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At the Pool

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A true story - I have to tell someone about it!This happened to me last week, and I am still getting wet about it, just remembering. I know that the ST readers will enjoy reading about this.


Well, last week I had the most fantastically erotic experience of my life. It was totally unplanned, accidental.

It was our half term holiday last week (in UK), and me and 2 friends went into town to go to the swimming pool.

Well, everything was perfectly normal - we swam for an hour and then came out to get dry and dressed. At our pool there are several changing rooms - men's, ladies, family area and a general changing area. Because the general changing area is closest to the showers, we used those, and agreed to meet up outside the main entrance.

So, after I had gone into a cubicle, I stripped of my swimsuit, and began to dry myself. However, as I did so, I felt like I wanted to masturbate. I felt really horny, like I usually do, and decided to do it there in the cubicle.This isn't unusual for me - I love masturbating, and when I'm horny, I will do it anywhere.

So, I sat down on the long bench, and placed my feet up on it to, with my knees spread wide apart to expose my tight wet cunt. Then, I put my fingers between the wet lips of my puss and started rubbing and pushing them inside me. I was feeling so horny, that my cunt was soon dripping - literally dripping cum juice onto the floor - and the sound and smell of me filled the cubicle.

And then, I just saw this guys head appear from under the partition wall, from the cubicle next door. Somehow,he was able to get his head under, and was looking up at me as I sat there with my fingers stuffed inside my open cunt. Not surprisingly, he was grinning, no doubt enjoying seeing a girl masturbating, close up. I stopped, and stared in horror, and he just gazed at my dripping puss with my fingers still inside.

I just looked down at him in shock for what seemed hours, and he just stared at my cunt, grinning, not saying a word. Nobody has ever seen my cunt before - never mind seen me masturbate. I'm still a virgin, and have never had a sexual encounter before. Then suddenly, here I am, with this complete stranger seeing everything.

And then, I found that my fingers were moving again. I cant explain why I reacted like that - I just did. I just carried on masturbating and let this lad watch me from under the partition. It was almost like this was the moment I had been waiting for - the moment when I was ready to show off my pussy to a man, and let him enjoy seeing me play. Suddenly, I felt so fantastic - to have someone watch me doing such an erotic, personal thing. It was like I had a power over him - he couldn't take his eyes off my gorgeous pussy.

For several minutes I just sat back with my legs wide apart, and rubbed and caressed my puss, massaging my stiff clit which tingled and tickled. And then, I could feel myself cumming fast. I remember letting out a moan, which was too loud - someone must surely have heard me.

Now my vagina was quivering, and my hips were moving up and down off the seat. I looked down, and he watched, transfixed, as I came. My God I came so hard, I could feel juices suddenly covering my fingers, and running down into my bum, onto the seat. I've never cum like that before - actually having juice come out of my cunt like that. It was so fantastic. And he was seeing it - he was seeing me actually have an orgasm - me - he was watching my pussy quivering and trembling, and dripping hot cum over the floor - he was seeing me have my first real squirting orgasm. This complete stranger was watching me, a 16 year old , naked virgin, pulling my dripping fingers from out of my tight , hot pussy. Watching me licking them clean. It was an incredible feeling.

I was still gasping, as I shakily stood up, with him still there, his face red, either due to being down on the floor so long, or because I'd got him so horny, I guess.

I wrapped a towel around me, and spoke for the first time.

'Well, that's it - nothing else to see now', I said. I sounded more confident than I felt - inside I was now worrying about how I would get out of the pool safely, given what I'd just done - after all, I didn't know this guy or how he might behave.

To my surprise he instantly pulled his head back and disappeared. I quickly grabbed my bag , opened the door and headed for the ladies changing room, where I knew I'd be safer.

My puss was still dripping cum juice even as I dressed, and I had to keep wiping it with my towel. I've never been in such a wet mess before. I then made my way cautiously to the reception area, keeping my eyes open for him. He was nowhere to be seen. Finally, I was outside. My friends had been waiting for me for ages, and asked me what had taken me so long.

I couldn't tell them. I still haven't. I'm still getting my head around what I did. It gets me wet, every second I think about what happened.

I loved it.I want it to happen again. I hope I can do it again - have a really wet, dripping orgasm. I hope my pussy will squirt again.



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