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Audition (1 of 3)

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The first instalment of a trilogy.


Since this time of the year are the Academy Awards, I thought I'd tell you about my tale on awards night several years ago.

About four years ago at the place where I was working, there was a woman named Michelle who was the office manager of the facility I was working at. She was in her mid to late twenties, had blonde hair just past her shoulders, beautiful blue eyes, a few cute freckles just across her nose, and a body to absolutely die for. All the men in the office wanted her but they had no chance. She had a girlfriend.

Michelle and I got along very well, much better than she did with the other guys. That's probably because I wasn't spending every waking moment trying to get into her pants or up her skirt. I fantasize about it but never acted on it. Michelle and I would sit down and talk about all sorts of things, and she was comfortable enough to be even talking about parts of her personal life that nobody else knew. First off, she told me that she's not gay, she's bi. Michelle let everybody assume she was gay so it would eliminate the amount of times she was hit on by men. It didn't help much, but it was an easy way for her to reject the guys without hurting her feelings.

Michelle had told me that she was actually married (to a man) for about four years before they got divorced. Since her divorce, she has been dating women exclusively, but she still likes the opposite sex. She's invited me to join her and her girlfriend Julie when they go to clubs. Julie and I are the two people that prevent any advances at Michelle from either sex.

One Friday afternoon Michelle asked me what I was doing for the Academy Awards show. When I said I would be at home watching it, she invited me over to her house to watch the show with her and Julie. I accepted and told her I'd see her on Sunday.

I arrived at Michelle's house at about 3:00PM in the afternoon to watch some of the red carpet show. Michelle was getting some food ready and Julie was just lounging around. After I had been there for about 20-30 minutes Michelle came out and just asked me the most unexpected question.

'Do you want to fuck me?' she asked. I said 'Excuse me?'. Michelle replied 'I know all the guys at the office want to, and I see how you look at me. I know you're a nice guy and don't want to be rude. We've been friends for a while and I was just curious.' I told Michelle that I thought she was a very nice person who also happened to be beautiful. I also admitted that I do have sexual thoughts about her but would never act on them since I knew she was in a relationship.

Michelle said 'Even though I've been with Julie exclusively for some time I still enjoy men. It's just tough to find one that isn't a creep. You're probably the only guy I know who I'd even consider fucking'. I asked Michelle where this was all going and she aked me again: 'Would you like to fuck me?' I told her that I would love to. Michelle said before we did anything she had to see certain things before we would get it on. Julie said that I'd have to audition for Michelle.

For the first audition, Michelle and Julie wanted me to drop my pants, pull out my cock and get it hard, which I did with no problems. Then Michelle told me that she wanted me to jerk off so she can see what things I enjoy. While watching the red carpet show and seeing all the gorgeous actresses show off what they're wearing, I was jerking off my stiff cock. When I saw a certain well known actress on the red carpet I announced I was going to cum and Julie quickly put her hands underneath the head to catch the jism. I moaned and let it go, shooting it all over Julie's hands. Julie replied 'I see you like blonde's' and giggled. I cleaned up and was ready to watch the show.

End of part 1



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