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Aunt Betty the Nudist

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I was 20 years old and had just split up with my long time sweet-heart of my teenage years as something told us to move on to better and bigger things in life. Not a big deal and I was relieved as personality- wise she wasn't the one for me and we had enough sex to last a life time, or so I thought. It was the summer of 82 and you may remember it was a scorcher. Very little rain and exceptionally humid. A strange combination but it lent itself to the story I am about to tell you. I had enrolled in college but I would not start for another 10 months in the next spring semester. I needed money to last me the 3 years as much as possible so I got an unrelated job in a tire plant about 30 miles away from home and it paid big bucks. Mom said she would drop a hint to her sister who lived near there if she would put me up for the summer in exchange for doing work around the big house that she lived alone in. Her husband had died only 6 months ago and she could use the company for a while maybe. Now I'm 20, at the height of my virility and in no way did I ever think of aunt Betty as an object of sexual desire in any way, shape or form. She was ok looking for a 48 year old woman and the death of her husband showed in her face and form as she put on a few pounds and didn't take care of herself. We hadn't seen her for about 3 weeks but while I was out one day, she phoned and mom dropped the bait and she took it hook line and sinker. Mom said she sounded up beat and was looking forward to having me for the summer. ' It may be just what she needs!' mom said excitedly as she fidgeted with the tea towels she was folding and as I looked at her I could see her eyes start to water with emotion. She was very close to her sister and maybe this signaled the end of the pain that she had to witness. I didn't start till Monday but mom drove me to Betty's on Sat. afternoon as she was looking forward to seeing Betty. Betty's house was a large ranch I guess you could say with tons of floor space and skylights and the whole bit. A pool graced the back patio and was enclosed by a vine covered privacy wall that separated the area from the long expanse of lawn and vegetable garden further back in the deep lot. As we rolled up the front door someone appeared from within and it took some adjustment to see that it was Betty. She must have lost 25 pounds at least and looked healthier than a woman of 38. The bandanna on her head was wet with perspiration as was the tight green cotton T-shirt. The outline of what looked like one of those athletic bras was clearly visible with the sweat. But her legs! Walter Paton would have borrowed them. Strong and muscular that ended with a pair of red polyester shorts with the long slit up the side. I could see the white inner lining of the shorts at the top of the slit not to mention all the rest visible due to the sweat. Mom and Betty went to hug and had a good laugh as Betty put the towel she was holding between them so mom wouldn't get soaked. 'You look like a million bucks' we both said at the same time and we all laughed and enjoyed the group hug. ' I feel like it too' Betty replied as she bounced on her tip-toes like a 9 year old. ' I have to get on with life I have decided and not just wait for it to end. Now if I could just be 20 again Bill this wouldn't be so painful as looks are deceiving. I hurt everywhere!' Betty chuckled as what looked like an angel stepped from within the open doorway. By angel, I mean a tall brunette about 25 or so with long hair that draped over a tight body that only gym equipment had the pleasure of getting close to in my imagination. 'Oh Karen I would like you to meet my sister Julia and her son Bill.' We shock hands as Betty explained that Karen was a fitness cusultant she had known for years from their trailer park and was utilizing her skills to get back in shape safely. 