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Aunt Architect

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I had an Aunt who would stay in our house when she visits us in our City. She's from another city and she would come to us every now and then for her company meetings. She is not in anyway blood related to us. It is just that my grandparents adopted her when she was 10, and they sent her to school. She is now a professional architect.

Our house then had several rooms but she would prefer to stay in my room. From what I recall, I was only 10 when she started to come and visit us about four times a year. My room was the biggest in the house. It used to be a playroom but my parents decided to put my bed in it because I would stay there late at night playing till I would be knocked off. The playroom (later, my room) had a bathroom. Thus it was the most comfortable room for my Aunt to stay while visiting us.

Anyway, I recall that my Aunt would go to bed (my bed) each night after her shower with only her panties and loose long t-shirt on. At that age, I had seen her body but not totally, her breasts but not her nipples because she wears bra, her well-shaped legs, and her mound covered with her panties. While I would be playing in the room, she would be walking around after shower drying her body up or sitting down in front of the dresser brushing her hair, or doing anything else, in bathrobes. That was the sight every night. She seemed unmindful of my presence, knowing that I was only a boy. And I never gave much malice to it. After drying herself up, she would go to bed under the sheets. Then she would remind me not to stay up too late, and that I should take a shower before I join her in bed. As soon as I climbed the bed, she would then hug me, embrace me till I doze off. She treated me as if I were her son or maybe her younger brother.

At those times, I would enjoy her warm hugs. I would feel her whole warm body next to mine, which gave me a sense of security and protection through the night. I could smell her body lotion, her shampoo, her breath. She would sometimes lock me in her arms and wrap her legs around mine. Of course, she did all those without malice.

We became very close to each other, perhaps even closer than with my mom who was then always on travel around and out of the country. There were no inhibitions when it comes to relating with each other, except on the matter of sex which we never talked about anyway nor had created an opportunity for us - much for me - to explore. And, I thought it was then very inappropriate to even discuss such to my Aunt, even if she wasn't a real Aunt in blood.

Soon enough, I entered puberty. In simple terms, I have developed my sexual curiosity, my sexual urges and fantasies, and had brought myself alone to sexual gratification many times. During her visits when I was in this stage of my life, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable seeing the usual sight with her in my room; uncomfortable in the sense that I enjoy the sight and being sexually affected by it, but I was anxious that I might put myself into an embarrassing situation of getting caught having an erection or jacking off somewhere else in the house. Eventually, I was building a space, a bubble space so to speak, between us, especially when we go to bed at night. And this might had become apparent to her.

When I was already 15 (she was then 25), in one of her visits (she would visit us at least four times a year and stays with us for at least a week up to a couple of weeks), some things changed, especially on my part. There were times that before I go to bed to join her, I would jack off while taking my night shower. And many times, I peeped through the bathroom door to see her take a bath. There were even times, when I would try to smell her mound while she sleeps and the blanket rolled down to her knees. I would even smell her panties left in the bathroom with fresh aroma of her pussy. And I would jack off on them, or simply wear them on for several minutes as I rub my shaft into them. While I did all sorts of naughty things, I remained discreet, well behaved and composed-in front of her.

On her part, she basically continued her routine, but somehow more engaging and bolder in her actions-or perhaps that's the way I then interpreted the situation having had such level of awareness of my sexuality and all those stuffs. Meaning, things might have been the same on her part, but the change in my own perspective might have given a slight change in interpretation of things happening to me, to us.

On one early evening, in one of her later visits, we went out jogging around the subdivision (as we usually do) but we had to rush home because it suddenly rained hard. When we reached home we were drenched wet, not in sweat but with the rain. We went directly to the room, removed our shoes, socks, and t-shirts. I looked to her direction and I saw her removing her jogging pants. Then she put on her bathrobe and from beneath, she pulled down her panties and unhooked her bra, then tied the waist strap of the bathrobe. She simply sat at the edge of the bed drying up her hair with her hand towel. I also removed my jogging pants leaving behind my briefs which was also soaking wet. Then I went to the bathroom, removed my briefs and prepared to hit the shower.

Then she opened the bathroom door (we don't usually lock bathroom doors in the house), and asked me if she could join me in the shower as she has been chillingly cold. So I let her in as I turned my back to the shower curtain. Then she pushed aside the curtain and joined me in the tub. The shower was on to a warm bath.

She faced me and said 'don't be shy being seen naked Trix; I am naked too. So you see, everything is fair. Everything is perfectly normal Trix.' We were so close to each other that we got to elbow each other every now and then as we move. I must admit that I got an erection and really feel sexually and emotionally affected but could not initiate any move for us to do more than taking a bath because we never been carnal before and I would not want to put myself in hot waters, so to speak, even if she's not a real Aunt, after all.

It was a quick bath for the two of us. And we totally exposed ourselves to each other naked for the first time. After the shower, she put on a new bathrobe while I wrapped a towel around my waist, and we both proceeded to the room to dry ourselves up.

