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At the Movies

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The stories about sex in adult theaters reminds me about the times I would masturbate in those 25 cent arcades. I visit Las Vegas every few months and discovered that a few of them are great places to jack off and be somewhat of an exhibitionist at the same time. Laws are kind of screwy in Vegas, as one part of town has different laws about these adult booths than others. In some places, there are no doors on the booths, while others you walk behind a panel, although anybody can walk up and surprise you if you're not paying attention. The places I love to frequent have these doors that only conceal the upper half. When you sit in one of these booths, you can see the person from their shoulders down to the floor when they are seated. If they are standing, you'll see from their waist down to their shoes.
There are a few guys who come in and stroke off in full view so they can have other guys come into the booth with them or to meet outside in the car. But for the most part, many just go inside the booth to jack off to the movies in semi-privacy with their back facing the door and the outside hallway which is semi-dark. It's pretty easy to see if a guy is masturbating, even with his back turned, but there are a few guys like myself who just like to turn the chair sideways and jack off so others can see.
The place I go has about 6 booths on one side facing a wall and about 4-5 booths that face other booths, which are the ones I like to sit in. The best is to see another guy across from you jacking off. He'll try to cover up when I first enter, but as soon as I pull my cock out and start stroking, he does the same. I am careful to not jack off to anyone walking down the hallway as you never know if it is some cop or plainclothes looking to bust someone. But if they have their dick out, you know they aren't the law. I like it during the summertime in Vegas when it's warm and I can wear shorts into the arcade and then just pull the material aside and get busy. If anyone comes, I can quickly pull the material to cover myself again. Nine times out of ten, I'll take a small tube of lotion with me and after I feel comfortable with the circumstances, I'll squeeze some of it on my cock and jack off using that. I makes that unmistakable noise of someone jacking off using lotion and I try to make as much noise as possible. I usually will duck my head down a little bit and can see some guy also trying to look into my booth to try and get a better look and other times, you'll see them jacking their cocks faster and faster too. No doubt they are watching and listen to me beat my meat and in no time, one of us will come. It's pretty cool to cum and have your semen squirt out and then less than a minute later hear a groan and watch the other guy across from you also blowing his wad all over his hands.
I thinkthe best time had to be when there were four of us jacking off -- all perfect strangers. Two of us on one side was able to check out the other two on the other side. EVERYBODY turned their chairs practically facing the hallway and sat low in their chairs to watch the show. It was one of the few times I let out a loud groan when I shot so everyone else could hear. That was followed by others even louder as the spunk flew.



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