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At the Spa

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This story is entirely factual and-I do apologize-a bit long.


Let me start out by saying that I went into this situation with no hidden agenda, and what transpired was the result of built up lust and a lot of trust. So here goes.
A few years ago, I started going to a spa for my massages. When I arrived for my appointment, I was introduced to Laura, and she was gorgeous. She was a brunette, approximately 5'5', and had a thin, athletic body. She was hot. Anyway, the first session was entirely professional and we grew very comfortable with each other. We were the same age, mid 20's, we liked the same music and we both worked out religiously. I told her I would definitely call her when I was ready for my next massage.
I scheduled the next massage 6 weeks after the first. When she came into the room to get started, she asked if there was anything I wanted done differently from the first time. Now, before I tell you my response, you should know that I had been receiving massages on a regular basis over the last few years and was comfortable talking about what I wanted. I replied that if she was comfortable, I would prefer it not to be so 'clinical' and that I would like her to massage my butt, groin, and pubic bone since I work out and would benefit from that. She replied that she doesn't do that unless someone asks, and then only if she is comfortable with the person. In this case, she said she would. The massage started as usual, and she progressed from my chest to my abdomen, just as last week. However, as she started on my abdomen, she lowered the blanket to the base of my penis, exposing my pubic region and my pubic hair. The room seemed to get very quiet. And as she started touching me, it felt like I had electricity racing through my body. The feeling was indescribable. She proceeded to massage the area, including my pubic bone, which meant she was running her hands through my hair and even grazed my engorging cock in the process. I was definitely apprehensive about sporting a full-blown erection at this point, so I resisted the best I could. She then went to my legs, and that again included her touching me very intimately to work on my groin. This massage had very definitely taken on a much more sensual, and somewhat erotic, overtone than the first one. I wasn't certain what exactly to expect next. Anyway, she had me turn over, and started on the backside of my legs. As she worked up my leg toward my butt, she moved the sheet farther over and I know that my balls had to be on display. And her fingers grazed against them on numerous occasions, which had a very pronounced affect on my dick, which I carefully hid under my stomach when I turned over. And to finish things off, she completely exposed my butt when she massaged it. Nobody did that before to me. When the massage was over, I was left with a full fledged boner and wondering what to expect next time.
Over the next few months I would see her every 6 weeks or so, and the massages played out pretty much the same as described above, with a few exceptions. At one point, Laura started doing something that just about sent me over the edge. When she would massage my lower abdomen, she would put both of her hands on my pubic bone and then push them underneath the blanket all the way between my legs. She would then close her hands on the underside of my pubic bone with her thumbs resting on the base of my rapidly-filling cock. I swear that whenever she did this I stopped breathing, and I think my heart stopped beating too, but I didn't notice. Then she would pull her hands back up, and on one occasion, she exposed my erect penis as she completed this. I was ready for anything at this point, and I know she had to have known that. But, alas, she didn't say a word and just covered my cock with the blanket and continued with the massage. Obviously, I was not concerned about getting excited anymore. I learned to enjoy them which isn't easy in that setting. I also had a feeling that something was bound to happen as a result of all this sensual play and I decided that I would just roll with it.
Things did come to a head finally. She recommended to me, since it was spring, that with my next massage I should also schedule a salt scrub. What can I say, she was adorable and she talked me into it. And I would get to spend more time with her. So, what the hell?! So, the massage was like it has been. I was definitely turned on by the time she started the salt scrub. I was lying on my stomach; she lowered the blanket to my butt and started scrubbing my back. It was great! If you've never had one, I strongly recommend it. Anyway, she then lowered the blanket to expose my butt and completely scrubbed that. My body was starting to tingle all over now. Laura then removed the blanket completely! I was now nude, lying in front of her. And I was hard as a rock. She then scrubbed my legs. I don't even think I felt her do my legs because I was now