I put on my pajamas and sleeveless shirt while she wore her panties and the usual long loose t-shirt. Then we went to bed after she had put lotion on her body. After about 10 minutes, I figured she was already sleeping; but I could not. I could not get off my mind the sight in the bathroom, and I then gently rubbed my penis. The thoughts of her not so big but firm tits, the pinkish nipples, the trimmed pubic hair on her mound, her butt slice, her rounded butt cheeks, her clear armpits, her well-shaped body, and her firm legs. I was fantasizing that I could have touched her, I could have masturbated in the bathroom in her full view - after all she said everything is normal. I was then feeling very horny.

I was determined to behave as I tried hard to put myself to sleep. As I moved to better position myself in bed laying at my back, she also shifted and faced me. Then curled herself a bit that her head was basically on my shoulders, then she put her left arm on chest and her left leg across mine. I slipped my left arm to her neck which gave a good position for her head to lay on my left shoulder and chest. Then I put my right arm at her back, which means I was hugging her. She moved her head towards my face and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said: 'This is a very comforting position, Trix. Good night, my little darling!' It was indeed very comforting, her warm body next to mine. I answered back: 'Good night, Auntie.' And with a softer tone which I thought only my nose could hear, I whispered: 'I feel very horny, Auntie! Sorry.'

I felt she moved her body a bit, closer to me, then her left hand started to gently stroke my chest. I then hugged her closer to me. Then she murmured just enough for me to hear: 'Would... you... you like to do something? I... I... (stammering a bit, trying to say words very slowly and clearly), I must admit... sometimes, I feel horny too... And at those times, it was quite difficult to relax and rest.'

We kept ourselves in such position but I allowed her to continue her monologue She continued talking to me and I simply listened: 'It is perfectly normal to release our tensions and sexual urges... And on my part... my sexual urge usually comes to me at night... when I wake up... at the middle of the night... It could be some hormonal reactions... my cycle, it's a cycle... Sometimes, I would wake up at night, feeling the urge... Most often, it would be so intense... Maybe, you have noticed me getting off the bed for the bathroom... or maybe, you have felt some movements of the bed... at those times, Trix... I was trying to... release my urges... But it's only... when I have absolute privacy that I... I can release my urges... and I always wondered... how you have been dealing with yourself... I know you're a man now, a young man... perhaps, you need to... release also from time to time... maybe just like you now, you have... you have caused me to feel... horny at times also... One time, I woke up... I woke up at night and saw... your very erect penis... out of your pajamas... you... you... were fast asleep... I... I... would... have wanted to hold yours... but it's not appropriate...'

She continued in a soft and slow tone: 'I... I... admit that... I find perfect joy... and comfort every time you hug me... and whenever I hug you... I wanted us to be more open to each other... like, we can go to bed naked... which I've been used to... but I don't want to corrupt your young mind... I don't also want us to cross the borders... I know I'm not your real Aunt... but I will always look up to you as my relative... What I am saying Trix is that... we can be more intimate... less malicious... and we can enjoy being with each other...'

Those words reached my brain quite strongly, and I started to process them. There was silence between us, but she kept on gently stroking my chest and my right side. We kept to our hugging position. The only thing I was able to do was to plant a kiss on her forehead. Then she slowly shifted up her chin such that we were now face to face with each other. Then she gave me a kiss on the lips, it was a dry one, very quick, a smack. I moved my mouth closer to her mouth, then I also gave her a kiss. I was very nervous and trembling. It was unexpected. My heart pounded so hard. Though our lips were closed, I just continued to give her a series of smack. Then, I pressed my lips against her. In a bit, she slightly opened her lips and I followed. And we kissed each other, lips to lips, very tender and gentle. It was long, yet not torrid. She kissed very tenderly and sweetly.

Then she rested her head on my shoulder again, and continued stroking my chest. I gained my composure now and started to talk. Words came out of me very spontaneously. I heard myself talking: 'I never knew that women masturbate also. I thought only the dirty-minded men do. How is that Auntie? How do women do it? Do you also fantasize on men, on penis, upon seeing sexy things such as briefs or things that men wear? What do you feel when you get horny or when you get aroused?'

She answered: 'Not much different from men Trix. I do it wherever and whenever I feel comfortable. But while men feel horny more often, women feel the urge in a cycle; it's seldom. Some women can tolerate the urge. Some women just simply need to respond to their urges as they come. As for me, it comes to me at the middle of the night, as I said. The urge is so strong, sometimes. Such urge is not caused by fantasy; it's more hormonal, I guess. And if I could not do it at night for one reason or the other, I usually wake up in the morning with the same feeling. And if the surrounding is conducive, I release my urges as soon as I wake up in the morning - in bed, sometimes in the bathroom, or anywhere in the house where I feel most comfortable. Releasing the tension and urge is a good way to face the day ahead. Otherwise, you feel so tensed and moody; sometimes... headache...'

She continued: 'When I masturbate, I also fantasize. I would rub and pinch gently my nipples, caress my breasts and belly, stroke my clit - gently in circular motion, rub my labia. Sometimes, I would hump a pillow, and stroke my vagina. When I got wet, I dig one finger into my opening and allow the finger to linger inside my vagina... I hope you don't mind me telling you all these.'

