getting wet dreams (about Jean and others) it never crossed my mind that touching myself would induce the same feeling of 'delight'. Though I knew it was 'naughty' to think about girls (let alone my aunt) I was quite happy with how my tummy and body felt when she was near. I was always trying to steal glances at her without her knowing. The best way was to sneak around my grand-parents house at night and peak through windows, or when there, try to look through her bedroom key-hole. I never saw more than bra/panties or night-gown. But to a teen-boy in the days before internet porn and in a town with no access to Playboy, the images were more than enough to spur an erection. On these nights I would go to bed early in anticipation of a 'dream'.

The day my world changed forever.

My parents and grandparents were gone for the weekend; I was left in Jean's care. All was cool until the evening when Jean went to take a bath. With no adults around, I was free to stare through the bath-room key-hole without being caught. Quietly with heart racing, I watched as she removed her clothes and entered the tub. I didn't move or blink as I waited for her to emerge again, nude. I was transfixed and dazed even as she put her bathrobe on... and headed for the door. BUSTED!

Bitchy Aunt Jean was back. Cursing at me for being a pervert, for being naughty. The admonishing words flowed from her mouth like water from a hydrant. She spanked me repeatedly. I was in trouble and was very afraid. She ordered me in the tub, NOW. It had been years since she'd bathed me. I too had developed since then and (thanks to a lack of sex-ed) was ashamed of how I looked. I cried and begged her to look away. She slapped me. With my back turned, I quickly undressed and entered the tub. Thankfully the bubbles 'hid' me...

Roughly she washed me, all of me. I became erect as she reached beneath the bubbles to wash my penis, this seemed to anger Aunt Jean and the verbal (and physical) assault resumed.

She pulled the plug to drain the water but slapped my hand away when I reached for a towel. Helpless, it was only a matter of minutes and I was completely exposed. I was feeling only shame and embarrassment NO sexual feelings, yet my penis remained hard as steel.

'I'm going to fix you, Mister,' she shouted.

Grabbing the bar of soap, she held the base of my penis tightly with thumb and fore-finger. With the other hand she stroked it. I had never experienced anything like it, and at first did not enjoy the feeling. It tickled, it was irritating, and I begged her to stop. This just prompted her to do it faster. Warning me to keep silent or she would tell on me for spying. I was crying... but then...

The most incredible feeling of relief took over my body. It started in my toes and seemed to travel slowly up my legs into my tummy then finally, FINALLY out of my penis. I was breathless.

Aunt Jean's tone was suddenly friendly as she rinsed and dried me (I was too confused and exhausted from what had happened to feel embarrassed). Winking she said, 'That's how we fixed naughty boys at camp.'

From that point on she treated me as (almost) an equal. Still, when my parents were out she'd insist on bathing me. I never touched her and she never 'intentionally' undressed in front of me. Yet if she knew I was peaking, she would face my direction and strip with a flirty wink. She would look toward the window and wink. Though I didn't begin to masturbate myself until age 18, I did enjoy the baths (with similar result) for months.

My parents and grand-parents decided I was getting too old to be bathed by Jean, though they never learned of or suspected anything more than bathing.

Thirtyish years have passed, but there IS a continuation to this story...



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