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At the Movies

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Does anyone else do this??


I have a pair of jeans with the inside pockets removed (i.e. the outer pocket leads directly to my cock) that I always wear without underwear when I go to the movies alone (as I often do), just in case. I usually don't plan on who I sit next to, but just 'hope' that someone sexy sits next to me. Also, what I do depends wholly on the vibe and response I get from the person sitting next to me.

Anyway, last night I went to the movies alone to see the new Harry Potter movie. I got there early and sat on the end of a center row. The seats at my local theater are pretty crammed, so I have to stand up to allow people to pass as the seats start filling in around me. As the theater filled I enjoyed the people-watching, seeing some nice asses strut down the isle. An older couple sat in my row towards the middle, leaving three seats between me and them. A hot 20 something and her boyfriend sat a few rows in front and across the isle from me, and as I was ogling her tanned legs in her sexy skirt, I began to get hard.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard an 'excuse me' and I looked up and saw a woman about my age with two kids wanting to take the three seats next to me. I stood to let them pass, and sure enough the two kids went first so the MILF sat next to me. I smiled and she gave me a very pleasant smile back and a soft 'thank you' as she passed. I didn't mean it, but as she passed my hard on from admiring the girl across from me slightly brushed her ass. Mmm, that felt good. I sat back down and put my arms on each arm rest, leaving a little room for her. As she riffled with the popcorn and candy she had for her kids, her elbow jabbed backwards and hit me in the ribs. An 'ooo' escaped from my mouth in response, as it hurt a bit, and she turned and blushed and profusely apologized, placing her hands on mine in a forgiving gesture.

I smiled and said 'man you play rough' and she giggled and said 'I guess I do have that side to me'. This really turned me on for some reason. She went back to tending to her kids, then, as the lights dimmed she asked if I wanted some popcorn to make me feel better. I said sure and she took the bag from her kids and handed me a napkin to pour some into. I instinctively placed the napkin on my lap, and noticed that it accentuated the bulge in my pants. I think she noticed too because I saw her blushing a little. I poured some onto the napkin and thanked her. I put my arm back on the rest and within a minute she was settling in and put her arm on the rest as well. We were both wearing short sleeved shirts and I felt our arm hairs raise as they touched each other. Wow this felt good. I didn't want to move my arm away from hers, so I scooched over a little so I could reach the popcorn on my lap and put it in my mouth without having to completely remove my arm fom the rest or from touching hers.

The movement of my arm against hers as I ate my popcorn felt great (the energy from touching a pretty stranger, even in the most innocent of ways, is so exciting to me). I put my left hand in my 'pocket' and touched myself and I was ready to explode. I finished my popcorn and I saw her glance over from the corner of my eye. Subconsciously when she looked I stroked my cock with my left hand in my pants. Next thing I know she was holding the bag of popcorn over my lap and said 'here you need some more', and poured another pile into my lap. My cock sprung into action in response and the half of the pile that she poured went rolling onto the floor. She said 'Oh no' and leaned over and started picking it up.

Now her head was by my knees and I'm sure she could smell my precum (as I could). She sat back up and said 'I'll just let you take the popcorn when you need it' and put the bag on her lap! I could not believe this was happening! I quickly ate what was remaining on my lap so I could get some more. Our arms were now in full contact and were getting quite warm. I reached over to get more popcorn and she lifted her left arm to make room. This meant that as I reached my elbow slightly rubbed the side of her breast. My hand fondled at the popcorn, pressing down on the back in hopes of pressing against her crotch. I took a handfull and placed it on my lap, saying 'I'll be more careful this time. She giggled and put her arm back on the rest, this time her hand was closer to my thigh (but not touching). This was all too much for me and I stroked myself a few times with my left hand and shot load after load of cum into my pants and hand. It smelt strong and felt amazing as it dripped down my leg. She let out a sigh as soon as I was done; she must have noticed. For the rest of the movie our arms slightly rubbed, and I am pretty sure her right hand was carressing her left breast, as her right arm was folded across and under her left.

Unfortunately one of her kids started crying and she had to get up and leave in the middle of the movie, so nothing more came of it.



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