I shifted her head to face me, then I kissed her lips again. This time, our lips were open. The kiss was longer, wetter, and a little bit rougher. And her body started to move, as my body also took the same rhythm. Our hands started to linger and caress each other's body. Our legs also started to tangle with each other. And our waists and hips started to move closer to each other. She shifted her position, and in a bit she was already on top of me. Her mound was pinned against my shaft. Her legs were against my legs. And we continued to kiss each other.

As we paused kissing, she whispered: 'I feel very horny now... I must admit that even while we were still at the bathroom... when I saw your penis, I started to feel horny.'

As we continued to kiss, I slipped my hands inside her panty to her butt cheeks, and rubbed and squeezed them. They were so soft. She opened her legs a bit apart which gave my left hand to reach her butt slice. I ran my fingers through the slice down to her vagina opening. I felt her sticky juice in the opening. She moaned a bit in my mouth. Then I removed my hand from her butt and move them beneath her long loose t-shirt to reach her breasts. She gently pushed her torso up to give way to my hand to reach her breasts. Soon enough, I was already caressing her breasts and intermittently pinching her nipples. She was grasping for air, panting every now and then.

We untangle ourselves. She laid on her back, her hands on her sides, and her legs slumped on the bed. Her eyes were closed. Her head turned to the left. She was breathing fast...

I shifted my position. I laid on my belly on her right side, but a bit slanting such that my upper torso was against her. I had to support my torso with both my hands, her upper torso between my hands. In this position, we were face to face. I started to kiss her again, but her lips were dry. And she whispered: 'Wait a while', as she tried to get more air. She was basically coughing some air. I knew she was nervous, the same way I do.

So I shifted my position again. This time, I was laying on my left side. My right leg pressed against her right leg. I wrapped my right arm around her and pulled her closer to me. And I was able to move my body close to her. My erect penis beneath my pajamas was poking at her side.

She started to talk again: 'I think I need to release my urges now Trix. And I know you have too. But we could not have a penetration.'

She then shifted her position such that she was now on her right side, and facing me. Our legs started to find their ways in between each other. I pushed her a bit aside so that she was partly laying on her back and I was partly laying on top of her. Then her hand slowly moved to remove my t-shirt. I did the same, gently and lovingly.

Then I reached to her mound through her panties. She slightly opened her legs and giving way for my hand. I stroked the mound and her crotch, and I discovered that her panties was now wet. So I slipped my hand beneath her panties and stroke the pubic area, then her labia, then her opening, then her clit. I lingered my fingers in those areas, then concentrated my middle finger on her clit. She practically shifted and now laying on her back. And I continued to gently stroke her clit while my other fingers caressing her labia and vagina, even reaching her anus. She was trembling and quivering, and almost groaning and growling.

I lifted her butt and pulled her panties off which exposed the totality of her vagina. To me, she has a gorgeous vagina. Very clean, evenly trimmed and the clit and the labia are pinkish. No hair near the opening. The sticky transparent juices were sticking out from the opening. I wiped the juices with my finger, then licked my finger. It was sweet and yummy. Then I continued to rub the clit consistently and gently. And soon enough, the growling grew stronger and faster. So I rubbed her clit faster. She stiffened her legs; both legs were trembling, her hands dug into the bed on her sides. Her body was shaking sporadically, then more consistently. She was shifting her head from side to side. Then she gave a long moan... then said: 'I am coming, don't stop...' Then when she had come, she said 'that was superb... such a long time now since the last one I had such...' Then she laid on her back, still panting and grasping for air; still trembling.

I was next to her, and my hand still capping her vagina. It felt very warm and wet now. The moist had become stickier now.

Then I lifted my butt a bit and removed my pajamas. My penis had been spewing some precums and the front side had tremendous amount of fluids already. My balls started to hurt as if it's about to explode. I was so horny that I got all the guts to straddle on top of her, even while she was still trying to regain her composure. My legs were in between her legs and I slightly moved her legs wider apart with my legs; I was determined to make love with her. But she reminded me that we should not have a penetration.

She then asked me to lay on my back. She sat next to me, and stroked my penis. The feeling was fabulous. When I was about to come, she held it tightly and asked me to delay it a bit because she wanted me to do something else.

She laid on her back, and opened her legs wide apart, with her knees slightly bended. Then placed some amount of lotion on her pussy, then on her palms. She placed her hands on her groin; her palms facing each other. She asked me to position myself between her legs, like the way I did earlier. I then inserted my penis in between her palms, and she stated to rub and stroke my penis with her palms which were lubricated with the lotion she put on earlier on. I was basically crouching on top of her as I pumped my penis in between her palms. She would grab my penis from time to time and rub the head of my penis against the full length of her labia, from the clit to the vagina opening. The sensation was great that my penis was throbbing. I felt as if my penis has a mind of its own, and in no time at all, I lost control and squirted a load of cum. I was trembling as I laid on top of her. She removed her hands from her groin area and embraced me tightly.

We kissed again, and she requested me not to tell anybody about what happened, which I complied until now. Such incident started other more exciting experiences I had with my Aunt.



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