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At the Trade Show

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Last week I worked at our big industry trade show. The show was moderately busy, but it had it's slow times as most trade shows have. I had noticed the woman working in the booth next to ours. She appeared to be older than I am, about 50 or so. She wore a business skirt that was about three inches above her knees on several of the trade show days. She had gorgeous legs.

During a slow spell I walked across the aisle and mentioned how slow it was and we started talking. We ended up talking together every time it became slow in the trade show hall.

We continued talking during slow spells the second day of the show. That evening, I saw her in the lounge of our hotel alone having a drink, so I sat down beside her. She smiled and we talked about the two days of the show so far.

She said she was getting too old to be doing these tiring shows, and I told her she sure didn't look it. 'Honey, I'm 53 years old,' she said. I acted surprised then I told her 'but you have the legs of a 25 year old!' She asked me if I liked her legs and I told her I really did, that in fact, I had looked at them all day long.

She laid her hand on my leg and said 'I think you are nice looking.' Thus began the flirtation talk. After many minutes of sweet talk about each other I laid a hand on her leg and again told her she had killer legs, and I stroked her upper leg with my hand. She said 'that feels good.' I told her I'd really love to see her legs again ... 'right now.'

'You would, huh,' she said with a coy smile. 'Yeah, I REALLY would,' I said. 'Well maybe for a little while,' she replied. We paid the bill and went up the elevator to her room. My dick was growing by leaps and bounds as we rode that elevator up. It was impossible to conceal my excitement.

We hardly had closed the door to her room when we embraced and started making out. She was passionately hot. I was grinding against her pussy with my rock hard dick. We moved closer to her bed and I said 'now I want to see those gorgeous legs.'

She was wearing a skirt so she lifted it up by the hem so I could see her legs all the way up to just below her crotch. They looked magnificent. We moved together again and I slid my hand up and down her legs as we kissed, then the moment I had been hoping for arrived. She placed the palm of her hand against my big bulge and squeezed my dick. I slid my hand right on up to her pussy and started rubbing her through her panty hose. 'Ummm,' I said, 'these have to go.'

She sat on the bed and removed her panty hose. She sat there facing me. Her skirt was hiked up above her knees. I stood in front of her and pulled her skirt up higher and saw she was wearing no panties. Her beautiful pussy was smiling at me. She reached up and started unbuckling my pants and unzipping me.

I helped and took my pants and underwear off and stood in front of her with my dick standing fully hard and upright. She took it in her hands and told me how beautifully hard it was as she started stroking me. I told her I couldn't see her pussy well because her skirt bunched up around her waist, so she stood and removed it ... and I said 'your blouse and bra too!'

She stripped naked for me. Oh my gosh. I sucked her beautiful nipples and carressed her breasts for a while, we kissed more, I leaned her back and she propped her self up with her hands as she was still sitting on the side of the bed, and I spread her legs and looked at her pussy.

It was beautiful. I told her I could cum just LOOKING at her pussy! She said 'go ahead!' I asked her if she wanted to jack me off or if she wanted to watch me jack off. She said she wanted to watch me. She scooted back farther on the bed so she could get her feet on the mattress and she spread her legs wide open. I stood on the floor at the edge of the bed between her legs which were bent at the knees with her feet planted on the mattress.

I looked at her pussy and started slowly jacking off, the whole time I was telling her how sexy and beautiful she was. I told her if she was turned on to please play with her pussy because I enjoyed watching that. She used her fingers and began rubbing her clit slowly, sliding fingers inside now and then, occasionally speeding up ... it was beautiful to watch.

I knew I'd be the first to cum because I was almost to cum BEFORE I started jacking off! I told her and she asked me to cum on her. I started shooting my cum all over her inner thighs, into her pussy hair, and onto her stomach. With that she rubbed hard and fast and she started cumming, and she moaned and jerked and sighed heavily.

After that, we laid in the bed together naked for another hour and kissed and talked. The next day was the final day of the show and we were both flying home after the show, so this was to be the one and only episode together. We have already emailed each other and I hope there will be a time in the future I can see her again. She lives all the way across the country, so I won't be able to see her until next year at the same show.



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