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At the Swimming Pool

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This is actually a true story.

One of the earliest sexual or masturbatory experiences I ever had was in a swimming pool when I was ten years old. I spent several weeks that summer in a school program that trained soon-to-be fifth graders to be safety patrol leaders for the upcoming school year. Each day there would be a morning of training, followed by an afternoon of fun activities. It was a lot of fun. It was even more fun for me because my best friend 'Justin' (not his real name) was going to be in safety patrol also, so we got to do all of this together.

On one of the last days of the program, the whole group went to the city pool for the afternoon. We all just splashed around in the water, talked, and clowned around. At some point I noticed that Justin wasn't around and I started looking around the large pool for him. I finally saw him hanging on to the edge of the pool on the far south section. He was being real still and I wondered what was wrong.

I made my way over to where he was. His body was facing the edge of the pool, his legs were dangling open and floating slightly, and he was supporting himself partially out of the water by folding his arms up on the edge of the pool. 'Are you ok?,' I asked. He slowly moved to the side a couple of feet and looked at me with big wide eyes, and pointed towards a little spot on the side of the wall under the water in the pool.

Now, given our respective conservative upbringings, we had never ever discussed anything even remotely sexual or anything having to do with our private parts, so I'll never forget the shock and surprise I felt by his honest and direct response. 'There's water coming out of that hole. Put your penis in front of it. It feels good.', he said.

'Huh?' I said, shocked, more than anything else that he had said 'penis'. 'Just feel it, ' he said, putting his hand in front of the water stream. I felt it with my hand and it was indeed an interesting sensation. I was worried that I was going to hurt my penis, but Justin continued to urge me to try it. Justins insistence and my curiosity finally got the best of me. I grabbed the edge of the pool and began to position my pelvic area in front of the stream. I felt the pressure of the water jet on my hip, then my leg, then inside area of my leg and then I felt it passing through my shorts, gently grazing my scrotum and then...

Wow! I froze as I felt the pulsing stream on my penis. It was an amazing feeling. I looked at Justin and said, 'Oh my God.' He just smiled and nodded slowly. My penis got hard instantly. 'There's more of them. I'll be at this one,' he said and he moved over about six feet and froze with his body positioned over it. This dialogue still seams surreal and random, but it was real.

I went back to concentrating on what was happening to me. I felt wave after wave of tingly pleasure pulsing from the front of my penis, back towards my body, down my legs to my toes, and up my spine through my back, and all over my body. What was amazing was that it felt like I imagined it would feel like if someone was playing with my penis, massaging it, but each split second was a surprise. The jet would pulse and stroke against the bottom of the front, then the pressure would push it to one side, then the other, then it would run over the top. It was intense. I lost track of time. I wondered what would happen if I kept doing it. I feared I was going to hurt myself, but I couldn't stop. I felt somehow that something might happen if I kept on.

I wanted more sensation though and I knew there needed to be less resistance. I was too scared to pull down my shorts, so I positioned by legs so that the stream would go up the leg of my shorts and pass through the thin, soft, mesh nylon built-in underwear that was sewn into boys swimshorts. Then the sensation became breath-taking. Pulse after pulse, wave after wave of pressure against the bottom area under the head of my penis.

I looked over at Justin, he was still just frozen. I said, 'Open your shorts leg, let it go up there so that it won't slow down. It feels even better.' I saw him fumbling around and I presume he did the same. We just kind of watched each other for a while as we enjoyed ourselves. It was interesting and kind of naughty to each know what the other was enjoying.

As the pressure against my penis continued the pleasure became stronger and stronger. My breath got deep, and my body began to tense up. I could feel my penis get harder and it was throbbing. I was feeling something I had never felt before. I didn't know if I was going to break myself or go to another level of good feelings, but I wasn't going to stop either way. The pulsing and tingling continued deeper, stronger, faster, from my penis head down my shaft and back up, then suddenly a deep breath, a flash of light, everything went white, my legs and pelvis shook as an explosion of pleasure and ecstasy radiated from my penis, through my spine and all over my body.

Orgasm! (Or so I later learned.)

The stream suddenly was too intense for my body so I moved away. I looked at Justin and watched as he enjoyed what I presumed was his own orgasm. He backed away just like I did, so I knew the same thing happened to him. We just stared at each other for a moment like 'what in the world was that?'.

I looked around and nobody seemed to notice us, so I don't know if anyone knew what we had each been doing or not. We made our way back to the groups and on the way, we vowed to not tell anyone else. In fact, we never really discussed it again. It felt very odd to sit with the rest of the kids again feeling all tingly and good, yet worried. I wanted to tell everyone about it, but at the same time, I didn't want anyone else to know what I had done. What mixed feelings.

As Justin and I hit puberty, we did talk about sexual feelings and even talked very openly about our own masturbation activities and sexual ambitions. There was certainly no denying it because we had actually seen each other have orgasms that day in the pool. But we never talked about that time again. Actually, if it wouldn't make us both totally uncomfortable, I'd love to thank him today for showing me the water stream trick.

I actually thought of this instance recently when I got into a hot tub and at some point a water stream made its way up my shorts and I was brought instantly back to the vivid memory of that early experience. There were others in the tub so I put a stop to the water stream, but I wished I could have kept on.

One evening not too long ago I had been thinking about the whole thing and I decided to try to recreate the experience in the bathtub. I filled it partially with water, unscrewed the hand-held shower head from the hose, and laid the hose in the water. I turned on the shower and I had my own little water stream. It was cramped, but once I found the position, it was intense. (This time it was fun to do it with no shorts on.) It was just like that first time. If you're bored with your normal routine and want to try a new feeling, give it a shot.

Just as a side note, it looks like Justin and I both turned out relatively adjusted. We're both happily married. I am very happy with my sex life with my wife and I have absolutely no interest in ever doing anything sexual with anyone else other than her. However, I still enjoy masturbation quite often as a way to add variety to my wonderful sex life.



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