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At the Pool With Bro

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My bro and I have always been kinda close and sometimes hang out together. One day we were just out back by our pool lying in some chairs catching some sun and listening to some music. It was a really hot day and the sun felt so good. I was wearing a bikini and my bro had his swim shorts on.

It had been a coupe of days since I masturbated and for some reason I started to get really horny in the sun and was surprised by how wet I could feel myself getting. We were just listening to some music and I was glancing over at my bro and thinking about how cute he looked and what he might look like with his shorts off lying there. It was making me even more horny. My bro is on the skinny side but has a good body I think and a nice butt. I'm a little on the heavier side but only by a little really. I think I have a nice butt, round, nice hips, but my boobs are small. Anyway I was watching him and kept staring at his shorts and noticed what I thought was a small bulge developing. I kept peaking over occasionally and I at first I didnt know if I was imagining things but I thought I noticed the bulge getting bigger. OMG, was my bro starting to get horny too? Well I got my answer. After a little while longer he grabbed his towel and casually layed it across his shorts covering the bulge, I guess so I wouldnt see. Wow, he really was getting horny.. and this started making me even hornier too. I was really needing to masturbate for sure.

I started really thinking about seeing my bro's hard on and what it might look like. I actually got nervous wondering if I should try to make something happen so that I could see it. I decided get up and adjust my chair a little so I could get an easier view and then laid down on my stomach this time and purposefully kind of let my bikini bottom slide down a lil off my butt and just lay there and see what happened. I pretended not to be looking at him and tried to see if he was looking at me at all. Sure enough he starting taking looks at me and I know he was looking at my butt. It made me so horny to be lying there with a bit of my butt exposed and now knowing he was looking.

I stayed that way for a lil while and each time I peaked over I could tell he was taking glances at my butt. I finally just decided to catch him on it and sat up a bit and asked him if he was staring at me or what. He laughed and said well yea your laying there with half your butt showing couldnt you tell. I acted surprised and said OMG I couldnt even tell. I pulled up my bikini bottoms and turned over onto my back again, now trying to think of what to say next. I blurted out 'so did you like what you saw'. He laughed again and said yeh I think your butt is cute, for sure. I said so you were looking at it the whole time and did'nt bother to tell me my bottoms were down. He said well yea i guess. I decided to go for it and said well would you want me staring at your butt? He said ahh wouldnt be a big deal really. Wow, I really started wondering if I could get him to show me. So I said well why dont you show it then? He said really, you want to see it? I said well its only fair you've been staring at mine for half and hour. He said 'you mean it'. I said yea go for it. So he stood up still holding the towel over his from and turned around and pulled his shorts down about half way off his butt and let me have a peek. Wow, he really had a cute butt. I said well is that it, just a half-way peak. He said well that's all I really saw of you gee. I said you mean if you saw more you'd show more? He said sure. I thought for a minute and said well we'd have to go in the house if were gonna do that. He said really you want to. He asked me what I was gonna show. I said I'll show whatever you show. I said do you wanna show what you've been covering up with your towel? He said oh so you noticed that. I said well kinda. He said you mean you'll show your front if I show you mine? I said well yea I guess. He said ok but you've gotta show your entire butt first.

So we walked into the house and went to my room. I know we were both getting horny. We got to my room and I pulled my bikini bottoms down off my butt entirely and stood there let him have a good look. Then I pulled em back up and said ok now you. He was shy at first but then finally pulled down his shorts showing me his hard on. Wow. It was nice. He didnt give me a long look though and right away just pulled em back up. Now it was my turn again. I was nervous now too thinking about him seeing my pussy. I keep it lightly trimmed but I do have a bit of light brown hair. I asked him if I just took my bottoms off would he take his off too. He said oh yea for sure. So I turned around and pulled off my bottoms standing there with my back to him and my hands over my crotch. I told him to take off his shorts now that mine were totally off, and he did, just standing there letting me look back at his hard on. So I turned around and took my hands away and couldnt believe I was standing there totally naked from the waist down with my bro. I pulled of my top and basically we stood there in a state of shock at what we were doing. I was nervous but so horny. My bro had was fully hard and staring at me, both of us trying to figure out what to do next. We both admitted we were getting horny at the pool, although not thinking about eachother until the end when I saw him covering his hard on and he saw my half bare butt.

We ended up hanging out in my room and slowly got more comfortable with the being naked thing. We really checked eachother out thats for sure. I loved seeing his hard on and his cute butt. I let him see me on my bed with my legs open. We basically saw everything. I took a risk and flat out asked him if he masturbated much and he said he did but didnt want to tell me how often. Then he asked me and I said yea I do it too. He asked me how often I did it and I said I would tell if he promised to tell me the truth about his and he agreed. I couldn't believe it but here I was admitting to my bro that I basically masturbate every other day, sometimes several days in a row. He then said he did it just about every day. We talked a lil more and decided we really needed to get off, but neither one of us was ready to do it in front of each other so he went back to his room and I stayed in mine. When he left I came in about two minutes. Later we came out of our rooms and both admitted we had some great orgasms.

Since this first episode we've gotten naked together a few more times and things have gotten pretty comfortable as far as that is concerned. More has happened but that's for another note..........



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