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Every year my hometown had a school athletics championship that all the schools in the area entered. I was not a particularly amazing athlete, but I could always run fast, I hated long distance (damn stitch never took long to kick in), but I was a decent sprinter.

The event was held at the main sports facility which had a professional style running track and all that other athletics features that my school lacked. I was entered for the 100 metres having won our trials at my school.

I raced pretty well after a good start, but ended second, pipped in the final stages by another guy. He was the favourite for the race though, and had already won the 200 metre event earlier on. He was really known locally as a superb athlete, so all in all I couldn't be too disappointed.

Our race was the final event, so pretty much every other competitor had already changed back into their uniforms and were heading to the main hall where there was a little social gathering afterwards where all the medals were handed out.

I was preparing to hit the showers and do likewise, but I was asked by one of the organisers to help pack up some of the equipment, as was the guy who'd beaten me. After 15-20 minutes or so of dragging hurdles and such back to the equipment shed (what a drag), we could finally go back to the changing rooms.

By that time, almost all the other guys were changed and exiting. I grabbed my towel and stripped off my shorts and top and headed to shower. The other guy arrived a minute or so later, and struck up a conversation bemoaning the organiser who'd made us pack all the equipment away for them. I was jeeze yeah!... it felt pretty weird just standing naked chatting with a guy though. After PE back at school everybody raced through the showers in silence, avoiding all eye contact at all cost. I was rather doing similar here, facing the wall while he stood with his back to the wall, but with him chatting away it felt strange to keep my back to him.

I turned around more to face him, as we talked on. Then he said 'So, do you like what you see?' I was totally shocked and more than a little embarrassed, getting rather tongue-tied I stuttered 'erm pardon?'. He simply smiled and whispered 'you heard' while looking straight at me.

I must admit I did like what I saw. He was quite the athlete, and amazingly toned for our age. His shoulders were already developed and his upper arms showed he must lift weights. I looked him up and down, approvingly, and smiled back and nodded.

He stepped from under his showerhead toward me, handing me his bottle of shower gel. 'Why don't you help me with this' he prompted. I massaged it over his upper arms, getting a wonderful feel of his muscles while he stroked my abdomen, us both under the one showerhead, my back pressed against the wall as we became closer and closer.

My dick was totally erect now, and throbbing like I'd never felt before, as he moved his hand lower and lower, massaging me... then he took it in his hand. My legs turned to jelly and for a second I thought I was going to faint. Nobody had ever touched me down there before.

He started wanking me, and I took him in my hand to return the favour. His cock was so hard, it was a bit longer than mine but definitely much thicker too. I felt a little pathetic next to him, but he wasn't complaining one bit. Our bodies were pretty much pressed together, with our heads nuzzling, as we kissed and sucked each other's necks.

His left hand was behind him, keeping me pressed near him while he rubbed my lower back. I felt his hand grip one of my buttocks and his fingers slide right down the crack of them. Soon he was rubbing around the rim of my arsehole.

It didn't take too much more, and I knew I was going to explode. As his fingers groped me, I gasped that I was going to cum. 'Pull it, pull it' I moaned as he yanked my cock until I shot, spurting against his nicely-tanned belly.

I was completely drained and breathless, but he was still hard so I carried on jacking him, using my free hand to stroke his balls, thinking this would get him to a quick finish. It certainly did, as only about half a minute later, he was ordering me 'Don't stop, don't fucking stop, I'm gonna cum too'.

He really blew a big load, more than I'd shot, and we stood gasping for air and gently fondling one another. We rubbed the heads of our dicks together, mixing up our semen (later on I realised this probably wasn't the smartest move STD wise, but in the moment it felt amazing).

We looked each other in the eyes with red faces and big grins. 'That was good' he whispered, I wasn't arguing!

We quickly cleaned our bits off and headed back to the changing area, realising by now we were the only athletes not changed and at the medal awarding. When we got to the main hall, we parted at the doors, both to join our own schoolmates. 'I'll see you later' I said with a smile as we headed our different ways. I really hoped so...

Later on we were both on stage together, receiving our medals for the race. We stood side by side as gold and silver winners, but didn't say anything. It felt so wonderfully dirty standing there beside him, nobody knowing a thing of what we'd just done to one another. To everybody else we were two quiet straight boys.

The next year I again qualified for the event, but despite seeking him out he was nowhere to be found. I must admit in the time inbetween I had masturbated thinking of him pretty often, hoping we could relive another encounter. Sadly I heard later he had moved to a different area... I still think of that afternoon...



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