'Gotta go' Julia said in her tom-boyish accent that sent a shiver to my parts. I watched her tight warm up pants cling to an equally tight compact and perfectly formed bottom. We stepped inside as aunt betty excused herself to have a quick shower. I couldn't help but notice the muscles in her ass now that embraced a shapely figure. Mom turned to me all smiles, clenching her fists with a bent arms, pulled them both back at ounce and exclaimed 'Yes! I knew she would come around.' I left mom and Betty alone for their visit with each other while I explored the basement since Betty said to test out the new gym equipment she bought. Treadmills, stair climbers, you name it, she had it. Her and her husband had always been on the living for pleasure side, thus the sauna, hottub,sunlamp and large change room and shower area.I was in good shape already but it took work and this was going to be quite useful. Mom and I hugged and said maybe they would come down to visit in a few weeks as Betty had invited them. Dad wanted to build some shelves for Betty any ways. So here I was away for the summer and then again, not away for the summer. I didn't quite know what to think about aunt Betty being mom's sister and all and me kicking myself for glancing at her ass now and then. She could be my grandmother almost but I had to admit she was a looker. I have always taken a liking to brunets especially and you could see how 20 years ago aunty was a looker for sure. I found myself double checking the pictures on the fire place to remind myself that yes she was MUCH older than me. But 20 years ago she was a knockout. She had not aged really but rather evolved or changed I guess you could say into a woman of a different style almost that was just as attractive if you studied her. I found myself studying her right away as she busied herself around the kitchen in a short,white bathrobe that may have fit her 25 pounds ago but was kinda loose and revealed the top of her breasts when she bent down in front of me. She remarked about it and laughed about how all of her clothes don't fit anymore. With that she turned her back to me, undid her robe, opened it up and re-tide it again. She was looking down at the time and did not notice while standing just 2 feet in front of the fridge that with the reflection, she may as well have done it in front of me. The chrome plated fridge showed everything. Her breasts were like a woman half her age or less as she never had kids but what really threw me was her pubic hair. She had trimmed it into a narrow column like that of a girl of 16 or so.But it didn't look ridiculous like it should have for a woman her age. Instead the pubic hair black as it was, stood out clearly dispite her dark, lineless all over tan. Her stomach was trim and showed only a small paunch but what do you expect? I had a good long look because she took the time to adjust the rope on her robe. I was no longer feeling guilty about looking at a 48 year old woman, that's for sure. Betty was completely and I mean completely immune to embarrassment and espe- cially in regards to body stuff. She had always been unpretentious yet possessed a strong moral attitude. Right was right and wrong was wrong to her. 'Hows a vodka and lemonade sound Bill?' she said. 'Fine with me on a hot day like.......' I said as she interrupted me. 'Good, then make us two and I'll meet you pool side.' she said joyfully. Ok its fair to say at this point that you are saying, 'So when does he boink her?' Sure, it does lead to sex of a kind but not the way you are thinking. I remember in the last days of the summer as my visit was drawing to a close, sitting nude on a towel in a kitchen chair eating toast, all the while studying aunt Betty's cheeks and the sides of her breasts as she stood equally naked at the kitchen counter. And NO I did not have a raging hard-on under the table as she turned to face me in her nudity to give me more toast. I will explain later.

I had put my things in my room that was 2 doors down from Betty's and found my trunks and quickly put them on as I heard her walk past my door. On the way to kitchen I noticed Betty walking around the far end of the pool in a rather conservative one piece red bathing suit.In the past at family gatherngs she had been known to slip off her suit while in the water but nobody said a thing or thought anything of it then. Man it was hot and the air conditioning in the house was being tested to it's limits as I made 2 rather strong vodka and lemonades. The heat of the day hit me like a blast furnace as I opened the patio doors. Sure enough, Betty had removed her suit and it was standing by the edge in the pool. 'Oh don't mind me' she said as she hung onto the edge of the pool. I gave her the drink and as I stood over her I could see the curve of her rear end through the reflecting blue of the pool water. 'Mind your eyes boy. We don't want to make your mother think I like flashing her son now do we?' Now I thought would be a good time to get a little closer or bond as they say so I thought of saying something reassuring to say.' Go right ahead Betty and I assure you it will be our little secret and besides it ain't anything I haven't already seen before.' Betty laughed and said, 'You been peeking? Shame on you!' 