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At the Salon

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Before heading south for spring break, I went to go get my legs waxed at a nearby salon.

An attractive woman in her late 20s led me into a room and told me to strip my socks and pants off. I had had my legs done a number of times and knew the drill. This proceeded like every other time except for some reason, when she started doing my thighs, I got a little excited. I blew it off, seeing as I hadn't been able to masturbate for a few days and was unusually horny. I tried to relax. That worked for a bit, but when she was done the wax job, she told me she was going to massage my legs with a new lotion, to prevent irritation apparently. As her smooth palms rubbed the lotion up and up my legs, I could feel myself getting damp again. As she got closer and closer to my panties, I feared she would notice the wet spot.

Bending over me, I could see her round breasts down her low cut top swaying gently as she massaged me.

'are you going on vacation to the beach?' she asked, breaking the silence

Yes, I told her

'Do want your bikini area done too? There is a special today.'

I wasn't a fan of having my bikini area waxed so I told her no thanks. Then she said, no problem, if you like, I can use a hair removal cream instead of wax'

Well this was interesting, I was slightly nervous about her touching me as I was so turned on already, but what the heck.

She drew my panties down my legs and took out a bottle of cream. She gently smoothed it over my lips, down towards my ass and up to my belly button. I could hardly control myself as her fingers brushed lightly over my clit. 'you just wait 5 minutes and I will be back to remove it'

With that she left the room. I wanted so badly to reach down and get myself off but I was still covered in the cream so I had to wait. Maybe after she would leave me alone to redress.

After a few agonizing minutes, she walked back in. I wasn't sure but it looked like she had undone a few more buttons on her top.

'ok, just relax and I will wipe it off' she smiled at me

She picked up a warm cloth a started to wipe the cream off my pussy. Each stroke got me more and more excited. 'Much better than a wax huh?' she asked me

I could only grunt an response.

Then she kept rubbing the cloth between my lips and then on my clitoris. Was she doing it on purpose? I couldn't help it, I let out a moan and to my delight, she continued, faster and with more pressure. With her other hand she reached up to my breast where my erect nipples were clearly showing through my shirt.

Without a word she massaged my clit and my breast while I moaned and writhed beneath her hands.

She took her fingers and drove them deep into my pussy, it was all I could take, I orgasmed so hard right then, squirting my juices all over her hand.

When I was done cumming, she removed her hands, washed them off and told me 'thanks, please come again' with a wink.

I now request her every time I go into the salon and now we get up to more things I can't talk about on this site. This was definitely one of the hottest experiences I've had, it makes me wet again just writing about it.



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