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Aunt Architect - Part 3

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Refer to earlier articles for the context of this story (Aunt Architect and Aunt Architect - Part 2). If this article were read independently, the details and the whole article would sound very unbelievable.


I let her go to the bathroom ahead. As she walked to the bathroom, I looked at her from head to foot. At my age then, my Auntie was very beautiful. Her figure was perfect. No extra fats in the hips or waists. Her legs and arms were firm. No loose skin. Her back was soft and even. These were some of the details I was not able to notice last night.

My mind started to drift away. What if I were able to penetrate my penis into her vagina last night? Would my penis be able to satisfy her? How would it feel to make love with her? How sweet it could have been if I used my tongue to lick her vagina juices?

As I continued to drift away, I thought that I could have prolonged the passionate kissing. I could have waited till she craved for my penis to get in her. I could have seduced her... I could have done a better foreplay...

I was suddenly distracted with my thoughts when she called out my name from the bathroom. 'Trixel, come now... let's take shower now...' If I recall it right, this would only be the third time we take shower together. The first was when I was a little kid, perhaps 8 years old. And at that time, I didn't give much attention to taking a bath with my Aunt. The second time was when I was 9 years old, and at that time, we were both in a hurry to leave the house for our trip to the grocery store. I don't recall any details of those 2 times we took bath together.

I was nearing the bathroom door, and my body was trembling. I didn't know what to expect in the bathroom. Will we be taking bath in turn? Or will we be taking bath together? I knew that my Aunt was already naked in the bathroom as I saw her remove her undies and I also saw her walk naked to the bathroom.

When I entered the bathroom, Auntie was already shampooing her hair fronting the shower. 'Come join', she invited as she moved a bit to the side to give room for me. The shower stall was actually roomy for two persons. Then she opened the shower for me. So I rinsed myself, then reached for the soap.

As I soaped my body, Auntie also did the same. We got to bump and elbow each other as we move and soap our bodies. I could not look at her as I didn't want her to feel conscious about our taking showers together. I pretend that I feel comfortable with the arrangement. I was, actually. But I feel a bit ashamed to be more open and aggressive, to say the least.

The light in the bathroom was dim and even if I look at her body, I could not see the details I wanted to see. I wanted to see her clit, more intently than how I looked at it last night. I wanted to scrutinize her nipples, her armpits, her navel, her butt cheeks, her pubic hair... I wanted to feel her body... But I was so scared to make the first move.

My mind started to drift again, as I obliviously rinsed myself. Then I found myself facing my Aunt while she was soaping herself. I was just standing below the shower. And watching her. I was holding my aching erect penis, and rubbing it a little bit.

Seeing me looking at her, my Aunt stopped soaping and stand up before me and looked at my face, then to my penis. She smiled with some giggle sounds. Then she moved close to me and hugged me, pinning my penis just above her mound. She just hugged me tightly and intermittently tapping my back with her fingers. I hugged her too. Then I started to hump her. She loosened her hug a bit to look at my face... She smiled, then hugged me tightly again. No words came out of us for what it seemed like eternity.

I was feeling nervous again. But I tried to be more relaxed and comfortable. After all, my Aunt had accepted me. We already made an agreement. I told her I love her. And she told me she loves me.

The water continued to flow in our bodies, while we hugged below the shower. She lifted her head and we were kissing again and caressing each other's body.

Then when I gained some guts, I uttered: 'Auntie, I really want to make love with you... I want to feel being inside you...' She looked at my eyes and replied: 'You see, Trixel, I enjoy hugging you... caressing your soft and tender body... I love feeling you skin... your penis... I can not describe what I feel taking this bath with you...'

She continued: 'Trixel, with what happened last night, I could not take you out of my mind the whole day today... and how I wished, we could...' She didn't continue her statement, then she sobbed and tears flowed from her eyes.

I simply tapped her back, encouraging her to speak some more. Then we kissed. And hugged each other tightly. Then I moved my arms to her butt cheeks and I tried to reach her vagina opening with one hand. And I succeeded. It was wet, sticky and silky. She moaned when I rubbed my fingers around her opening. She squatted a bit and moved her feet apart a bit, giving way for my hand to access her vagina.

I whispered to her: 'Auntie, I really would like to...' Without finishing my statement, my Aunt interrupted me 'ohhhh, Trixel... You're making me horny again... Come on... Leave me... Ohhh... my God, what are doing to me...' So taking the cue, I rinsed my Aunt and myself, and I pulled her to the room. I pushed her to the bed and I laid next to her. And we continued kissing and hugging, and making out.

To be continued...



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