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At the Pool

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My name is Trish. This story happened about three years ago. It was mid June on a Saturday morning. Mom and I were going to go to the community pool at our condo to get a start on a summer tan. Shortly after we got there a young woman arrived wearing a cover-up and looking for a spot to sit. She was slender, very pretty with reddish hair and rather large but very firm looking breasts. She had probably the best legs of any woman/girl I had ever seen and with her medium heel sandal she looked beyond sexy. Other people at the pool were definitely checking her out and five young moms in particular were eyeing her.

She sat near mom and I and when she took off her cover-up she had on a red two-piece swim suit. It was of sheer material and I could clearly see her rather large nipples poking out of the material. She had a large lump between her legs and the material rode up into her slit slightly and you could clearly see the form of her cunt. She also had a great butt. I'll never forget the feeling I had in my tummy as I looked at this woman. I never got that feeling from seeing other attractive girls and/or women. I couldn't believe it at the time but I was getting sexually excited.

As she sat down in a lounge chair mom whispered to me, 'she's got huge nipples.' I said, 'not to mention her cunt.' Mom reminded me that she hates that word. The lady was very fair complected and lathered herself up with sun block. She even reached into her top and spread sun block on her breasts. When I saw her do that all I could think of was her running her finger tips over those nipples. I was getting more excited. After about an hour she went into the pool for about fifteen minutes. When she came out you could really see her nipples poking out of her suit. They looked about an inch long. Her bottom suit had material all the way up her cunt slit.

The moms were really checking her out and one little girl of around six or seven said, 'mommy, look at that ladies nippies.' The mom just said, 'shhh.' I don't think the woman heard and if she did she didn't react at all. Obviously there was no padding in the bra of the suit. I was now so turned on that I thought I might go back to the house and take care of business. I couldn't believe I was reacting like this to the sight of this woman. What happened next sent me over the edge. This lady sat down in her lounge chair and proceeded to take out one of her breasts and dry it off. Then, she took out the other and did the same. I saw her nipples for maybe two seconds and saw that her areola was very wide and very dark against her fair skin. Her nipples were even longer than I thought I saw.

I don't know if she did this on purpose to cause a stir with the ladies or if she just wanted to dry her breasts. I decided that I wasn't going to change and then change again so I figured a way to take care of myself right at the pool. I placed my towel on my waist area covering my suit. I then draped my one leg over the chair creating a space between my suit and my leg. I ran my hand slowly up into the space and found my cunt. I quickly began to rub my clit over and over. It felt beyond wonderful and I knew that any second I was going to cum. I tried to be quiet but I let out a few quiet moans as I approached orgasm. Finally I came and I could feel the fluid coming out of me and onto my fingers. I took my hand out and it was full of goo. I wiped it off on my towel.

Mom then sat up and said to me, 'sit up now!!' She was angry. She said,'if you are going to do that at the pool then you need to be more discrete. Those two ladies saw what you were doing and were staring at you. That's how I knew what you were doing.' She then said, 'did that lady turn you on?' I said, 'yes.'

I have had three other sexual relations with much older women since then but I do like guys. Last night I had sex with my nineth grade female English teacher who I also met at our pool. Mom and dad were out and I went to her condo unit. She is going to introduce me to her best girlfriend who is really hot. I can't wait!!



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