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At the Y

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A couple of weeks of ago, I was visiting my parents and decided to go to the YMCA there. I worked out for a few hours, then decided to spend some time in the steam room. The steam room there is in the showers, so all you have to do is go from the shower straight to the steam room. I took a quick shower just to get the sweat off of me, then entered the steam room.

As I was sitting there, I started to get really horny and popped a good hard throbbing erection. I slowly started to stroke it, and started to get that feeling, when I heard someone enter the shower. I stopped stroking and went limp pretty quick, and I stepped out the door back to the shower to kind of cool off. As I was standing there in the shower with my penis limp but still engorged, a teenage boy walked in still in his swim shorts and shirt and took the shower right next to mine fully clothed.

This shower room has about eight heads and this kid takes the one next to me. So as I am showering, he keeps his eyes on my penis, and never makes eye contact with me, just my penis. He continues to do this for about ten minutes and it starts to turn me on. I slowly start to get another erection, then he justs stops washing and stares straight at my penis. I look at him and smile then walk back to the steam room to stroke, when just after I started stroking the door opens and in walks the kid. He came in still wearing his shorts and shirt and sits across from me still staring at my erection. We sit for about a minute when he asks, why I am in there nude and with an erection. I then explain to him the way that steam rooms work with being nude and the erection I just told him that it happens. He looked at me then said 'oh,ok' and got up and left.

I thought well he's gone so I can go back to stroking, started to stroke and get back in the groove when the door opened again. In walks the same boy but this time fully nude and sporting the biggest erection I had ever really seen (aside from porns). It had to be around eight inches long with a girth of at least seven inches. He sat down next to me and asked if he could masturbate with me. I said go ahead, so he started to stroke that monster. I couldn't handle it and had to ask him if I could stroke it for him. He just smiled and said yes.

It was unbelievable-I had my hand around the huge member (I'm about six inches), so this was fantastic. Just as I was stroking he started to stroke my little dong. Now this is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. So we were stroking for about ten minutes when the heat started to get to me. I told him we needed to go out to the shower room. He was scared that someone might see us, so I told him as late as it was nobody uses the shower room. We both entered the shower room, both with throbbing erections and started jacking each other and really getting into it. He was moaning, I was moaning.

We were so far gone that I didn't hear this old man come in. I looked up and noticed that he was stroking his five-inch member and came over towards us. The kid was scared there for a minute when I told him don't worry, it will just be a threesome. So we continued to jack with the old man watching.

The kid said that he was going to cum and I told him to wait. I then knelt down in front of him and jacked him until he shot his load all over my chest and face. Just after he finished his load, he took off back to the locker room and left. I started stroking my penis using the cum that was on my chest. The old man came over and fingered some of the cum off my chest and continued stroking his penis. I started to slow because I wanted him to cum first. He then said he was going to shoot, so I knelt down in front of him and let him shoot on my chest and face. I then had both people's cum all over me.

I continued to stroke really hard and then finally shot my load all over the shower floor. I turned around, took a long shower and slowly rinsed the residue of the cum that brought me the most erotic and best masturbation session that I have ever had. This is one that will definitely be burned into my jackoff memories.



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