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Attack Is The Best Defence.

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Very well. Let me state outright that my parents did not make money, but they did come into a great deal of it. It was more than enough to send me to one of the most exclusive girls schools in England.

I started there later than usual. I boarded, of course, and from day one I became aware of the schools almost paranoid attention to our sexuality. Of course they denied any of us were sexual beings, and for them, sex and masturbation just did NOT happen.....NEVER, d'you hear?

There were so many rules though, to prevent this thing that "never happened". One has to wonder why they were necessary.


So, I was in my dormitory, missing home, but Brit enough to know that coming to this school would open doors that remained closed to many. I don't remember much about feeling sexy, although now and then, a girl would say something that made me tingle, so I guess maybe I was. At night, towards the end of that year, I would hear little sounds in the night...a bed rocking....sighing and even a muffled moan or, once or twice even a dirty word. I would lie awake at night hoping one of the other girls would do something.

Then we were paired off for the following year, so we were 17/18. Sara who shared with me loved to shock. We were only allowed to close our doors for a maximum of ten minutes. At all other times, even during the night, the doors had to be open, and the house parents would patrol throughout the night. (For our safety, apparently....but in reality, they were so scared we would smuggle a boy in or worse, be doing each other). Can you imagine what a hormonal hotbed 150 teenage girls cooped up together is? It wasn't long before I discovered the activities that offered a chance for a solo Jill off in relative privacy....and in my case more. Learning the organ was one such activity. I wasn't particularly interested, but it did give me a chapel key for practice, and a very dishy organ tutor.

I would let myself in and masturbate my clit sore knowing I was not only alone, but, being actually inside the chapel organ, was also completely out of sight. I got more daring. Rather than merely reaching up my skirt, I took to stripping to my undies, and then, one glorious day, stripping totally naked.

I had snuck in really quickly, locked the chapel door behind me, unlocked the door to the organ staircase, and locked that too. (Key holders had to do that in case other girls used the place for things other than praying). In the small gallery that ran around the instrument, I stripped naked, lay on the old threadbare carpet, spread my legs and started. I was really getting into it too. I thought I had the place to myself, and I planned on jilling off thinking about my organ tutor fucking my brains out.

I built up and had THE most powerful orgasm, which I let myself moan his name and also swear...something I loved to do then. I was coming down when I heard the creak high above me. Someone was in the pipe work of the organ. I froze and heard footsteps. Then the service door opened to reveal my organ tutor who had been doing a little maintenance. I was there, covered in sweat, my legs still spread and the air adoring me, smelling of my pussy. He smiled, walked to where I had discarded my knickers, and licked them up. Then he fingered them, turning them in his long, elegant fingers, (which I had been wishing were inside me a few moments ago,) then he raised them to his face and smelled me, as he got his cock out, and without a word, masturbated, coming right into my knickers.

He put his cock away, placed my knickers back on the floor, turned his back, walked to the console and started playing. I dressed hastily, even putting the knickers back on me, then walked around to the console.

I had my lesson as usual, and he never said a word about what he had seen or had just happened. Every week, from then on, apart from when it was my time of the month, we would masturbate together or he would masturbate me, or I would masturbate him.

We never had sex, but we did everything two people can do without actually doing the whole thing.

I never told a soul about it, but ohhhh I loved it.



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