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At Work

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My last story was about masturbating together in my car with Lynn, my co-worker, while I drove her home from work. We did this several times early on, but our schedules didn't allow too much, since we usually left work at different times.

It had been about a month since the last time I could drive home with Lynn and stop for a session, and seeing her every day at work was driving me crazy-all I could think about when I saw her was coming in front of her and watching her come too.

I started relieving my problem by going to the men's bathroom during the day and jacking in one of the stalls. I'm not usually the biggest shooter, but when I held off for a few days and thought about Lynn, I would shoot off pretty well. I would usually shoot into some tissues I brought with me, but on one occasion I hit the stall door with a good shot.

One day at lunch Lynn asked me if I missed our sessions, since we hadn't had any for a while. I told her I did, and I told her that it was too much for me to hold off, and I took matters into my own hands, and told her about my men's room jacking episodes. She got excited when I told her, and she said she too had sometimes gone into the women's bathroom and given herself a quick fingering. She said she had to be careful since she tends to be a bit loud when she orgasms, and she usually stopped short of a full masturbation session, so she wouldn't get caught.

I told Lynn that I really wanted to get together again to masturbate together, and she wanted to also, so I suggested we try to plan something at work. I had to come in to work on the weekend to finish up some backlog, and I suggested she come in also. There's usually nobody else in on weekends, so I though we would have a bit of time together. She agreed.

I could barely wait until Saturday came, and I met Lynn at the office. She had worn sweatpants and a loose T-shirt, and she looked fantastic. We still kept the same rules-no touching, kissing, or other contact, so it was just watching and sharing the experience, and I hoped that Lynn was ready to show me a bit more than before-on all the earlier occasions, she kept her pants on and just masturbated with her hands down the front. I'd seen her tits, but never her pussy.

We looked around the office to make sure nobody else was there, and when we were sure it was safe, we went into one of the storage rooms at the back of the office, where we keep old computers, spare phones, etc. This was one of the few offices that locked, so we closed the door and locked it behind us.

This was the first time we had been together anywhere besides my car, so it was a bit awkward at first-we weren't sure where to do it, so I just got started by unzipping my pants and dropping them, and then taking off my shirt. I stood there wearing nothing but my briefs.

Lynn then surprised me by pulling off her sweatpants, revealing a pair of blue cotton panties. She then took off her shirt, and she was wearing a sports bra.

I then took off my briefs and stood there with my cock pointing up to the ceiling, harder than its ever been. Lynn then took off her bra and before I could take the next step, she pulled off her panties. This was the first time I had seen her nude, and she was beautiful. I always knew she had full hips and thighs but she had a tiny waist and this accentuated her ass even more-she also had a pretty hairy bush, but it was trimmed so that it was somewhat neat (she told me her husband used to shave her down there).

I started stroking my cock slowly, still standing up, and she came over to me and lay down on her back between my legs. She got a view from down under looking at me stroking, and looking down, I saw her breasts fall flat to her sides-they were a bit floppy when she lay down and they looked so soft and delicious.

I kept stroking and noticed she started rubbing her mound, and then she started putting one and then two fingers into her vagina. I could hear she was wet, with the squishing noise as she fingered herself. She used her free hand to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples.

She came much faster than me, and I heard her groaning and her breathing quickened as she arched her back during her orgasm. When she did this, her sides touched me on my legs and her soft skin was all I needed to make me start stroking faster.

She got up from the floor and knelt in front of me and asked me to come on her tits, and I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather have done. I kept stroking, with her face just in front of my cock, and when I felt I couldn't hold it any more, I aimed my cock at her tits and let out a load onto them. It wasn't the biggest shoot ever (not like in porno films), but it was enough to get her breasts wet. She then used her hands to rub my cum on her breasts, and she licked some cum off her hands.

I wanted to taste her juices too, so she let me lick her fingers-that's as far as we went with touching each other.

I wanted to see her come again, but closer, so she made me lay down on the floor, and then she straddled me, with her pussy just above my face. She then started to play with herself again, and she was dripping juices onto my face. She came even faster than before, and I got a close up view of her sweet pussy. This time she also stuck a finger up her ass while she was fingering herself and this surprised me too. She was so wet, I don't know if she meant to do this or maybe her finger slipped.

After she was done, she wanted me to come again, and I was ready. Watching her so close to me had made me hard again, and I asked her how she wanted me to do it. She said she wanted me to come on her body again (with no touching) and she wanted to help me out. She found an old computer mouse with the old equipment in the office (the old style with a roller ball on the bottom) and she asked me to kneel over her while she lay on her back. I did this, and she then proceeded to run the mouse up and down my cock-it wasn't the most comfortable feeling, but I was so excited it didn't matter what she used. After about five minutes of rubbing the mouse along my cock, I was getting close, but couldn't quite get myself to come. She sensed this and asked me to finish myself off with my hand, which I started to do, and then she said she wanted my cum in her mouth. She positioned herself right in front of my cock and when I shot off, I pointed it into her mouth. Again, she never touched my cock directly, but she got a good taste of my semen.

We both lay down on the floor next to each other, a bit tired, and talked about what we had done and we thought maybe we were taking things a bit too far, considering our rules and considering we both had spouses and kids. We agreed that if we did anything more, we would stick to just watching each other, and we would try to keep most of our clothing on. I wasn't crazy about that last bit, since I was now seeing Lynn for the first time nude, but she was just as beautiful with her clothes on, and she was a good friend even without masturbating together.

We got together a few more times after that, keeping to the rules, and then Lynn's contract ended when the maternity leave of our previous employee ended. We promised to keep in touch, but other than a few phone calls, we have not seen each other since.

That is, not until this morning, when she came by the office to get a reference letter from our boss, but that is another story for another time.



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