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Aunt Doreen

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I've always had a favorite aunt who is my mom's younger sister. Aunt Doreen is one of those people that are easy to talk to and for me she is more like a friend than an aunt. Fortunately, she lives just a few blocks from us so I saw her quite often. As a teen she listened to my school and social concerns and she was there for me when I experienced three boyfriend break-ups. In my teens I also came to realize that I was attracted to Aunt Doreen in other ways. She is very attractive with a real nice figure. She is a sexy lady and knows it. I was envious of her body although there is nothing wrong with my figure.

One time she gave me a birthday kiss when I turned sixteen and I tried to put my tongue in her mouth. She pulled her head away but didn't make an issue out of what I attempted to do. I was very relieved and at first I regretted what I tried to do. Later, I thought of other things I would like to do with Aunt Doreen. Shame on me! These feelings I had for her persisted for quite a number of years and still do. Last month I turned twenty one and Aunt Doreen offered to take me to a nice club in a hotel and buy me my first birthday drink. I looked forward to the coming Friday night and the opportunity of spending time with her.

While we sat and chatted and sipped our wine I felt rather bold and I told her about my feelings towards her. I expected a reaction of surprise but instead she sat very calmly listening to me. She reminded me of the time I tried to put my tongue in her mouth. She said that she had an idea back then that I had physical feelings for her. When I finished talking she asked me if I still had those feelings or did I just have them as a teen. I told her I couldn't lie to her and that I did still have those feelings. I told her I was sorry to have sexy thoughts about her but Aunt Doreen told me not to worry and that she took my thoughts as a compliment. She then suggested we go to her house for another drink.

After entering her house she immediately led me straight to her bedroom. I thought to myself OMG what is happening. Aunt Doreen then said to me, 'are you mature enough to keep your mouth closed about what is about to happen?' I never felt so excited in my life. I really didn't know just what was going to happen in that room but I did know that I wanted whatever it was to start. I told her 'yes' in answer to her question. Aunt Doreen pulled her top over her head and told me to take off all of my clothes. I looked at her body and practically drooled with desire. I am not a lesbian and I seriously like guys but looking at her stirred up all kinds of physical and mental feelings inside of me. Her nipples almost begged me to suck on them. Her pussy had absolutley no hair around it and I felt rather foolish with my hairy pussy. I vowed right then and there to shave my plump puss the very next day.

We didn't just have sex, we made love to each other. Shortly after we started Aunt Doreen stopped touching me and went to her dresser. She took out a large butt plug and told me that I would enjoy sex more with this in me. She had me get on my knees and my elbows with my rear up in the air. She moistened the plug with some of her pussy fluid and then she inserted it up my rectum. As we continued making love I could always feel that plug in me and she was right, it certainly did enhance the sexual pleasure I was feeling. At last she began slowly massaging my swollen clit. The physical feelings were stronger than any I had ever felt before. She did other things to my clit also but I won't tell you that. Finally I felt the physical sensations of orgasm builing rapidly. I knew that any second I was going to cum. After climaxing I just laid there for a minute or two and then I proceeded to bring my aunt to orgasm. What an amazing feeling mentally, I felt like I had complete control over her as I looked at her with her legs spread wide apart. The inside of her pussy looked reddish and quite wet. I never saw that before.

This encounter was just wonderful for me but Aunt Doreen told me that this was a 'one shot deal.' She said that there is just way to great a possibility of real problems developing if we were to continue having sex. She reminded me that my mom is her sister. I practically pleaded with her to make love to me just one more time and she said, 'we'll see.'

When we had finished I wanted to leave the plug in until I got home but she said it had to come out now. I not only shaved my puss the next day but I also bought a plug and it's bigger than Aunt Doreen's.

I got quite upset when I got home. Shortly after walking into our house my mom asked me if I took a shower earlier. I was scared to death but I tried to act unconcerned. I said I did and I forced a laugh and said, 'why, do I stink?' Mom laughed back and said, maybe you need another shower, you smell like you know what.' Oh my, was that ever a close call. I immediately took a shower.



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