'No no' I said with a little panic in my voice. 'What I mean is that we all basically look the same don't we?' 'Thats the spirit' Betty laughed as she put her drink down and then pushed herself backwards with her legs and floated on the top of the water all the while keeping her eyes fixed on me. No I thought to myself.I am not going to give her the pleasure of catching me peeking at her nudity so I just smiled and stared back in her eyes and said 'Your crazy you know Betty'. 'Correct' she remarked as she flipped over on her stomach, arched her back and dove down to the depths of the pool. This of course gave me a complete rear view of her most intimate parts as her butt protruded from the water before diving down. Her cute little asshole could clearly be seen as well as both set of labia, red as they were. She only had pubic hair at the front it appeared and was very clean and young looking. I stepped away quickly and headed for the stairs that went into the pool.I was not going to make her think that I peeked at her what I am sure was an innocent flash. We swam and she modestly kept her distance seeing as she was nude and it was quite refreshing. 'Well I'm going in to shower and then enjoy a baseball game in the nice air- conditioning Betty' I said as I stepped up the pool steps. 'Ok, I will meet you inside' she said. She may as well of said I will put on my bathing suit while you are gone. It was so bright outside that you could not see inside so I knew I would have a good peek at her if everything went well. Hurrying in, I peered around the corner as she hoisted herself up out of the pool by the diving board and had to walk all the way around one corner of the pool to retrieve her bathing suit. Her all over tan was breathtaking on her full figured form. Her tits bounced with firmness as she casually pranced to the towel. I watched as she lifted one leg up on the lounge and drew the towel up her thighs and dried herself quickly. Too quickly as she suddenly headed towards the doors and was in just as I got into the bathroom. I removed my wet trunks and was drying off when I could hear Betty in the towel room that separated the bathroom from the hallway. I saw the flash of her red bathing suit as I only had time to put the rather small towel I had over my parts as she came into the room and brushed by me. 'You can use all the towels up in this cupboard' she said. She then glanced down at me and saw the predicament I was in and said ' Oh shit I'm sorry'. I instantly got a full erection as I stood there inches from her with only a small towel to cover me. I suddenly felt the air on my cheeks and the vulnerability of the situation seemed to take me like a storm. My hard-on was full now and I had to hold the towel at the top of my cock so as she would not see it. 'Come on. I will show you the dresser I want you to use' she said as I followed her in a state of complete helplessness. I was practically nude as I went with her down the hall into my room and Betty turned on the bright light in the room. I stood inches from her as she pulled open a few drawers and explained what ones to use and not to. I felt daring as I squeezed between her and the bed to intentionally expose my naked rear end. This meant that my bare ass rubbed against the rear of her bathing suit. I was walking away from her knowing that her eyes had to be pinned on my exposed cheeks as I lifted and arm to point. 'Did you do this painting Betty?' I turned and saw her glancing at my state of nudity and she composed herself and remarked 'No. Ahh, a friend of mine did.'

With that I turned and left the room saying that I had better get to that shower I was going to have to get all the pool chlorine off. I was hot with excitement as my bare ass left the room in full view of my gorgeous 48 year old aunty Betty. An exhibitionist's dream come true I thought to myself as I closed the bathroom door and locked it. My cock was purple around the head as I was so bloody hard. It was almost painful. I had better jerk off as otherwise I would get lovers nuts for sure. 3 or 4 strokes and I had gushed a gallon of come all over the shower stall. Oh the relief! I was so nervous with excitement that I had to go to the bathroom and thats when I found the nudist newsletter in the magazine rack. It was addressed to Betty too, so she must be a member or somethin.A plan came into my head as I did my hair. A plan to not only see Betty nude but to be able to satisfy my urge to expose myself. I still had a hardon so I did a pressed ham and wrapped a towel around me and left the privacy of the bathroom and entered the hall to get to my bedroom. I found a tight pair of underwear to compress my perpetual hardon and put on a pair of shorts on top and threw on a t-shirt. With the nudist paper in hand, I found Betty in the kitchen making us a snack for lunch. 