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At the Nail Salon

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This story was told to me about ten years ago. I was installing high speed internet in a nail salon. It was in a new strip mall and had recently opened. I drove past it the other day and was reminded of this story. This story was told to me after the events took place so it's all pieced together with some minor details left out.


I was sent to the nail salon for a mid day appointment to install an internet connection. When I walked in the front door I saw the place was empty, no patrons and only one employee at the back of the store. She looks up and calls me to the back of the store. She introduces herself as Kelly and tells me she is the proprietor then shows me into the back room and tells me where she wants the connection placed. She also asks if I can add another up front where the checkout register was. I informed her I would see if it was possible and there would be an additional charge for adding the additional outlet.

While doing my work she kept herself busy doing her clean up and prepping for the day's customers. It got a bit boring and quiet in there so I thought I would strike up some conversation. I asked if it was always this quiet. She told me that it was her slow day and during this time of day she only has walk ins and didn't even need staff because walk ins hardly ever came in on that day anyway. She assured me that it is usually busy and many a conversation going on. She then adds without any provocation 'if these walls could talk...'

So I had to ask, 'what would they say?' She just smiled and told me what happens at the salon stays at the salon. I reminded her we were in the salon, and no one else was in there with us. I asked her for one story, maybe the most outrageous thing she had heard or the most whacky story. She must have been thinking it over because after about five minutes of silence she began to tell me this story.

They have a customer that visits the salon a lot and pays very good tips. The salon also has mobile cases to do onsite locations such as weddings and events. The frequent customer, Mrs B had requested at the last minute to have someone over to her home to do a manicure. She was all set and ready to go over to Mrs B's house when she received a call saying her mom and younger sister were in a car accident and heading to the hospital. Kelly asks her newest girl, Sandy to head to Mrs B's house and do her manicure for her.

Sandy shows up to Mrs B's house and rings the bell. Mrs B answers the door in her robe and towel wrapped hair saying without looking, 'come on in Kelly.' Sandy calls out and says, no mam, my name is Sandy, Kelly could not make it due to a family emergency. Mrs B shows her into the living room and asks if the couch will be okay to set up. Sandy says that's fine and gets to work setting up her stuff. Mrs B offers a drink to which Sandy rejects. Mrs B is talking the whole time almost never shuts up long enough to take in a deep breath. Finally she sits on the couch and tells Sandy her life story and jumps from story to story.

Mrs B tells her that the reason she requested the mobile service was her husband has some sort of dinner meeting with some clients and asked her to attend it with him. She had just returned from her annual gyno check up and did not think she could make it into the salon. The doctor, she says, must have known all of her buttons to push because every time she sees the gyno doctor she goes home horny as hell. She took a shower hoping to take care of things, but still feels a bit horny.

She goes on and on about a bunch of other things while Sandy does her manicure. Just as Sandy is finishing up the nail polish Mrs B says aloud that she could use a session with her vibrator but with her wet nails she would be afraid of messing them up. Sandy finally cuts in and tells her straight out the whole time she had been sitting in front of her with her short robe half open and looking at her shaven pubic area and getting a little wet herself. Sandy apologies and says she had been looking and listening and getting worked up herself. At least Mrs B was at home and could take care of things after Sandy left. Sandy had to go back into work and wait to get home before she was allowed some personal time. Mrs B asks if she had gotten Sandy, another girl, all worked up? Sandy replied that she was in fact all worked up and was also bi. Mrs B then asks her if she wouldn't mind being her hands and hold her vibrator for her since her nails were still wet. Sandy agreed.

Sandy and Mrs B head into the master bedroom and Sandy ends up being Mrs B's hands, doing Mrs B to climax. She then gets up to head back to the living room to get her things and head back to work. Mrs B looks up from the bed and asks where she is going? Sandy said she had to get back. Mrs B asks if she is going to do herself first. Sandy asks, here? Mrs B assured her they were home alone and her husband would not be home till much later. Sandy said she feels weird being in the master bedroom. Mrs B says they have another spare bedroom across the hall and highly suggests she take care of things before heading back to work. Sandy thinks about it and heads into the other room. She decides its probably best and strips her clothes off and leaves them draped over the desk chair.

She lays on the bed and gets to work, rubbing her soft skin and touching her nipples. Mrs b walks into the room, still with her opened robe and naked herself and leans against the door. Sandy looks up and covers herself with her hands. Mrs B re assures her she is free to continue. Mrs B had never watched another girl go at it. Sandy says she is still a bit shy and wished to be left alone. Mrs B says she understood and leaves. Sandy thinks to herself she should get dressed and leave. However the burning feeling between her legs screams to be taken care of first. Sandy gets back to work. She rubs herself to a fantastic orgasm and lays there spread legged and caressing her inner thighs when she hears Mrs B walk back into the room. She doesn't say anything. Sandy looks up between her legs after a minute of silence and she Mr B standing there with his mouth and eyes wide open. That's when Mrs B walks into the door way and sees her husband standing in front of a naked spread legged Sandy.

Sandy yelps and stands up and walks over to the desk chair and grabs her clothing and walks out to the living room. Leaving Mrs B in the hallway with her opened robe and her husband in a bit of shock in the spare bedroom. Sandy starts to get dressed in the living room while putting her mobile nail case together. In walks Mrs B. Sandy again apologies to Mrs B and says she will leave. Mrs B tells her she must have dropped her panties in the hallway and reaches out the article of clothing Sandy must have forgotten to back on since she was mostly dressed. Sandy grabs at her panties and tosses them into the case and leaves the house.

Kelly then tells me it was a week later when she used the same case at a bridal event. She opens the case and while digging thru it she finds the panties. The bride and a few other girls see her pull the panties out of the case and one of them asks what are they doing in there. Kelly doesn't have an answer. Until later the next week when Mrs B comes into the salon to have her toes and finger nails done. That is when the story comes out from Mrs B that Sandy must have been the one to leave them in there.

Kelly then tells me that has got to be the most outrageous story she had ever heard while working in a nail salon. Sandy is now the most asked for mobile nail esthetician and she says word spreads quickly among her clients.



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