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At the Shoe Shop

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I'll always remember the day several years ago, my mother took my younger brother and me to the shoe shop, to buy some new shoes for the forthcoming term. I was around 13 at the time and had found the pleasures of masturbating only some months before, and was forever the horny teenager. Anyway, my mother took my little brother down to the infants section of the shop leaving me to try on some shoes in the adult section, as I had progressed into larger shoes. Back then a customer would normally have a shop assistant to deal with you, helping you to choose and try on the shoes, as opposed to today where you are left to try them on yourself.

On this particular day, my mother asked one of the older gentleman assistants to deal with me, whilst she went to the other end of the shop. He helped me select a pair of shoes and went out back of the shop to collect my size. A couple of minutes later a vision of beauty approached me with my shoes and explained the gentleman assistant was called away to deal with a problem, and that she would be assisting me. She couldn't have been more than 18, with mousey blond hair tied in a ponytail, and the shop uniform of white blouse and knee length black skirt. She knelt in front of me as I was now seated, and helped me to put on my shoes. In doing so, her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh and I was just a couple of feet away from the smoothest pair of creamy white legs I had ever seen. My hormones began to kick in and I felt the beginnings of an erection. She asked me if they fitted ok, and would I like to walk along the aisle in them. As she lifted one leg to stand up, I caught a glimpse of her panties. They were a bright pink colour and were obviously a snug fit.

I stood and walked in my new shoes, but they were at least a size too small and I asked if she had the next size up. I sat back down and she knelt in front of me to help me remove the shoes. This time, she knelt with just one knee on the floor and the other up, giving me the best view up her skirt. I could now see her panties from top to bottom, and as she had her head down looking at my feet I took full advantage of the view on offer. I now had a full erection in my pants and the bulge was obvious. She looked up at me and I tried to avert my eyes, but she knew I had been staring up her skirt. She stood and went out the back of the shop for another pair of shoes, stopping on the way to whisper something to one of her young colleagues, where they began giggling to each other. I desperately tried to adjust my pants so my bulge was less prominent at which point she reappeared with the next pair of shoes.

Again she knelt in front of me with one knee up and the other down, but kept her thighs pressed together to limit my view up her skirt. It was then I noticed a couple of buttons on her blouse had become undone (on purpose?), and I could see the top of her lacy white bra and the beginnings of breasts. My cock felt as if it had grown another inch as she first looked at my lap then at me and asked if I would like to try a walk in this pair of shoes. I mumbled some excuse that they felt too large and she replied that I may be between sizes and another style of shoes might be a better fit. She began to untie the laces and I glanced another look up her skirt. Her pink panties were back on show and I groaned inwardly as the outline of her pussy lips were prominent through her panties. This was the closest I had ever been to a female's pussy in my young years, and I didn't know how much more I could take.

She stood and said she would fetch a similar style of shoe and disappeared out back of the shop, giving her friend a sly wink on the way. My young cock was now at breaking point, and the slightest touch would have me pumping spunk into my pants. She soon returned and knelt in front of me, again one knee up, the other down. These were slip-on shoes and I had trouble getting them on. She leant forward slightly and grasped the back of my ankle as she manoeuvred the shoe onto my foot. Her fingers were now in contact with the bare skin above my sock, and it felt like the lightest touch ever. Her thighs had parted a couple of inches and I could not believe what I saw. She had removed her panties and I was staring at her pussy!! She had a few wisps of hair above her pussy, but it was the prominent lips that had me agog. They were smooth and pink and just the slightest damp. My cock was ready to burst as she looked me in the eye and asked if they were ok. I muttered something about not liking the style and would have to come back another day. I had to get out of the shop, fast!

She leant forward again to help me remove the shoe opening her thighs even further, and I swear I could smell her sex. She slid her hand up my trouser leg to the back of my calf to help remove the shoe, and her touch just sent me over the top. I pumped my pants full of cum, and softly groaned to myself whilst still looking at this bare pussy just mere inches away from me. She looked up at me with a sly grin on her face and stood to take the shoes away with her. 'Please come again' she said to me as she walked away. Her shoulders jogged as she giggled with her friend, as I put my old shoes back on and literally ran from the shop. I never did go back.



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