'Betty, I don't want to cramp your style or anything and its your house so if you are (I held up the paper) a practicing nudist then I won't think anything less of you if you wanna do yer thing. Its a free country!' 'Well Bill she said, I like a person with an open mind'. With that she undid her robe and hung it on the kitchen chair, leaving her in nothing but a pair of slippers while she buttered the bread on the counter. 'Why don't you join in so I don't feel so stupid standing naked infront of my nephew like this.' She looked down at the counter as I gazed at her beautiful body. Her nipples stood up like a woman half her age and not a bit of cellulite to see. 'No not for me. You see nudism may be natural to you but its still erotic to me', I remarked. 'Look, what could possibly happen? Whats the worst? Tell me,' she said as she leaned now on the counter and looked me sternly in the eyes. 'There is no way in hell I am going to prance around my aunt's house with her while I sport a giant hardon Betty! No way!', I persisted. 'Oh don't flatter yourself bud, she said sarcastically. I have seen it all and trust me, if you do sport a boner at first I promise I won't make fun and I promise it will go away sooner than you think. Besides, its all part of being natural.' 'You mean it then? You won't laugh even if I stay hard for a while?', I said with all the embarrassment I could muster up. 'I promise as your mothers sister and besides I have seen newbies at our park that Karen and I go to. You have nothing to worry about', Betty said. 'Ok but I will then but I will still feel a little dumb', I said as I boldly pecked her on the face. I turned but Betty said 'Come here' as she she pulled me to her and said in my ear,' I have already seen you as I recall.' I left the kitchen as Betty said, 'Grab yourself a towel to sit on and come have some lunch.' In my bedroom I trembled with excitement as I stripped and prepared to expose myself to my equally naked roommate. I'm not short and not tall and I try to keep in shape so I'm no slouch to look at if you are woman. I gazed at my 8 and a half inches of throbbing erection that stood at full attention in 45 degree angle out from my crotch. I have always shave the hair off my balls and they hung down 3 or 4 inches more than usual because of the heat. I was so hard that my cock almost touched the door handle before my hand did as I nervously stood at the door, scared to death. What in god's name was I doing anyways? Letting myself just walk out of my bedroom naked with a full erection to join my aunt for lunch? I must be nuts! Does she just think that 5 minutes from now my erection will just go away? NOT! I took a deep breath and committed my self to exposing my all and sundry to who ever. This was it. I opened the door and stepped out. Aunt Betty was standing equally nude looking out the patio doors and turned her gaze my way as I pranced at full attention down the hall to get a towel and join her company and inspection. Terror overcame me as I felt my 8 and a half inches of raging hard penis sway to and frow. I looked at Betty and caught her eyes as I stopped at the bathroom door only to have my now pain fully hard member do a belly slap off my navel. If it wasn't so fucking exciting it would have been funny. I panicked as I found a towel and quickly entered the bathroom and locked the door. I proceeded to have the runs since I was so filled with doubt and sexual pleasure. Now I was back to square one or a false start you could also say. The mirrors in the bathroom only made matters worse as I stared at my uncooperative throbbing piece of man-hood that was now actually pulsating with every beat of blood that fed the wild beast. This wasn't going to work! It was just too bizzare to not expect any long lasting reprocutions from my aunt Betty now knowing that her nephew was a pervert that liked to expose himself.I stroked off again into the showers stall and wrapped myself in a large towel and left the bathroom quickly to put on some shorts in my bedroom. Tight underwear did little to hide the giant lump in my shorts and may have looked even worse than being naked. I was determined that I would have to settle down first or at least give Betty a better understanding of my problem before I would join her in our little nudist gathering. 