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At the Reception Desk

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100% True story!


I work at a place that has a large reception area right by the main entrance to the building. One day, feeling particularly horny, I decided I needed to come soon. I wasn't in the mood for a quick come in the restroom. Besides, that was boring! No, I had to do something risky to add to the excitement!

Looking around, I was surrounded on three sides by huge glass windows that overlook a courtyard. The top of the reception desk is relatively short, about waist high, with a lower 'desk' part so there isn't much room to hide the state of arousal I was slowly entering. Behind me, less than two feet away, was the receptionist. She is about 55-years-old so there wasn't much fantasy material to view there. She was talking to another older employee, a man about 55-60-years-old. He was leaning on the reception desk but just out of sight behind a pillar that juts out of the floor and into the ceiling.

After about two minutes of eavesdropping on their conversation, I decided I had time to do this if I got started now and there were no customers. I continued to act like I was writing while I shifted in my chair in such a way to get my zipper down without giving myself away. I had to be careful not to cum on my dress pants because they were black and that would have been hard to hide. Slipping my hand into my pants and under my briefs was just as exhilarating as when my hand contacted my hot skin. The shaft was bent down towards my thigh and had remained there while it stiffened so I had to carefully lift it free without them noticing.

After a brief moment, it was fully erect and in my experienced hand. I zeroed in on the fleshy spot just below the head and rubbed in small deliberate circles. As I got more into my rubbing, I got bolder and managed to push my pants further open and my boxers further down. At this point I have my underwear just under my balls and my pants open. At this rate, just a few minutes were all I was going to need! I continued to monitor my co-worker's conversation and realised that I may have more time to get even more brazen.

Rolling my chair back an inch allowed me to lean further back and expose myself even more to the possibility of being caught. This added to the pleasure almost tenfold! It wasn't long and I was soon at the stage of climax. Cupping my free hand under and around the head was just what I needed to catch my orgasm. As I came, I was worried that I was not going to be able to catch it all. I just kept coming and coming! Keeping from moaning was the true test of skill at this point. I just kept on rubbing! When my orgasm subsided, I closed my fist and pulled my boxers up with my free hand.

Just then I noticed a person coming up the walk towards the front door! Just great! I get the best orgasm ever and now I'm going to get busted! With a little luck I hoped the receptionist would stop gabbing and do her job but the female customer came straight to me. She said she was with the company that maintained the lease of our copy machines and was wondering if we were satisfied with their service? I calmly said, 'Everything is fine and we should be set on toner for a while too.' 'Great' she said. She promptly handed me her business card (my clean hand) and said to call the number listed if we needed anything.

With that, she smiled and left. Close call to say the least! That's when I noticed some of my come had dripped onto the desk and was there in plain sight! I was horrified to think that I could be so stupid and risk losing my job! I didn't know if she saw it or not but a month later she met me in the copy room and after some professional conversation asked, 'Did I startle you last time I visited?' I said 'No' and asked why she asked? She said, 'Well, you looked nervous and your face was flushed.' Oops!!!



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