laying in anticipation of what would happen next. Was she just going to ask me to turn over? Was she going to cover me back up? Was she even going to do my front? I was about to find out. After about 30 seconds of her mixing more salt, I think, she then said in a low voice, 'You can turn over now if you are ready.' At first I didn't move. I wasn't even sure I heard her correctly. Finally, I said, 'OK', and turned over. It is the most incredible feeling being nude, and fully aroused mind you, in front of someone you are not sexually involved with. My skin was so alive and sensitive. She started on my arms and chest and worked her way down. When she got to my lower abdomen, her hands and fingers would brush against my cock to scrub the area it was covering. It was laying stiff against my stomach. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe this hot chic, who is supposedly my massage therapist in a professional spa, was treating me like this and staring right at my hard cock. Then she finished with the front of my legs. When she was done, she scrubbed every part of my body except for my cock and balls.
At this point, with me lying there, sporting the hardest and biggest erection I ever had, she turned on the water, which came out of a hand-held shower. Laura adjusted the temperature and asked how I was doing so far. I replied, 'You can't tell?' With that, she smiled and told me to carefully step down and walk over to her. I stood right in front of her, completely nude, covered in salt and still sporting a humongous erection that is now dripping pre-cum. She started rinsing me off. This was definitely becoming an extremely erotic experience. I could not have dreamed of a more erotic scenario than this. Looking at her face as she started rinsing me off was more than I could stand. She started on my neck and worked her way down. When she got to my midsection, she bent down, rubbed her hand through my pubic hair with the water and rubbed up and down the length of my cock. My head rolled back. Laura then knelt in front of me and did my legs and again did my pubic hair and lifted my cock and rinsed my balls. She had me turn around to do my backside. I tried to catch my breath but to no avail. Her touch was keeping me on the edge. She then turned the water off and I thought that was it between us. Then I felt a warm towel on my back as Laura started to dry me off. When she was done with my backside, she told me to turn around and I did without hesitation, still sporting the hard-on. She dried my entire front before moving to my cock. She slowly and gently rubbed the towel over my cock, balls and pubic hair. When she finished, she laid the towel on the floor and knelt down on it. She then picked up a small bottle of lotion-she must have put it there when I was turned around-and poured some in her hand and rubbed her right hand up my left leg, up to my stomach, then back down through my pubic hair and onto my cock. Laura gently squeezed my cock and looked directly at me. She said, 'I've been wanting to do this for a long time. You have to keep quiet and keep this between us. OK?' I nodded and emitted a weak, 'Yes.' With her hand still on my cock, she then started to slowly stroke it up and down. It was incredible. I looked down at her, she was wearing her usual white therapist uniform, and she was looking directly at my cock. I knew then and there that I was going to have an immense orgasm in front of this attractive girl I hardly knew. And it wasn't going to take long. She picked the pace up. God did her hand feel good. I think I even heard her moan. Before long I knew I was about to blow and I asked her-I don't know why-if it was alright if I came. She simply said yes. I just closed my eyes and erupted like I never had before. My orgasms are strong, and this one was REALLY strong. After the first two ropes of cum, I had to open my eyes and look at her and at the damage I was causing. She was leaning off to the side, but she was still getting hit. The wall was painted as well. And give her credit, because she kept jerking me until the end. It was definitely the longest orgasm in my life up to that point. I seemed to pump forever. When I finished she just kind of laughed and said, 'You went everywhere.' She still held my hard penis in her hand, which was coated in semen as well. I told her no one ever made me feel like that before. Laura then said that she enjoyed it as well. We then cleaned up and I got dressed. Before I left, she hugged me and said that she never did that to anyone before and that she hopes I will keep coming to see her. I said I never had anyone do that to me and that I will most definitely come back. We kissed each other on the cheek and parted.
For those that want to know, we continued our sessions for the next two years. Sessions included 'happy endings' after massages. Eventually she left the spa and I never saw her again. I will probably never come across another experience like this in my life. A great memory.



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