'You don't know what you are missing Bill' as she held her hands on her hips and looked at me disapprovingly. I now got a good look at her mowhawk styled pubic hair and could see that she had even trimmed around her clit, thus leaving her swollen clitoris in full view for all to see. She looked at my bulge, made a half pointing gesture and turned to the counter. I could see from behind that little tuft of vaginal lips that protruded down from her pussy. Upon bending down to open a drawer, one got a full view of her vagina as the lips opened with the action of bending. 'If you feel that you look ridicules sporting a boner Bill, its nothing compared to Omar's tent you have now. Just relax and don't worry about it. I don't mind. I know it is a natural reaction with men not in a sexual way but rather in a pleasurable way. And besides to be perfectly honest Bill, if it makes you feel good to show yourself off then I don't care at all cause you can be rest assured that no sexual activity will be exchanged between us. I'm more intuned with myself than that. So in the mean time, I don't mind having a poster boy to decorate the place up a bit. I don't mind saying that you are well equipped.' The thought suddenly occurred to me that I now had a license to expose myself for the whole summer. 'Ok aunty', I lemmented. I feel more comfortable now then.' 'Good, now go get yourself a towel and have lunch with me. Wanna beer?' 'You bet', I said as I turned to leave the kitchen and leave my clothes in the bedroom. I considered stroking off again but decided not. I grabbed a medium sized towel and proceeded to head for the kitchen. Betty was sitting at the kitchen bar table on a stool as my rock hard state of arousal entered the room first. I had never been this hard before and my member swayed like a spring back and forth as I walked into the kitchen in full view of Betty as I got a beer out of the fridge. I closed the fridge door and turned intentionally towards her as I opened the can. God, I was letting aunt Betty casually look at rock hard penis in the middle of the day in her kitchen as if it were just a new hair cut. I couldn't believe I was doing it.

Facing her,only 4or 5 feet from her, I proudly exposed my private and now fully aroused genitals to her as I hoisted the beer up to my lips and took a long gulp of cold beer. To my delight, Betty was busy studying my cock and balls as I put the beer down from my lips. She was leaning on her elbow on the kitchen bar with her legs slightly yet not provocatively apart. Her clitoris was much larger in size and looked more like finger sticking out of her gash. To my disbelief she turned and put her hands on her knees and opened her legs wide, exposing her wet and swollen area between her legs. Blood had rushed to the exposed area leaving it flaming red and glistening with sparkles of oozing juice. She caught me staring at her privates and smiled. 'Turn to the side and lets get a better look at you Bill.' Betty said as she took a bite from her sandwich, all the while not taking her eyes off my now painfully erect penis. I turned as she said to give her a side view and joined her in gazing at the head of my cock as purple as it was as it stood arched up so much that it now almost touched my stomach. My shaved balls hung like sacks of potatoes a full 5inches or so. From the the bottom of my balls to the tip of my penis had to measure well over a foot by now. Semen glistened out of the tip of my head and was starting to drip down the underside of my cock. I had moved to within a few inches of Betty and her knee touched my leg briefly. Betty handed me a napkin and I carefully and slowly dabbed up the fluid that secreted from me. 'You know, Betty sighed, I don't think that the penis form gets enough respect like the female form does Especially compared to say female breasts and basic curves etc. Don't you agree Bill?' 'Well ya I suppose......', I said but I stopped. 'Look at this.' Betty said as she lifted her feet up to the top rung of the bar stool leaving her knees up around her shoulders and an almost clinical view of genitals. Her head was hung low down as far as it could as she used her thumb and forefinger to spread the lips open on her vagina as she studied herself closely. 'Look, just what is so special about this compared to that as she brought her head back up and looked at my cock and then my face.

