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At the River

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This happened when I was almost 14 years old. Like most boys of the time I was obsessed with sex and learned to jerk off a couple of times a day. By that time it was still just dry orgasms, with maybe a little precum here and there. The nice thing about dry orgasms as I remember were that you could go immediately again, and in just a minute have another one.

This was in the mid-seventies, and there was still no internet, TV was still under strict laws and in the small town where I grew up, porn was unheard off. Some of the older guys in school who were very talented used to make cartoon drawings of popular cartoon characters having sex in all positions you could think of and sold it to the younger guys. Needless to say that a good amount of my weekly allowance went into that: We had an old tool shed in the backyard where I would spend many afternoons with a friend, Anthony, where we would jerk off to these cartoons. Both of us were late bloomers, but he was a little smaller than me and very skinny. He had a very nice older sister of about 17 and we would sometimes go to his house when his parents were at work, where he would fish out some of his sisters used panties from the hamper in the bathroom, which we would smell when jerking off in his room.

About a mile from the town was a river where it was custom for all the young boys to go and skinny dip from time to time at a certain place where there was a lot of flat rocks. One Sunday afternoon after lunch during the summer holidays Anthony and I decided to go for a swim at the river. It was very quiet as a lot of people left town for holidays and the rest were taking naps on Sunday afternoons. We took nothing with us, as we usually just sat on the rocks in the sun until we were dry. We made our way through the farmlands that was between the town and the edge of the river, which was covered with bushes and trees. As usual we were talking about girls.

When we were very near to the usual place we could hear some voices and I told him to be quiet and we crept through the bushes up to the water's edge. On the other side of the river on one of the flat rocks we saw two girls. Mary, a girl that lived in our neighborhood that was about 16 and a girl that we did not recognize, that was about the same age as Mary. (We later learned that it was her cousin that came to visit for the holidays.) Both these girls were lying naked on bright colored towels, and had nice bushes of dark pubic hair. They were about six meters from us, and we could even see their little pink lips through the pubic hair from our hiding place.

This was my very first view of pussy and I could feel how my little four inch boner dug in the ground through my shorts from where I was lying flat on my stomach, and I had to shift a little. We could hear their little giggles, and whispers, as they lay with their heads close to each other. The other girl turned round on her stomach and we had a full view of a very nicely formed tanned ass. As soon as she turned round she started humping a little against the rock on which they were lying. I looked at Anthony and he was slowly humping the ground through his shorts where he was lying. This was all too much for me and I had a dry orgasm spontaneously in my pants, my whole body shaking from head to toe.

Mary saw what her cousin was doing and her hand went down to her pussy and she started caressing herself with a middle finger parting the little pink lips, giggling a little. By now I positioned my little hard penis and started humping the ground as well. I looked at Anthony and he was shaking vigorously from his first dry orgasm. The other girl had turned round and was playing with her pussy the same way as Mary now whilst she was thumbing with her left nipple. We could hear both of them moaning a little, and I had my second orgasm.

By now Anthony was laying a little on his side still watching the girls and had his little three and a half inch uncut boner out and in his hand wanking as if there was no tomorrow. The veins on his little boner were very prominent and the head was very purple with all the friction going on. I quickly followed his lead and had my boner in my hand wanking away, my eyes not leaving the sight in front of us for one second. Mary started moaning a little louder and was coming up with her torso bending her shoulders back and pulling up her legs a little up and started shaking. I suspected she must have come and I had another shaking orgasm.

I looked down at my little penis and could see that a sticky clear liquid was hanging down from it to the ground. I touched it and felt that it was very slippery. I smeared some of it around my own little uncut purple head, and started wanking with two fingers just around the head. Oh! It was nice and slippery. When I looked back the other girl clenched her legs together tightly and was moaning louder. I remember wondering if she came. Anthony in the meantime was shaking again from an orgasm, grabbing his little boner with both hands squeezing it hard.

In about another minute I was going again, and this time I could see a little white drop forming in the little pee slit. By this time I realized that I should stop somewhere as the skin around my little penis were becoming very red and a little sore and I showed Anthony the head then said we should split. We crept back very quietly and walked back to town in silence covered with ground in dead leaves and little twigs. I still wank to those images today.



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