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Aunt Delores' Panties

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Nothing finer than a nice pair of silky panties and an hour with nothing to do but go solo!


I come from a rather close, extended family in the Northeast part of the U.S. Both my mom's sisters lived within twenty miles of us when I was growing up, and we would see each other frequently. My Aunt Delores was about five years older than my mom. She was divorced when I was fairly young and never remarried. Despite being older, she was the 'cool' Aunt in the family, and I looked forward to her babysitting me or spending nights at her house when my parents went out. She was pretty loose with the rules. She let me stay up late, she played board games, she took me out for ice cream - all kinds of fun stuff.

The winter before I turned thirteen I went through puberty, and it seemed my every waking moment was spent thinking about girls (tits and asses to be specific). Like most boys that age I had a perpetual hard-on. I had begun to masturbate the next spring. I had my first wet dream that was about a woman in a fur coat who walked into my room and took it off to reveal her naked body. I will never forget the dream or the amazing feeling of the ejaculation while I slept (and woke up shortly afterwards with my pajama bottoms literally soaked with my semen!). I learned to masturbate by humping my pillow, which resulted in terrific orgasms but a very raw penis. I graduated to learning how to slip my rather small, slim penis into the opening of a old, large shampoo bottle while showering, and those orgasms were equally amazing. I don't recall how I learned the traditional fist stroking method, but by the summer I was 13 was doing as often as I could, in as many places as I could.

Of course at that age I had never seen a naked woman, not in person or even in a magazine. Nor had I seen a woman, or a girl for that matter, in her underwear. One of my 'treats' was to sneak up to my room with my mom's Sears catalog for a long jerkoff session while looking at the pictures featuring underwear models. I would alternate between looking at the girls my age (in those days they actually showed young teenage girls in their underwear in the catalogs, much to my delight!) and at the pictures of the pretty, busty twenty-something models. I would even occasionally masturbate looking at the pictures of the older women modeling long girdles, slips and full bras. They all made me horny!

Back to my story. On this one particular Friday night my parents had dinner plans and I was staying at Aunt Delores' house for the night, and my parents were to pick me up the next morning. We ordered a pizza for dinner, and hung around for a while playing cards. She taught me how to play poker and blackjack. Before we settled in to watch TV, she told me we needed to put our 'PJs' on and she would pop some popcorn. I followed her down the hall to her bedroom and the guest bedroom, where I slept. I stopped in the bathroom to take a leak and came back out a minute later, and went down the hall.

Just before I went into my room, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Aunt Delores' door was partially open. I saw across the room that she stood with her back to me. She had begun to undress. Her blouse and skirt were off, and she stood there in a bra and knee length half-slip, talking on the phone. My penis got hard in less than three seconds! I froze momentarily, then eased into my bedroom and closed my door almost all the way, leaving it open a crack. Because her room was diagonally across the hall from the guest room, I could still peek through the crack in my door and see into her room. As I strained to see as much as I could, Aunt Delores was walking around her room (which was pretty big) while talking on the cordless phone. At first she went to her bureau to get out pajamas. She placed them on her bed while she continued to talk. As she did this, she nonchalantly dropped her slip, revealing a pair of 'old woman' panties. Aunt Delores was about fifty at the time, somewhat plump but not fat, and her breasts were probably average. She continued talking but didn't remove anything further for several minutes, and she would occasionally come into view, but more often than not I could only hear and not see her. I was rubbing my erection through my shorts and hadn't even begun to put my pajamas on yet.

A moment later she came back into view, and I couldn't believe it...she had removed her bra! My eyes almost bugged out of my head, and of course my cock almost exploded. Her breasts sagged a bit, but I was floored by how large her nipples were. I never knew women had large nipples like that, and I discovered through comparisons in later years that Aunt Delores had very large ones. I soaked in her white, smooth tits and the raspberry red nipples. A few seconds later I could tell she was finishing up her call. I made sure I got away from my door and I began to get changed. I heard her door close tight, and I wondered if she had seen me spying on her. I didn't think she did, but I wasn't sure, and I got nervous.