I think Aunt Betty was getting a bigger thrill out of exposing than I was as I bravely knelt down infront of her to have a closer look at her genitals face to face so to speak. I was inches from her crotch as I carefully inspected each petal she adjusted for viewing. We were silent so I looked up and Betty's expression said everything. This had to be a dream come true for her as the look of contentment flooded her half smiling face. 'I think its beautiful and its too bad that it has to be such a hidden treasure compared to us men who are lucky enough to have our privates mounted openly on the front of us,' I said as I stood up to graphically prove my point. Now her eyes were just a short foot from my throbbing member as she stared at it with a genuine look of interest on her face. I was literally standing between her legs with my cock at about her tit level. I then lifted my bag up and let her look underneath as she tilted her head to one side to view better. Then I opened the head of my penis and she arched up to look down my hole. Then Betty closed her legs slowly, lightly clapped her hands and said with a smiling face, 'Well, I think its safe to say that we have gotten to know each other a little better, wouldn't you say Bill?' 'Indeed yes, I said. And here is a toast to exhibitionism, to us!' Betty laughed with delight and we clanged our beer cans together and then got on with our lunch. We spent the next hour or so doing house things that had to be done like cleaning up the kitchen together, putting my stuff in the drawers in my bedroom etc., all the while the two of us naked as jay birds. Betty laughed a few times because my erection got in the way a few times when we got too close. 'Watch that fridge door Bill', Betty laughed as I was putting away a case of beer. We sat down to watch some TV and Betty looked at my pounding 8 and a half inches and said, 'Bill, doesn't that get sore after a while? 'Oh ya, I should go off soon and maybe relieve myself in the shower or something.' 'Why hide?' Betty said with a smile on her face. 'We agreed that we would not have sex. What do you mean?' I replied. 'No, no, I mean, you know, relieve yourself! I'll watch! This I found truly embarrassing because masturbation WAS a private domain and I always had the feeling that when I was doing it, I was the only one who did it like this. When I come, my legs are straight with my toes curled and I always have to be laying down and I shoot my sperm on my chest and neck. Its not the moment that to me even an exhibitionist wants to make public. I needed however to relieve myself soon and I knew if I disappeared for a few minutes, she would know. 'Ok but just for you Betty.' I said reluctantly. 'Sure, Betty said with a motherly tone, get yourself all comfortable and I'll fix myself a drink'. 'No no, you don't understand, I said. First of all I feel REALLY embarrassed and second I have to make it quick, otherwise my testicles will hurt like hell.' 'Fine, then do what you have to do then.' Betty said seriously. Earlier I had managed to come while standing beside the shower stall but that was an emergency. My rising embarrassment required me to seek a more horizontal position.

What had I gotten myself into this time. I had forced myself into a crazy position of having to masturbate infront of my mother's sister. Well no place like here I thought as I spread the towel I was sitting on, out a little better. Betty was sitting with her legs curled up with her knees almost touching my right hip as she had her right had holding her shin behind her and leaned on her elbow on the back of the couch. I hesitantly grabbed my erect penis but Betty said, 'If you use your left hand, I could see better.' 'I always do it with my right hand so we will just have to switch places I guess.' I said. We did and I proceeded to start stroking myself with Betty's elbow now touching my shoulder and her nudity beside me. Semen was in plenty of supply and soon my hand was drenched. I straightened my legs as I knew this wouldn't take long. I could see us in the reflection of the now turned off TV and suddenly I felt a surge of sperm rushing from my swollen balls. It took me by surprise as the intensity was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.I shook and convulsed uncontrollably as the first of many waves of sperm shot from my wet and slippery sounding motion of jerking my penis. Wave after wave spewed surprising me with every shot as it pounded into my neck and then my face and now totally out of control it shot above my head and to my right side and now all over Betty. My peripheral vision is good and I could see sperm now on Betty's breasts, her pubic hair and now looking to the side I see Betty with her head gazing up at the ceiling with huge gobs of sperm on her neck and in her hair. This caused me to explode one more time so I directed everything her way as I carpet bombed her body with white juice from my penis. One last gush left a puddle on her stomach. Aunt Betty and I just layed there. Both of us covered in my white sperm. Betty lowerd her head finally and looked at me and then us as a smile broke leaving us both laughing histarically. She had sperm in her hair and on both her cheeks as she exclaimed, 'Oh god that was fantastic Bill. Look, and you are still hard for heavans sake!' Indead I was as I started to stroke myself again. Betty moaned as she lifted her legs up high and plowed a trail of my sperm with her hands and drenched her crotch with it. We were now furiously masturbating ourselves.



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