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Aunt and Uncle Set Me Up

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It was 1996. I was 19 and in my first year at university. My parents had arranged for me to stay with my step-aunt and her husband rather than in a residence hall or rented accommodation. This was handy as it saved me and my parents money, gave my step-aunt and uncle a little extra income, and since they lived close to the uni it was easy for me to get in without travel expenses.

My step-aunt (my mother's step-sister) was in her early 30's and my uncle was in his late 30's. They lived in a large Victorian terraced house pretty close to the city centre, and in the summer they'd do Bed and Breakfast ('overnight guests' as they called it). My room was at the top of the house, and when guests stayed my step-aunt and uncle would move into the room adjacent to mine. Originally I think this had been all one big room with some sort of small cupboard arrangements leading off. But at some point it had all been divided by plasterboard walls and made into two with a bathroom and separate toilet off to one end.

It was about my second or third week staying with them that this incident happened. My step-aunt and uncle had moved into the adjacent room as the following day they had guests booked into the other main bedrooms. I had gone to my room as usual and was lying in bed reading with the bedside lamp on. I must have got engrossed in my book longer than I thought as I heard them coming upstairs to bed and so switched my light off and settled down to get to sleep.

I'm not sure if I actually got to sleep or was just on that point where one is half-way there, when I heard noises from their room. At first I didn't register or take much notice. I think I started to turn over, but as I did so I heard my aunt quite distinctly. It was a high pitched gasp - and something about it just made me freeze and concentrate on listening. There followed more gasps and moans, and I could hear her saying something but not what was said. Then I heard occasional noises from the bed itself.

Of course, it'd now dawned on me what they were doing and I lay as still as possible trying to hear better. At first I was excited about hearing them when I shouldn't-like forbidden fruit rather than anything sexual. But that quickly changed, and I felt myself becoming more and more excited. I kicked off my duvet and started to play with clit and nipples as I listened. She was getting louder and more vocal, and I could hear him too on occasions. I have rarely felt myself get close to an orgasm so quickly as I listened.

Then, distinctly I heard her gasping, urgently, 'Go on, go on; I'm going to cum.'

He said something like, 'Oh yes.'

Then more loudly and in a gutteral tone I heard her saying, 'Keep going! Go on, keep going. Fuck me darling. . .yes. . .yes. Oh shit. . . yeessss!' Hearing that was too much, and I felt my own spasms start even before hers. As I calmed down, I heard her encouraging him to cum and the bed creaking faster. His subsequent moan, not as loud as her, was, I assumed, his orgasm.

The next day she asked me if I'd slept OK and I said I'd read late but had got to sleep OK. Then, to my sheer embarrassment and shock she asked me straight out if they'd disturbed me when they'd got to bed. Perhaps she hadn't meant what I assumed she'd meant. In any case, my look must have given the game away. It must have spelled guilty all over. But she smiled and held my hand and asked if it'd made me horny. I stammered some incoherent response. She hugged me and said. 'That's OK. Good. I enjoyed it.' And the conversation moved on.

I was totally confused about what to think, and for a couple of days I almost deliberately kept out of her way. Then, a week or so later, with no guests in the house, I went to my room as usual about 10:30. They hadn't moved out from next door, and I heard them coming up the stairs as I undressed. I just assumed that was to get an early night before the next guests arrived the following day. I had imagined that having 'been caught' and knowing I had heard them, she would ensure they didn't make any noise again. So I wasn't really expecting anything.

Having undressed, I went to the bathroom (in my dressing gown) to wash. When I came to leave, I had barely got out of the door when I heard her again. The shock just riveted me to the spot. Their bedroom door was ajar, and she was saying, 'Come on! Quickly! Put it in me. I need your cock in me now!' I had to pass their door to get to my room, so I determined to move as quickly and quietly as I could and not look. But I could already hear my heart beating fast and loud and could feel my pussy tingling with excitement and my nipples hardening.

I got as far as their door and couldn't resist a quick glance. She was lying on her back on the bed with her legs up and knees bent apart. He was on top and obviously in her. The angle afforded her a view of the door, and therefore me, over his shoulder/back whilst he of course couldn't see. It felt like I watched for ages, but in truth I suspect it was only a second or two at most. She obviously saw me and I had just enough time to see her grasp his buttocks and say, 'Go on darling, go on. Tell me when you're close. I want to feel you cum on me.'

I fled to my room totally confused; this shouldn't happen-they were relatives (of sorts at any rate)-but I was now totally horny and just needed to get relief. I let my dressing gown open and simply knelt by my bed leaning onto it and started rubbing my clit and pushing my bum out as if I was doing it doggy style and imagining a boy in me. I heard him saying he was close, then that he was going to cum. I heard her saying urgently, 'Squirt on my boobs.' Then, 'O YES. Yes. Yes. O wow. That was a lot.' There was a pause, quiet for a few seconds.

I was still rubbing and getting so close thinking of his cock squirting. Then I heard my step-aunt saying, 'Help finish me, darling,' and some movement. Then I heard her moaning. I stopped playing with myself-I was too close to continue-and listened. After a minute or so punctuated by her moans and sighs and words of encouragement, she said, 'It's coming.' A second or so of gasps folowed; then I heard, 'O God I'm there - now - NOW - NOW, darling, NOW!' She made no pretence at keeping quiet this time. And of course I had started on myself again by then. My orgasm was intense and I shook and shuddered. I caught myself gasping but I hoped not too loudly.

Things settled down: they each went to the bathroom, got into bed, lights were switched out. And then Aunt said loudly, 'Goodnight. Sleep tight. Early uni start tomorrow, remember.' I realized at that point it had all been deliberate. I wondered how much was planned. Uncle must have been in on it too-perhaps it was his idea? I didn't sleep too well worrying what I'd let myself in for. But, for the next 7 or 8 months it went no further than me listening and getting occasional glimpses. I suppose that was something that turned them on.

I know it turned me on.



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