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Aunt Helping

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This happened during the winter ice storms


I have had a story to tell here for a while and finally got up the nerve to tell.

Right before the ice storms hit the US midwest this winter, the factory my wife and I work at started a retooling. The company flew her out to California for training for a month while I stayed behind. I worked out on the manufacturing floor so I needed to occasionally inspect the progress.

One week after she left, the ice storms hit the area. Our house was at the end of a very rural road and the lines were completely down for miles. Since not many lived on this stretch of road, the prospects of anything getting fixed were weeks away. My wife called to tell me her aunt living in town had power, but had some damage to the house and property and needed help. So it was agreed that I'd go stay with my aunt for a while, help her fix the damage, and wait for my house to have power restored.

My aunt lives in a small 2 bedroom house, but the 'guest' bedroom is full of sewing equipment. So it was agreed to that I'd sleep on the couch.

Jen, my aunt from my wife's side of the family, is 66. Her husband Jack died in a car accident about a year ago. She is a very sociable person and talks to my wife on the phone all the time now that Jack is not around. She was glad to have me stay with her, as it gave her someone to talk to, almost non stop talking, that is. I didn't and don't mind, though. She is a semi-retired nurse who works with the urology and OB/GYN office that serves this rural county.

Anyhow, tree branches were down all over her yard, and several large ones damaged the roof of a workshop on the back of the property, bad enough to put a good sized hole in the roof.

I started work right away on the workshop at the back of the property. She was out there with me, helping with small things and thankfully keeping a hot thermos of coffee nearby. She talked nonstop about Jack, my wife, and just about everything imaginable while I used the chain saw to clear out branches, getting to the damaged roof. After a lot of coffee, I needed to pee pretty badly. I told Jen I was going back to the house to go pee. She just laughed and said to go out back behind the workshop: Jack apparently did all the time. Not wanting to stop work, I took her up on that suggestion.

I'm sure a lot of middle aged guys and older understand that if you have an enlarged prostate, sometimes the pee just won't come out so fast. There are times when it swells up a little more than usual, and this week was one of those times. So after some minutes, I came back around and started to get back to work. 'sorry, the prostate is acting up' I said to Jen. Little did I know this would rev her up even more. 'Jack had an enlarged prostate too. I know all about it, you know I work for Dr. Kline, the urologist'. And she started telling me all about Jack's condition, medications, procedures, and so on.

That night, after a hard day's work, I took a bath to clean up, there was no shower, only a bathtub in the house. While I was in the middle of the bath, in walks Jen with a cup of coffee. She is quite the coffee fiend. I was a little surprised at the invasion of my privacy, but Jen had been hovering around me all day and I had gotten used to it. She handed me a cup and sat on the toilet seat, lid down, and just kept talking away. She really missed having people to talk to, obviously. I couldn't tell how much of me she could see, but frankly I was sure she was there just to continue chatting with me.

She got on the topic of my prostate and said she'd bring some herbs and perhaps some medications, if I wanted them, to help with the swelling. She talked about cases she'd seen at the urologist. Finally she said 'can I ask you a question, how often do you ejaculate? It helps if you get onto a regular schedule, daily if possible.' I told her that normally about twice a week, but with Joan out it had been a while, about 2 weeks at that point.

Jen said 'Well, you need to get regular with ejaculation and with Joan out you'll need to take matters into your own hands' and with that she laughed a little and took a sip of coffee. I laughed a little and said something like 'yea right'. 'You know, ' she added, 'Jack's prostate was bad enough that we were doing something about ejaculation once or twice a day. You oughta think about that, it made a huge difference for him. You know, if you want to do it now, I could leave...'.

I was a bit taken back, and all I could think of was to say 'no, I'm just not in the mood' which was true.

After a few more minutes, Jen left the room, I got out went to bed on the couch. Jen kept the house far too hot for my comfort so I slept in my boxers and no shirt and ended up kicking off the covers that night.

In the morning I woke to the smell of coffee. I was a bit slow in waking. When I did wake, I saw Jen sitting in the chair across from the couch I was sleeping on. She had a book and, naturally, a cup of coffee. As I woke more, I realized I was lying on the couch, no covers, no shirt and a huge erection in my boxers. I wondered how long Jen had been enjoying the view. I pulled a sheet over me and sat up. Immediately we started talking about this and that, things to do that day.

The day was another long one, and I managed to get to the hole in the roof and patch it partially.

That night, Jen gave me a number of herbal remedies that supposedly help prostate swelling. I thanked her. I have been using them ever since.

That night in the bathtub, the door opened again. Jen handed me a cup of coffee and took her place on the toilet seat. After about 5 minutes of chatting, I started to notice her as a woman. She was in a terry cloth robe, slippers, and looked the way you'd expect a 66 year old lady to look: short grey hair, large-ish glasses, short and somewhat round as a person. Mentally, I noted her large breasts which you could see prominently even under that thick robe.

'Have you done anything about what we discussed yesterday, you know, getting a regular ejaculation? I saw you had a good erection this morning.' she asked me from out of the blue. 'No, no time and I'm really not in the mood' I answered honestly. She asked about my symptoms, how it felt, how urination was going or not going.

'As a nurse, I think I need to give you an exam' she said suddenly. 'stand up and bend over.'

I protested but she wouldn't take no for an answer. Hell, I thought, she is a nurse, might as well give in or this could go on all night. I stood, faced away and bent over. Jen went to the cabinet, put on some latex gloves, grabbed some lube and was at me before I knew what was happening. 'relax' she said as a finger slid into my anus. I naturally tensed up and held her finger in check for a bit before her persistence and my rectal muscles relaxed and let her in.