I waited several minutes for my erection to soften. I couldn't masturbate right there, early in the evening, with her across the hall. When it finally did I went out to the living room. Aunt Delores was in the kitchen fixing the popcorn and asked me if I wanted a soda. I said yes, and she brought it out as I sat on the floor and flipped on the TV. She said nothing and didn't act strangely, so I was safe. Whew! We settled in and watched a few hours of TV. Aunt Delores fell asleep on the couch, snoring! She had curled up on one end, and I was splayed out with a bunch of pillows on the floor. As I turned around to wake her to tell her to go to bed, I noticed her robe was open and I could see her legs almost all the way up to her panties. I could tell she had on her favorite red nightshirt, and I began to get horny again. She stirred and I snapped my head back towards the TV. Aunt Delores got up a few moments later and groggily told me she was going to bed. I watched TV for another hour or so, and then headed for bed myself.

I stopped again in the bathroom, knowing I needed to pee. I planned on grabbing some tissues because I couldn't wait to masturbate when I got into bed. As I shook off the last drops I noticed the laundry hamper in the far corner, and for some reason I went over and peeked inside. Lo and behold, right on top were Aunt Delores clothes that she had changed out of earlier, including her panties! I picked them up. They were silky to my touch, and again my penis sprang to attention. Without thinking I stuffed them into my pajamas and quickly walked down the hall, closed my door, and locked it.

I stripped completely and lay back on my bed. I examined Aunt Delores' panties. They were tan and were more girdle than panty. The small tag on the back of the waistband indicated they were a size seven. I inspected the inside crotch and found a cotton panel, and I noticed that it was moist and just a bit discolored. I was almost dizzy with lust knowing that these panties had actually been touching Aunt Delores' vagina and ass only hours earlier. Out of curiosity I sniffed them. The most noticeable scent was of her perfume, which was great, but there was also an underlying odor that wasn't altogether unpleasant. As I held and inspected her panties with my right hand, I was slowly stroking my rock hard penis with my left.

Eventually I lowered the panties to my crotch, and I will never forget the sensation of the nylon on my penis for the first time. I naturally began to rub and stroke my cock with the panties, and in no time I was on the verge of orgasm. Images of a naked Aunt Delores ran through my mind, including her beautiful breasts and panty-covered ass. As I began to orgasm, imagining I was shooting all over her ass, I was careful to drop the panties to the floor so as not to get them wet or stain them. I shot what was probably four or five very strong, large streams of cum all over my chest and belly. I had grabbed a fistful of tissues to clean myself up, but they weren't enough. It was definitely the most I had come in my life up until then. I cracked open the door and looked into the hallway. It was past midnight by now, and Aunt Delores was long asleep but I still had to be careful. I ran naked down the hallway with her panties and my pajama bottoms in one hand, the tissues in the other. I placed her panties back in the hamper, got some more tissues and wiped the rest of the come off my torso, flushed them and put my pajamas back on. Less than five minutes later I was back in bed and sound asleep.

Since that day I have looked at Aunt Delores differently. She is 61 now. I sometimes wonder if she left her door open that night on purpose, to let me see her. Sometimes when I masturbate I still fantasize that I walk into her room and she tells me she hasn't had sex in years, and wants to do it with me. Then I have her lean on the bed with her back to me, I hike up her slip and pull her girdle down to her thighs, and I make love to her from behind, massaging her breasts as I pump in and out of her wet vagina.

More than likely the phone rang while she was entering the bedroom and she was just distracted. I have since masturbated with many pairs of panties, including my cousin's, several of my friends sisters (older and younger), and my other Aunts'. I have become rather good at masturbating in bathrooms with panties I find there. I know it's perverted, but the feeling of panties (especially silky ones, or those of a sexy girl) on my hard cock is unlike any other.



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