I could feel that familiar exam pressure on the prostate as she said 'yes, uh huh, it's not too bad. No irregularities' as she continued to run her finger around my prostate. 'just a little swollen for sure though'.

I was thinking it was about over when she stopped talking and kept rubbing my insides. This is when the sexual part of my brain kicked in and I felt my breath, felt my senses coming alive.

Without saying anything, she pulled out her finger, grabbed a tissue to wipe my ass, and snapped off the glove. She told me to stand up. While I was composing myself, feeling an erection just starting, she was busy laying some towels on the floor. I stepped out of the tub away from her as much as I could and started to reach for a towel. 'Wait' she said, 'I need you to kneel down on these towels with your butt up in the air'. I was thinking that maybe she found something unusual in the exam, so I asked if there was something wrong. 'no' she said, 'but I need better access to your prostate.'

By this time I was definitely feeling uncomfortable, but also a little aroused. It had been 2 weeks since I came last.

I got down on all fours in front of Jen, and put my butt up high in the air and tried to spread my cheeks. She reached for another glove and more KY jelly. I asked her what she found and she said 'nothing really unusual. You do have an moderately enlarged prostate but nothing needing medication' and she described it in some medical gibberish that went right over my head. Jen opened her robe and put it on the sink. I looked back and saw she was in her nightgown, a long flowing thing. She knelt back behind me and once again I felt her finger on my anus. 'relax again' she said as the finger slid in. This time I didn't flinch as much. I felt her finger go in deep 'relax' she said again. To my surprise, I felt a second finger go in. 'breath deep breaths' Jen said and I did. I could feel my anus relax and let her 2 fingers deep inside me.

'This is a procedure we do at the office that ought to help get you some relief' she said. 'have you ever had a prostate massage?'. I said I hadn't. With that, I could feel her two fingers pressing gently but firmly on my prostate. 'you may feel like you need to urinate, but don't fight it. There are towels underneath, and I just want you to relax'. Her fingers began to work back and forth around my prostate. The feeling of her fingers around my anus was exciting, and my penis became semi erect from the stimulation. 'you should feel some liquid seeping out. This is what we're after, a little drainage. This will help with the swelling and the symptoms.'

After this she stopped talking and I was left to listen to my own breathing. 'good, relax and breathe' she said as she continued. I began a little half moan, there was pleasure and discomfort at the same time but, it felt great. I felt liquid drops coming out of my penis. I looked back and saw one or two drops of fluid come out of my penis.

This went on for what seemed like a long, pleasureable time. It was slightly discomforting as feelings go, but also slightly arousing. I began to relax and let her take control.

'Good' she said, 'now I'm just going to help you with an ejaculation' and with that, I felt her other hand, already lubed, wrap around my shaft. I was in no position to argue, it felt out of this world. Her two fingers continued their dance on my prostate while she reached around and was pulling on my shaft. I felt her heavy breasts pressed firmly against my left butt cheek. I could feel my penis fully erect now.

She continued with long bottom-to-top strokes, wrapping her hand in circles as she went. Obviously the nurse knew what she was doing.

'Let me know when you are about to ejaculate' she said. I knew it wouldn't be long. 'and when you do come, focus on long cleansing pulses. We want to drain as much as we can. Just let it all flow out without trying to hold back'.

With that I moaned 'I'm gonna cum'. Jen released my penis and pressed firmly into my prostate and anus as I felt an enormous orgasm erupt from deep inside me. Her pressure seemed to hold back the ejaculation, and I felt a huge urge to ejaculate. I was breathless and needed to cum but couldn't. Then, she let up the pressure and with a load moan I let go. With my penis dangling helplessly underneath me, I started ejaculating like I never knew possible. I focused on deep muscular contractions and I could feel hot wet cum jetting out of my penis and all over the towels beneath me. 'That's it, keep it coming hard and full'. I nearly fainted from the powerful contractions, but rode through it. The pulses came one after another, I thought they'd never end. With each, I felt like enormous wads of semen were shooting out of me. I was moaning joyfully as they finally stopped. I looked underneath and saw my cum in big pools on a dark blue towel. I remembered what it was like to have unleashed such a load, but I had not seen so much since I was a young man. Jen continued to massage as I came down off my high.

'Keep the muscles open and don't contract, let as much fluid come out as possible' she said. I looked at my penis dangling underneath me and saw a long spaghetti like string of cum hanging from my penis. 'relax and keep the tubes open' she said. I relaxed and watched this long string of cum oozing out of me until it reached the towel beneath. As my penis went softer, I felt Jen reach around make an 'O' with her thumb and forefinger. She proceeded to slowly milk my penis as she continued pressing into my prostate.

'Keep breathing, relax, and let your body empty' she said. She let go of my penis after a bit. I breathed deeply and let my muscles fully relax. Maybe a bit too relaxed as I accidentally started to ooze some urine. I quickly clamped down my muscles but not before a noticeable stream of pee splashed noisely onto the towels. 'That's OK, that is a good cleansing pee' Jen said.

'That is a prostate massage.' she said as she gingerly let go of my penis and slid her fingers out of me. 'You'll feel 100% better tonight'.

I felt a bit embarased, but definitely releaved as she once again wiped my ass clean of the KY jelly and I staggered to my feet.

'I can do this for you down at the office, here, or at your house when you get this way again. And I'll talk to Joan and teach her how to do this. If you keep regular, you'll not need this so often.'

I thanked her as she left the bathroom, leaving me to get dressed.

Jen 'helped me out' 3 more times like this in the week I stayed with her. And true to her word, she taught my wife the technique.



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